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Maya Sanaeha (2021) มายาเสน่หา

Maya Sanaeha (2021)
Other Title: มายาเสน่หา, Illusion of Love

Genres: Romance, Supernatural


Channel 3
Release Date: 
Mar 24, 2021
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  • Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn as Monsicha
  • Ken Phupoom Phongpanu as Chakree
  • Wawwa Nichari Chokprajakchat as Sawarot
  • Mam Kathaleeya McIntosh as Jintana [Chakree’s mother]
  • Ann Siriam Pakdeedumrongrit as Maythinee [Monsicha’s mother]
  • Pharunyoo Rojanaw

Chakree with green tea’s, a couple who have been married for seven years to get married at an early age. Because of love that noticeable But they both had no children together. Habits are different. Monsicha is quite a delicate person, well-organized, attentive to all matters. While Shaqri never thought of the small things And does not keep trivial matters to pay attention Different lifestyles.

Over time Just love is not enough Finally, the big turning point of the couple’s life came when Mali (Pimkhae Kunchorn Na Ayudhya), the great cook of the Cha Khree House. She brought her granddaughter named Sawarot ( Nicha Chokprajakjad ) to live as a beautiful woman. Beaming Be talkative Sawarot fell in love with Shakhree at first sight. Another major blow is the mother’s conflict between Jintana ( Cattleya Macintosh ), Mansicha ‘s mother, and Medini ( Siriam Phakdi Damrongrit ), Shaqri’s mother. They both wanted their own children to divorce. Became a conflict of two families Monsicha and Shaqree try to strengthen this relationship.

Their marriage was surrounded by problems and obstacles all around. The two mothers who exhaled were divorced. Where are the girls who use the line of mind? That is ready to plug all the time, there will still be a food (Chanathip Pho Thongkham), a friend of Monsicha Who try to do whatever it takes to be more than a friend And problems within Chakri’s own company that undermine mental health Become stressed Everything comes in at the same time Worried about the problem, Shaqree arrives with a close friend to drink to relieve stress. But because the alcohol had ruined his life When he woke up naked in bed with his wife And was more shocked to know that Monsicha had seen himself in this state. Monsicha asked for an appointment for a divorce from him immediately !!

While Shakri was driving to the region in frustration. He did not notice that a motorcycle was driving against the side. And drew the gun and fired at it …. All right !!

Shakri wakes up again in the hospital, but what’s even more shocking is the fact that he sees his body laying in the bed in the room with salt water. Where he himself is only the soul standing by the bed He could not speak to communicate with anyone. Nobody could see him at this moment, Shaqri was not dead. But his spirit still couldn’t find a way to return to his body. Monsicha was shocked to hear the news. Everyone is waiting for a miracle. In order to make Shakhree come back again

Every day, Shakhri only speaks to the spirits in the sanatorium where the outline heals. Which helped him Being in touch with those spirits taught the lesson and gave Shaqree an invaluable view of the idea of life. And how he became a spirit like this Make him know the true nature of many people that he did not expect. They also understand Monsicha better. Saw his wife in an angle that he had not known before Shaqri was sad that he had misunderstood his wife. At the same time, Sos is open to express himself as another wife of Shaqri. And announced that she was pregnant with Shaqri !!!!!

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