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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 9 Recap

Liao Yu and Ye Hong helped Zhou Yue deal with the wound. Ye Hong couldn’t help accusing her of being too impulsive, and she started crying as she talked. Zhou Yue knew that she was doing it for her own good, and hugged her to promise that she would never do this again in the future. Lao Bai regretted He didn’t help Xie Hua testify in time, so he was asked to return to the village to bring Axiu out.

He learned from the pain and decided to help Xie Hua testify, saying that even if he wanted to kill him, he was not afraid. The medical team gathered in the conference room for a meeting. Huo Xiang said that Lao Bai was willing to testify for Xie Hua, but they still could not find out the real culprit behind it. Uncle Wen has something to do with this matter, and he insists on suggesting that things should not be made bigger. Wu Xin and his views are the same. But Wang Xiaocong and Ye Hong are the opposite.

Zhou Yue stood up and took the responsibility, but everyone looked at Huo Xiang. When this matter developed to this point, Huo Xiang explained the contradictions between himself and Xie Hua one by one, and what he had not been able to explain to Xie Hua was that he answered a phone call at the time, saying that his parents were in.

After leaving overnight, he was the only child on a mission in Africa, and he couldn’t go back. He could only be in Africa at that time and knocked three heads in the direction of China. After hearing this, everyone was silent and sympathized with Huo Xiang. Qiao Yuqian did not pay enough attention to the incident yesterday, and apologized to Liao Yu for this. Liao Yu warned her a few words. Qiao Yuqian nodded and said yes. Her mother is also Chinese, so she loves the house and Udi also showed great kindness to Chinese doctors. The side.

Zhou Yue stayed up late at night, and Liao Yu took out the wine Wu Xin specially prepared for them. The two poured two glasses of wine and respected Xie Hua and Huo Xiang respectively. Neither Zhou Yue nor Liao Yu told the family about Xie Hua. She wanted to say it, but when she heard the voices of her parents, thinking that Xie Hua was no longer there, she couldn’t say anything.

She said that after the signal got through, all of them thought of calling home, but Huo Xiang sent the first message to the hospital to inform Xie Hua’s death and the situation of the medical team on Zal Island. Probably abandoning the small family for everyone. The two drank three times and heard the sound of the harmonica. Liao Yu casually said his doubts. Zhou Yue simply told him that Li Tiancheng had no family.

Drunk up, Zhou Yue took a wine glass to invite Li Tiancheng to drink. The drunk she said many things in her heart, and Li Tiancheng listened to her quietly. The next day, Xie Hua’s wife and daughter came to the hospital. The children that Xie Hua took care of during his lifetime pushed the mobile library made by Xie Hua to them. The two of them put the books in their bags in the mobile library with tears. on. Then they went to see Axiu, who had not yet recovered, and told her not to feel guilty, and to take care of her injuries, so as to live up to Xie Hua’s painstaking efforts.

Xie Hua’s wife gave Xie Hua’s diary to Huo Xiang. She said that Xie Hua’s medical judgment has always been accurate and hoped that Huo Xiang would believe what Xie Hua said. Huo Xiang showed her the photos taken by her family. In the research paper on the fight against malaria in Africa, the names of Hua Liansheng and all the team members have been signed.

This time also came with Liu Yuan. He conveyed an important decision of the hospital. In view of what happened to their group of medical team members on Zal Island, the hospital decided to withdraw them and let medical teams from other hospitals replace them. Produce other unnecessary troubles and prevent the team members from psychological trauma. The hospital will also seek the advice of the medical team. In short, Liu Yuan said that he hoped that he would consider it carefully. Huo Xiang told everyone the news, and everyone was unanimously silent.

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