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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 39 Recap

Duan Xu rejected Dai Xixi again. Dai Xixi was very distressed and mistakenly thought he wanted to reconnect with Yuanyuan. Duan Xu didn’t explain it, but instead persuaded Dai Xixi to learn to be responsible for himself.

Luo Shang accompanies Ding Huiqiao to practice swords as scheduled. He has been unable to concentrate. He always thinks of Li Wensen’s reminders. Luo Shang feels that Ding Huiqiao is very unfamiliar. Ding Huiqiao mistakenly believes that he is unable to take care of the two tasks. Luo Shang asked Ding Huiqiao why he was unwilling to make their relationship public. Ding Huiqiao felt that there was no need to let the insignificant know that Luo Shang was very sad, but Ding Huiqiao complained that he was not confident.

Along the way, Luo Shang did not say a word. Ding Huiqiao encouraged him to compete for jobs in other departments and not always be a doorman. Luo Shang was not convinced, and argued with Ding Huiqiao on the basis of reason. Luo Shang questioned that she proposed the layoffs for her own sake. For personal purposes, in order to let Li Wensen see her existence and value, Ding Huiqiao yelled at him with anger, and parked his car on the side of the road in anger. Luo Shang decided to resign at the hotel tomorrow, not wanting to always look up at the feet of Ding Huiqiao. She, Luo Shang learned from the pain and proposed to break up with Ding Huiqiao, and then resolutely got out of the car and left.

Dai Xixi took a long time off because of her broken love, and Wen Xiaoyang kindly persuaded her, believing that everything will get better. At this moment, Wen Xiaoyang received a call from Du Jiamu’s father. He returned the manuscript of the “Twin Dolphins” to Wen Xiaoyang and promised to take Qi Yue back to Japan tomorrow. Du’s father told Wen Xiaoyang the whole story in detail. He was from the orphanage back then. Adopted Du Jiamu and also trained him to learn manga. Because the company was urged by the publishing house at that time, Du Jiamu’s father forced Du Jiamu to copy Qi Yue’s work. Du Jiamu was divorcing his wife, and he had no intention of creating it, so he had to do it.

Wen Xiaoyang learned of the story and went directly to the comics to find Du Jiamu. Knowing that he had already left, Qi Yue then rushed to find Du Jiamu. She murmured against Wen Xiaoyang. Wen Xiaoyang admitted that the inspiration for the creation of “Twin Dolphins” came from the friendship between the two of them. He did not expect Qi Yue to be totally unrecognizable. Qi Yue regretted it and repeatedly confessed his mistakes to Wen Xiaoyang, and the two people settled their suspicions.

Luo Shang offered to resign and wanted Bo Jiang to stay. Unexpectedly, Bo Jiang was also ready to leave. Wen Ruxue returned to her empty home, her heart was mixed, and Bai Xiangwen asked the courier to send a large bouquet of yellow roses and asked her to meet in the park. Wen Ruxue came to the park on time. Bai Xiangwen suspected that Wen Ruxue didn’t really want to marry him, let alone spend a lifetime with him. Wen Ruxue was non-committal. Bai Xiangwen suddenly knelt on one knee and confessed to Wen Ruxue. Pulling out a heart-shaped lock with their names engraved on it, Wen Ruxue locked it on the railing by the river on the spot. Bai Xiangwen immediately became excited and hugged Wen Ruxue and went home.

Dai Xixi went to the movie alone. She accidentally saw President Teng when she was leaving. President Teng asked her to have dinner together. At a glance, she could see that she had something on her mind. She ordered dessert to make her happy. Dai Xixi admitted that she and Duan Xu had already He broke up and also offered his resignation to the company. President Teng was not surprised at all. He invited Dai Xixi to take over the business of the content section. Dai Xixi was kind and hard but had to agree.

After the meal, President Teng sent Dai Xixi home and asked her to go to work in the company tomorrow. He also explained that this job does not involve any personal emotions. He also asked Dai Xixi to be the real herself, to be happy and crying, and not to be in front of anyone. Deliberately pretending to be poor, Dai Xixi was very moved.

Yuanyuan didn’t want to disturb Duan Xu for too long and wanted to go out to find a job. She first helped Coke contact a kindergarten, but the garden party asked to see her parents, and Duan Xu agreed to go with Yuanyuan. Wen Ruxue woke up early in the morning and found out that she was on a hot search, only to realize that she had been secretly photographed when sending Cheng Tianye home. She was accused of staying overnight at Cheng Tianye’s house, and Wen Ruxue was speechless.

Cheng Tianye quickly found out that the paparazzi was hired by Lily with money, just to ruin Cheng Tianye and Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue didn’t want to get involved with these bad things and couldn’t disclose that Cheng Tianye and Mia were together that night. She was so depressed in her heart that Wen Ruxue prepared a two-issue manuscript, asked Mia to record the show for her, and then left. Shen Kuo wanted to take Wen Ruxue to drink to relax. Bai Xiangwen rushed to her in time and hugged Wen Ruxue to comfort her.

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