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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 42 Recap

On the phone, Bai Xiangwen repeatedly promised to take good care of Wen Ruxue, and Wen’s mother was relieved. Bai Xiangwen accompanied Wen Ruxue to the supermarket to purchase. Wen Ruxue let Bai Xiangwen go to Auckland alone. Bai Xiangwen refused to agree. Wen Ruxue had to take care of Wen Xiaoyang. Bai Xiangwen recommended that Wen Ruxue go to her mother’s company as a designer, Wen Ru Xue Xue hates being pointed at. She and Bai Xiangwen fought hard for reasons, and finally broke up.

Bai Xiangwen could not contact Wen Ruxue, so he had to call Ding Huiqiao to find out. Instead, Ding Huiqiao persuaded him to give Wen Ruxue some personal space, and then called to persuade Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue opened a room in Wei Hotel, feeling unprecedented freedom and relaxation. President Teng quickly made a sumptuous dinner.

Dai Xixi discussed with him to promote the related business of dating software, from dating to marriage to provide one-stop service. President Teng greatly appreciated her ideas and promised to support her fully. Dai Xixi couldn’t wait to go home after dinner. President Teng took the opportunity to propose her first choice for marriage, to ensure that her married life would not bring any burden to her and let her be herself as she pleases. Dai Xixi was deeply confessed by President Teng’s sincere confession. Moving.

Wen Xiaoyang considered repeatedly deciding to enter the Academy of Film and Television, and wanted to work while studying. She went to interview the filming director in the film and television company early in the morning. Both Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao supported her decision. Duan’s father wanted to open a barber shop and bid farewell to the past. He first cut Duan Xu’s hair. Duan Xu was pleased with the change of his parents.

The VIP customers of Wei Hotel came to the charity reception. Sa Sa sent Julie to arrange the guests to other rooms. Julie accidentally learned that the sales department had taken a group of points to redeem the guest rooms in advance and gave low prices to some VIP customers. Julie Xiang Ding Huiqiao reported the incident and Ding Huiqiao finally understood the reason for the reduction of points, but Sasha alone had no right to do so. Ding Huiqiao guessed that Li Wensen was behind it.

Ding Huiqiao came to Li Wensen to inquire about the crime. Li Wensen instead satirized her for arranging jobs for the laid-off employees. Ding Huiqiao sneered at him. The two refused to give up to each other and began to fight each other. Finally, Li Wensen asked Ding Huiqiao to finish the job well. In a battle, I believe she will not lose. Li Zhengyi wanted to live in a nursing home. He sold an RV for 180,000, but the annual cost of the nursing home was as high as 300,000. He asked Li Wensen for another 120,000 to live in a nursing home. Li Wensen was so angry that he could not laugh or cry.

Duan Xu went to work during his vacation, and immediately engaged in the communication meeting with the Jimu Group. Unexpectedly, the director sent by Jimu was Dai Xixi. When Duan Xu found that Dai Xixi was wearing a new diamond ring, he couldn’t help but chuckle. Dai Xixi clearly stated the purpose of this trip and wanted to terminate the contract with the fund company Duan Xu was in. Duan Xu did not comply with it. Duan Xu asked which company to replace them to invest in Jimu. Dai Xixi had to admit that it was adding a capital, and Duan Xu was dumbfounded. . Tianyi Capital is Dai Xixi’s father’s company, and Duan Xu later heard that Dai Xixi and President Teng were engaged, and his heart became more uncomfortable.

President Teng came to give Dai Xixi a heart-warming soup. Dai Xixi took the initiative to admit that he was still shocked to see Duan Xu. President Teng thanked her for her frankness. Wen Ruxue went home early in the morning and saw Bai Xiangwen sleeping on the sofa, she helped him clean up the trash on the coffee table. Unexpectedly, Bai Xiangwen started eating instant noodles, so she offered to cook porridge for Bai Xiangwen. Bai Xiangwen once again talked about the remarks on the Internet that vilified Wen Ruxue and persuaded her to come forward to clarify the matter, but Wen Ruxue disagreed.

Julie, Ye Zi, Xiao Liu and others all fight the injustice for Ding Huiqiao. They want to have a friendship with the people in the Legal Department, and use Jiujin to find out the truth behind supporting Sasha’s low-priced guest room. Luo Shang was very happy when Ding Huiqiao came to the fencing hall to train. He mistakenly thought that Ding Huiqiao wanted to see him before coming. He took the initiative to apologize to Ding Huiqiao. Ding Huiqiao denied it and Luo Shang was very sad.

Bai Xiangwen saw one after another on the Internet against Wen Ruxue, and she couldn’t help worrying about her. Wen Ruxue was too disturbed. She couldn’t sleep, so she wanted to numb herself with alcohol. Bai Xiangwen offered to accompany her. Wen Ruxue politely declined. , Bai Xiangwen silently helped her dry her hair. Late at night, Wen Ruxue tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. She remembered to drink water, Bai Xiangwen quickly got up and poured her a glass, and then sat with her on the side of the bed.

Wen Ruxue persuaded Bai Xiangwen not to pay attention to the remarks on the Internet. These will pass sooner or later. Wen Ruxue does not want to be led by others, but just wants to live their lives. Bai Xiangwen does not want to see her being wronged, let alone take it. Punish yourself for others’ mistakes.

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