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Kakegurui Twin (2021) 賭ケグルイ双(ツイン)

Kakegurui Twin (2021)
Other Title: 賭ケグルイ双(ツイン, Compulsive Gambler Twin (Spin-off)

Genres: Mystery, Psychological, School, Youth, Drama
Hanabusa Tsutomu
Takano Minato, Hanabusa Tsutomu (英勉)
Amazon Prime
Release Date: 
Mar 26, 2021 – Apr 16, 2021
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  • Morikawa Aoi as Saotome Mary
  • Sano Hayato as Mibuomi Aoi
  • Ikuta Erika as Miharutaki Sakura
  • Akita Shiori as Hanate Mari
  • Hagiwara Minori as Togakushi Yukimi
  • Nagai Mijika as Juraku Sachiko
  • Sasaki Mirei as Sado
  • Fukumoto Riko as Aiura Kokoro
  • Inukai Atsuhiro as Kamishimo Nagi

Hyakkaou Private Academy is a school attended by children from powerful families. The students’ status is not evaluated by studies or sports but through gambling. There is a pet system in the school where students who failed to pay their debts after losing in gambling will be called either a puppy (for male) or kitty (for female). These students will be at the bottom of the hierarchy and are often bullied by others. One day, there is a transfer student and her name is Jabami Yumeko. She may look like a typical student but she is actually a compulsive gambler.

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