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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 6 Recap

Ann Wanhao and Roy questioned why Li Tiancheng’s name was not written on the registration desk, and why it proved that he was a doctor at the Friendly Hospital. Li Tiancheng said in a hurry that he was a doctor at the Friendly Hospital. When Liang Kaili and Huo Xiang saw this, they helped him lie, and Ann Haowei and Roy seemed to believe it. At this time, Zhou Yue helped another parturient to have a cesarean section, and the mother and child were safe, and then immediately went to Anna’s operation. Anna herself has a pre-implanted placenta.

The placenta cannot be taken out normally. She is in a critical condition and must undergo surgery to remove her uterus. Shuhui went out to inform Ann Wanhao and Roy about the news. They were very emotional and did not agree to have their uterus removed. Huo Xiang and them made it clear that a decision must be made as soon as possible, otherwise Anna’s life would be in danger.

Ann Wanhao and Roy were heartbroken. He finally agreed to remove the uterus. Shuhui immediately conveyed that Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng began to perform total hysterectomy. After the operation, Uncle Wen was a little angry. He was worried that Ann Manhao and Anna would retaliate against their locals afterwards.

Li Tiancheng cooperated with Zhou Yue again this time, and the two felt different. Li Tiancheng stopped talking, but finally did not say what he wanted to say. Knowing that Li Tiancheng was going to be the director of the Friendly Hospital, the governor, who was worried that no one would bear the burden, was very happy and immediately sent all the materials. Qiao Yuqian also hoped that Li Tiancheng would stay and asked Ying to fill in the materials for him. If he doesn’t want to live in a dormitory, he can even live in his own villa.

Xie Hua brought Lao Bai to clear up his grievances. The official of the Department of Health and Huo Xiang finished talking about Xie Hua and left with Li Tiancheng’s materials. Later, Zhou Yue brought Xie Hua and Lao Bai to Huo Xiang. Lao Bai took out his mobile phone photo and said that he had uploaded Xie Hua’s photo P without authorization, but he refused to come forward to testify and left with his mobile phone in a desperate manner. hospital.

What Huo Xiang did was to let Lao Bai stay and prove that the photo was taken by him, but Lao Bai refused. Huo Xiang could only think that Xie Hua did not abide by the discipline of the team and ran out to cause trouble, so he left it to others. handle. Xie Huaqiang’s adjustments were not so simple. Take him to the village and take a look. But Huo Xiang didn’t care what the truth was behind it, and the two were quarreling.

Zhou Yue spoke, trying to calm them down, Xie Hua took a word and left angrily. Zhou Yue caught up and was stopped by Li Tiancheng. Zhou Yue shifted the responsibility to Li Tiancheng and said that since he had promised the dean, he would resolve the conflict between Huo Xiang and Xie Hua. The patients in the hospital saw the leaflet and accused Xie Hua of embarrassing the Chinese doctor. Xie Hua did not refute, but he was certain that something must have happened on this island, but he was not sure if it was a plague, and he was framed by others. ,

It is very likely that the person who has something to do with the plague did it. He has asked Uncle Wen to take the test, but the test result has not come out yet. Li Tiancheng suggested to directly find the manufacturer of Yishengle, and hit them by surprise, so that they can show their feet.

At the same time, Xie Hua led Zhou Yue into Linshui Village. Linshui Village was underdeveloped. When they saw them coming in, the villagers all hid. Xie Hua said that such a situation occurred a year ago. Huo Xiang and Li Tiancheng here asked the manager of the manufacturer. He asked three questions. They used the excuse to go to the bathroom, and overheard the manager and others calling to inform them at the door. Xie Hua took Zhou Yue to see the two children. Zhou Yue touched the children’s legs and found that they might have polio. Xie Hua told Zhou Yue of his guess, but his guess was untenable. If the vaccine fails, then the epidemic should break out.

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