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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 41 Recap

Shen Kuo struggled to keep Wen Ruxue, but she was determined, and Shen Kuo was disappointed, so she had to leave in grief. Bai Xiangwen got off work early. He deliberately chose a crib and wanted to have a baby with Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue felt that he was too anxious. Bai Xiangwen had already contacted the hotel in Auckland and was ready to take Wen Ruxue to relax at any time. Ruxue wanted to wait for Cheng Tianye to find a host to replace her, but Bai Xiangwen could not wait.

Dai Xixi went to watch the movie alone. President Teng happened to be sitting in the back two rows. He saw Dai Xixi so moved and sobbed, so he took the initiative to accompany her. Dai Xixi declined the position of director face to face, worried that she would not be competent, but President Teng was full of confidence in her. , And promised to help her solve the difficulties, Dai Xixi had to give in.

In fact, Duan Xu did not resign at all. He asked the company for leave to go on vacation. He wanted to take this opportunity to help his parents get rid of the hobby of buying health products. His parents mistakenly thought that he was selling a car, quitting work, and breaking up in love. Duan Xu saw that his parents had come to his senses when he came to the salesperson to sell health products, and couldn’t help laughing.

Stella revealed to Ding Huiqiao that the customer’s points were reduced for no reason, and suspected that there was a problem when upgrading the intelligent system. Ding Huiqiao immediately asked the staff of the technical department for identification, and found that the customers who had reduced their points were all big Points group users, and rarely consume, suspect that someone is behind the scenes.

Dai Xixi came to the company to report on time. She directly served as the director of the content section. The employees treated her respectfully. Mr. Teng also arranged a large office for her. Dai Xixi was flattered and couldn’t help but think of Duan Xu when she first went to work at the fund company. Dai Xixi was picky about her in every way. Wen Ruxue and Ding Huiqiao came together to congratulate Dai Xixi on taking office. The three of them greeted each other. Wen Ruxue took the opportunity to complain to them and regretted her marriage with Bai Xiangwen. She now feels very depressed and just wants to find a place to vent her.

A friend introduced Luo Shang to the Gary Hotel to apply for sales. The HR manager was very satisfied with him and had high hopes for him. Luo Shang learned from the HR manager that Ding Huiqiao introduced a group of laid-off employees to the Gary Hotel. He Very surprised.

President Teng held a grand welcome meeting for Dai Xixi, and Dai Xixi delivered a short inauguration speech. Thanks to a lot of work done by President Teng in advance, he introduced to the employees in detail Dai Xixi’s project for the improvement of the eye. Everyone was convinced of Dai Xixi. After the meeting, President Teng took out the ring to propose to Dai Xixi, and wanted to have a perfect wedding on her birthday. Dai Xixi was confused by this sudden marriage proposal. President Teng promised to give her time to think about it, and then put the ring down. gone.

Ding Huiqiao asked the team members to visit the members of the hotel one-on-one, summarize the problems and find out the reasons, and returned small gifts to the big customers. Everyone immediately called the customers separately. The fencing hall held an event to give back to old customers at the end of the year. Luo Shang sent a message to Ding Huiqiao as soon as possible, and wanted to take the opportunity to get in touch with Ding Huiqiao. Ding Huiqiao was busy sorting out customer points and checking the situation, and there was no time to reply to the message.

Duan Xu was walking alone on the street, and involuntarily came to the place where he and Dai Xixi set off the fireworks. A couple passed by. Duan Xu couldn’t help but think of Dai Xixi with mixed feelings in his heart. After Dai Xixi came to Jimu, she led the staff of the department to work seriously and made great progress. President Teng was very satisfied and invited her to eat at home. Dai Xixi had no choice but to go and cook for her personally.

Bai Xiangwen put on a hat and a mask to pick up Wen Ruxue from get off work, but he was still recognized by netizens as Wen Ruxue’s husband and teased him for cuckolding. Bai Xiangwen felt very uncomfortable. Seeing the news on the Internet, Wen’s mother couldn’t help but sweat for Wen Ruxue. The neighbors talked about Wen Ruxue’s affairs. Wen’s mother hurriedly called Bai Xiangwen and asked him to persuade Wen Ruxue to stand up and clarify the matter. .

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