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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 40 Recap

Wen Ruxue’s gossip news went viral on the Internet. Dai Xixi, Wen Xiaoyang and Ding Huiqiao all helped her make suggestions. Wen Ruxue didn’t care about it, and she persuaded them not to worry about it.

Dai Xixi participated in the baking class and also joined the night running team. She had a fulfilling life every day, and she brought the cakes she made by herself to Wen Xiaoyang to taste. Yuanyuan asked Liu Ke and Chen Jiaqian to help take care of Coke. She and Duan Xu went to the kindergarten to see the principal. Yuanyuan wanted to fill in the name of Duan Xu in his father’s column, and Duan Xu fully agreed.

Dai Xixi accidentally saw Liu Ke and Chen Jiaqian shopping with Coke while running at night. Coke also called Liu Ke’s father affectionately, and Dai Xixi was shocked. Liu Ke repeatedly explained that he and Duan Xu were godfathers of Coke. They and Coke’s father Jiang Cheng were college classmates. Jiang Cheng was in a car accident abroad. His wife Yuanyuan took his son Coke back to China. Dai Xixi immediately understood everything. In fact, Yuanyuan fell in love with Duan Xu when she was in college. She forced her marriage to fail, so she got angry and married Jiang Cheng.

That night, Yuanyuan took a shower and changed into Dai Xixi’s pajamas, and took the initiative to hug Duan Xu, regretting what she had done back then, and just wanted to stay with Duan Xu and take good care of him. Yuanyuan claimed that she didn’t care about getting married or not. Duan Xu categorically refused and asked her to take off the pajamas. He promised to rent a house for the mother and her son tomorrow, and explained that they would not interact with Yuanyuan from now on. After saying these words, Duan Xu slammed the door and left.

Duan Xu bought drunk alone late at night, and couldn’t help but think of the scenes of the past with Dai Xixi. He wanted to call Dai Xixi and remembered that Dai’s father forced him to break up. Duan Xu immediately dispelled the idea of ​​reconciliation with Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi went home to complain to Ding Huiqiao, but Duan Xu would rather find someone to pretend to be his wife and children to lie to her than marry her. Ding Huiqiao accompany her to drank her sorrows, and kept comforting her.

Netizens relentlessly abused and slandered Wen Ruxue, and also involved Bai Xiangwen. Wen Ruxue was so disturbed that she repeatedly apologized to Bai Xiangwen, and Bai Xiangwen persuaded her to find Mia to clarify the matter, but Mia had just been with the company. Signing contract and running for an excellent host, Wen Ruxue does not want to affect her future. Bai Xiangwen took Wen Ruxue and Cheng Tianye to check the surveillance video of the underground garage, and wanted to cut the part of Mia, as long as it was confirmed that Wen Ruxue did not go upstairs to Cheng Tianye’s house for the night, but Wen Ruxue wanted to seek truth from facts.

Mia invited Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen to dinner, and begged Wen Ruxue not to push her out. She also admitted that she was pregnant with Cheng Tianye’s child. Cheng Tianye worried that Lily would not let it go after learning this. Bai Xiangwen felt that they were too selfish. However, Mia thought that it was because Lily found someone to take a sneak shot of Wen Ruxue, and she got her up. Cheng Tianye begged Wen Ruxue not to make the video public, and promised to sign the contract with the company.

Bai Xiangwen insisted on letting Wen Ruxue make the truth public. Wen Ruxue felt that the timing was not good and she did not want to affect the pregnant Mia. Bai Xiangwen disagreed, and the two had a big fight if they didn’t agree. Wen Xiaoyang called to ask Wen Ruxue Xihan, and advised her not to quarrel with Bai Xiangwen, Wen Ruxue repeatedly assured that Wen Xiaoyang was relieved.

Ding Huiqiao found out that the laid-off Xiao Cao was delivering food, and learned that other layoffs were not easy to find a job. Ding Huiqiao learned from Julie that the employees were panicked all day because of the layoffs. Feeling uncomfortable in my heart, I couldn’t help but think of Luo Shang, who had resigned.

The scandal soon disappeared. Wen Ruxue’s show was allowed to continue to be recorded, and her contract renewal was set. Wen Ruxue was very happy, but Bai Xiangwen was aggrieved for her. Wen Xiaoyang received a call from Qi Yue and learned that Du Jiamu had returned. Now at the orphanage, Wen Xiaoyang heard the prompt tone on the phone urging to board the plane and realized that Qi Yue was about to fly to Tokyo. Qi Yue felt that he had stolen Du Jiamu’s life, and encouraged Wen Xiaoyang to find Du Jiamu.

Wen Xiaoyang couldn’t wait to find Du Jiamu at the orphanage. Du Jiamu was not surprised at all, as if he had been waiting for her. Wen Xiaoyang was curious about his whereabouts these days. Du Jiamu went to many places and gained a lot of insights. Du Jiamu wanted to open a comics hall and invited Wen Xiaoyang. Working with him, Wen Xiaoyang took out the cartoon portrait for Du Jiamu as a gift. She bid farewell to the original Belikov and wanted to start her own life again.

Ding Huiqiao invited Bo Jiang to dinner and repeatedly apologized to him. Bo Jiang saw that the young man came to work in the hotel and did not have a chance to become a regular employee. He was rehired by the hotel twice in a row and was already satisfied. Ding Huiqiao asked Bo Jiang to dismiss the hotel staff They all gathered together, she wanted to find a job for everyone, Jiang Bo thanked her.

Dai Xixi came to work in the company early in the morning, and the personnel manager asked her to interview for the position of director of the content section. Dai Xixi was surprised. Duan Xu resigned from the company, withdrew the rent from the house, and sold the car. He went home with his suitcase. His parents were surprised. Duan Xu gave all his savings to his parents and repeatedly claimed that he was going to stay at home and nibble the old. He was speechless with anger.

Wen Ruxue considered repeatedly and took the initiative to resign from the company. Shen Kuo persuaded her to think twice, but Wen Ruxue was determined, she decided to go abroad with Bai Xiangwen, thinking about where to go in the second half of her life.

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