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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 8 Recap

They made a drainage bottle outside and handed it over to Zhou Yue. Xie Hua woke up, not seeing clearly, but he said he had no major problems. Huo Xiang was anxious like an ant on a hot pot. It took two hours for the nearest rescue team to come. Qiao Yuqian immediately called Qiao Xiangwan for help, and Qiao Xiangwan called the mine and asked someone to help him.

After Zhou Yue was ready, he performed closed chest drainage for A Xiu, but A Xiu was still in shock, possibly due to internal organ bleeding. Liao Yu asked her to start fluid replacement, but Zhou Yue could not find blood vessels for a while. Li Tiancheng said that subclavian vein puncture can be done, but pneumothorax is prone to occur, and Xie Hua said that Axiu’s upper left chest wall was traumatized, which just affected the puncture. Another way is to choose the right side for internal jugular vein puncture.

However, the right side of the internal jugular vein puncture is extremely demanding on the operator. Xie Hua can’t see clearly, and now he can only rely on Zhou Yue. Although Zhou Yue did a few cases, it was already a few years ago, and she was a little worried that she could not do it well. Xie Hua scolded her, and then encouraged her to believe that she could do a good job. People outside brought the needle. With Xie Hua’s encouragement, Zhou Yue bravely placed the needle. Finally, the puncture was successful and the venous passage was established.

Xie Hua’s tense nerves finally relaxed. Then the rescuers also came and rescued the three of them. Huo Xiang took a deep look at Xie Hua who had survived the catastrophe, and shook hands with him to make peace. Zhou Yue was a little guilty afterwards. She felt that if she hadn’t brought A Xiu to the hospital, she would not suffer this catastrophe. Li Tiancheng comforted her.

A pregnant woman named Zhou Yue to deliver her baby. Zhou Yue had to sort out her emotions, put on a new white coat, and went to work. Li Tiancheng operated on Axiu, Xie Hua was very worried and watched. Xiaoliu had an accident in the mine and was sent back to the village. The family asked the goddess to do it for him. After learning that Xiaoliu had been to the hospital, the villagers thought that he had gone to the hospital and brought evil spirits.

Not long after Zhou Yue came out of the ruins, he devoted himself to intense work again, and almost fainted from exhaustion. When Liao Yu took the time to help her, Axiu’s father brought a bottle of wine to the hospital to make trouble. Xie Hua clutched his wound to persuade A Xiu’s father, but was pushed to the ground by A Xiu’s father. Xie Hua had a severe abdominal bleeding, and Zhou Yue and Liao Yu immediately arranged an operation for him.

The operation on Axiu’s side was completed, and Li Tiancheng did the final stitching work and then went to help. When Li Tiancheng arrived in the operating room, Xie Hua’s heart stopped beating, and they immediately pressed him, but he had no surgery. Zhou Yue collapsed, unable to accept Xie Hua’s sudden departure. Huo Xiang panicked when Liao Yu announced the time of Xie Hua’s death. Everyone sat in the conference room, the place that belonged to Deputy Xie was empty.

Each of them had a sad expression on their faces. They recalled Xie Hua’s bit by bit, and they couldn’t restrain the sadness of losing Deputy Chief Xie. Lao Bai ran to the hospital and learned that Axiu’s father, Qiao Qi, pushed Xie Hua, and asked him angrily why he killed Xie Hua.

Lao Bai and Xie Hua are good friends. Of course, they couldn’t accept Xie Hua’s departure. He grabbed Qiao Qi’s collar and beat him in the hospital, shouting that he should pay for his life, but Huo Xiang stopped them. Qiao Qi was emotional for a while, picked up the knife next to him and wanted to commit suicide, and everyone’s expressions changed. Qiao Qi lost his mind, coupled with the influence of alcohol, he scratched Zhou Yue next to him. The others controlled Qiao Qi, while Zhou Yue was holding his wound so painful that he couldn’t speak.

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