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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 43 Recap

Wen Ruxue got up early in the morning and saw that Bai Xiangwen had prepared breakfast. She also gave her work information in Oakland, and wanted her to go to Oakland for a quiet life.

After several days of close investigation, Ding Huiqiao and the team members finally found out that Li Wensen supported Sa Sa’s sale of special rooms. Colleagues persuaded Ding Huiqiao to report their violations to the group. Ding Huiqiao went directly to Sasha for a showdown. Sa Sa denied it, Ding. Huiqiao reminded her not to act as a shield for Li Wensen, and asked her to check the authorization letter for the special room. There was no Li Wensen’s signature at all. Sasha opened the document, and it turned out that she was the only one who signed it, and she was not authorized.

Li Wensen and his mother met unexpectedly at the hotel. The two hadn’t seen each other for many years. The excitement was beyond words. His mother was very pleased to learn that Li Wensen’s career was successful. Zhang Kairui came to pick up his mother to see the exhibition. Li Wensen realized that he was the child born after his mother remarried. His mother introduced Li Wensen as the son of an old friend, and then left hand in hand with Zhang Kairui. Li Wensen looked at them talking and laughing. There are mixed flavors in my heart.

Mr. Dai appreciates Mr. Teng’s character and work style, and soon formally signed a contract with him. Mr. Teng thanked Mr. Dai for investing in his company. Mr. Dai has high hopes for Mr. Teng and hopes that he and Dai Xixi will get married as soon as possible. President Teng decided to get married in March. Dai Xixi wanted Wen Ruxue to help plan the wedding. President Teng promised, he also gave Dai Xixi a house, which belongs to Dai Xixi alone. If one day goes wrong, she can Coming here to take a short break, Dai Xixi was deeply moved by his thoughtfulness.

Luo Shang came to the hotel to find Ding Huiqiao to reconcile, and asked someone to send her a large bouquet of flowers to the office. The colleagues were happy for Ding Huiqiao. Ding Huiqiao came to the lobby to meet Luo Shang, and Luo Shang faced her to apologize, thinking Ding Huiqiao categorically refused to invite her to dinner. Luo Shang knew that Li Wensen still couldn’t let go of her heart. Ding Huiqiao was very angry. After slamming Luo Shang, he went back to work in anger.

Sa Sa came to Li Wensen for the theory, and Li Wensen actually asked her to resign and leave. Sasha finally saw Li Wensen’s true face. She followed Li Wensen wholeheartedly, but she did not expect to be used as a gunman by him. Now the bridge will be demolished when crossing the river. Sasha fell out of frustration. Ding Huiqiao wanted to comfort her. Sasha didn’t appreciate her and didn’t want to be the victim of her and Li Wensen’s emotional entanglement.

Sasha went to the bar alone to get drunk. Ding Huiqiao couldn’t bear to see Sasha so depressed. She asked Wen Ruxue to enlighten her. Wen Ruxue had to bite the bullet and come to Sasha, persuading her bitterly and encouraging her to stand up bravely. Sasha had already noticed She is a lobbyist sent by Ding Huiqiao. Li Wensen went home and turned out the photo album compiled by his father Li Zizhong. He read it from beginning to end, but did not find a photo with his mother. He turned on the phone and saw the affectionate selfie of his mother and Zhang Kairui. He felt very disappointed on the spot. Delete the photo.

Li Zhongxin is terminally ill. He does not want to die in the hospital, let alone worry about Li Wensen, so he concealed his condition from him. Li Zhongxin wants to take advantage of the few days to enjoy his life. He spends money to live in nursing homes and get along well with the elderly there. , Every day is very happy and fulfilling. Li Ziqi’s condition suddenly worsened, so he had to use medicine to hold it on. Once relieved, he would sing and dance with his friends. Li Wensen was invited to a party in the nursing home and saw his father dancing on the stage with mixed feelings.

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