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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 7 Recap

Xie Hua and Zhou Yue speculated one after another, but they did not have an accurate result. Xie Hua said that the next thing they need to do is to confirm as soon as possible that this is indeed a polio epidemic. The two found that Sister Qiao had come back and wanted to persuade her to take the child to get the vaccine, but Sister Qiao reacted fiercely and drove them out of their home. Zhou Yue did not flinch when encountering difficulties.

Xie Hua also believed that she could do better than herself. Zhou Yue simply worshipped him as a teacher, hoping that he could give some advice on work in the future. Qiao Xiangwan received a call from the governor because Ann Hawhao made up the arrears. He also found a dean for the Friendly Hospital. The governor trusted him more.

Kelly Liang is busy sorting out the research results. The previous results are garbled and the research results are in vain. Kelly Liang is very depressed. Qiao Xiangwan knew that this meant that the money invested was in the water, and said a few words that made Liang Kaili even more angry. She had already said that this project was very expensive.

Qiao Xiangwan was angry when she saw her, so he confessed her mistake and promised to find someone to invest as soon as possible. Xie Hua found Xiao Liu and grabbed him to ask about the whereabouts of Ah P, but Xiao Liu refused to say and knocked down Ah Xiu in the village. Xie Hua hurriedly helped the little girl up, tied her a triangle scarf, and decided to take her back to the hospital for a comprehensive examination, because she suspected that she was fractured or even fractured.

Zhou Yue was more thoughtful and wrote a note to Axiu’s father. Just as Aunt Lan came over, Xie Hua handed the letter to Aunt Lan, hoping that she could pass it on to Axiu’s father. Aunt Lan was about to give birth soon. Thinking of the time to go to Zhou Yue to deliver the baby, Zhou Yue naturally agreed. They returned to the hospital and helped Axiu heal the hand injury. Uncle Wen called Roy privately to make a small report.

Roy said that as long as Xie Hua left and Zhou Yue would not engage in trouble, he would not move her. Xiao Si’s younger brother Xiao Liu took A P to see her secretly, and when he saw that she had lost her calf, Xiao Liu cried sadly. Xie Hua went to the supermarket to buy things, and met Wu Xin by chance. The two sat down and talked a few words. Wu Xin asked about Yishengle. Xie Hua raised his hand and swears that he did not do that kind of thing.

Xie Hua said that many things have happened on the island recently, and he should not disclose the specifics to Wu Xin. Xiao Si has phantom limb pain. Li Tiancheng is good at coaxing children. Adding a lollipop with a few sentences makes Xiao Si forget the pain. Li Tiancheng bought fruit, but he didn’t know what Xie Hua’s preference was, so he stopped Zhou Yue and asked a few words, but Zhou Yue couldn’t give the answer he wanted.

Axiu ran to the warehouse alone to play, which made Zhou Yue and Xie Hua very worried. Xie Hua saw Xiaosi’s bracelet and his pupils shrank suddenly, but because he was anxious to find Axiu, he didn’t bother to ask Xiaosi bracelet Where it came from. Zhou Yue and Xie Hua ran into the warehouse to look for A Xiu and saw her squatting and playing with a windmill alone. Xie Hua thought of her daughter when she saw her, and stayed with Zhou Yue in the warehouse to play with her.

At this moment, an earthquake broke out on Zal Island again, and that small warehouse instantly collapsed into ruins. Ye Hong and Wang Xiaocong placed the patient and found that Xie Hua and Zhou Yue had gone to Axiu but had not returned. At this time, Zhou Yue, who was buried under the ruins, woke up first. She called Axiu and Xie Hua, but they did not respond.

Li Tiancheng, Liao Yu and others hurried to the warehouse to rescue them. Zhou Yue took a flashlight and said that Axiu had bleeding and was short of breath. He didn’t know if there was internal bleeding. Fearing to collapse again, they handed the steam lamp to Zhou Yue who was crushed under the rubble. Not long after, Xie Hua also woke up.

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