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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 5 Recap

Li Tiancheng went to Liang Kaili’s house for dinner and heard her talk about her and Qiao Xiangwan. Based on Li Tiancheng’s understanding of Liang Kaili, she is not like the kind of woman who is willing to marry Qiao’s feudal family, husband and child, Liang Kaili admits that she stayed here, a large part of which is very rich in tropical flora, she and Qiao Xiangwan established a Qiao’s Tropical Rainforest Plant Extraction Institute here to study how to extract useful substances from plants to make medicine.

Up to now, the research has obtained some small results, but they have begun to study anti-cancer agents. If successful, their academic and economic value will be immeasurable.

Li Tiancheng apologized to Zhou Yue for what happened yesterday, and even thought that Zhou Yue had a good impression on him. Zhou Yue was very speechless and returned the money to him so that he could buy cooling oil and be sober. Wang Xiaocong was the referee, and Ye Hong and Wu Xin were allowed to debate. The subject of the debate was that if they had to find a surgeon to be their boyfriend, Liao Yu could not be the object of their debate.

After Liao Yu came, they were silent, their eyes erratic and changed the subject. Some people put up a lot of advertising leaflets in the village, which printed Xie Hua’s appearance, but Xie Hua didn’t know about it. Zhou Yue, Liao Yu, and Sister Hong had a meal together. Everyone hadn’t bathed for six or seven days. The smell on their bodies was quite heavy. As a result, they talked and called.

They stopped eating and ran to take a bath. Liao Yu, Wang Xiaocong and Li Tiancheng even washed while playing in the bathhouse, showing their happiest and brightest smiles in the past few days. They washed their clothes and bed sheets, and had a great time on the roof. Qiao Yuqian changed into ethnic costumes and looked very fresh and beautiful.

Liao Yu blushed and her expression became unnatural. Xie Hua was playing with the children downstairs and had a great time. Huo Xiang didn’t say anything when he saw it. Huo Xiang found out that Xie Hua’s local children’s health product Yishengle endorsed an advertising leaflet. He convened a meeting with his team members and was very angry at Xie Hua’s behavior. Zhou Yue didn’t know why. Xie Hua was going to take her to the village, but he didn’t expect that he would go out on Li Tiancheng’s motorcycle by himself.

Both Wu Xin and Liao Yu felt that the sudden appearance of advertising leaflets might have other hidden meanings. Xie Hua went to question Lao Bai, the culprit who posted the flyers, but he hid from Xie Hua like a tortoise. Huo Xiang reported the matter to the superior, and the other party asked him to find out. The local bully Ann Wanhao brought her pregnant daughter to the Friendly Hospital for examination and drove all the patients out.

Zhou Yue and the Western District Hospital explained the same. His daughter had a placenta pre-implantation, and the operation risk was very high. The only female doctor in the Western District Hospital was absent, and only Zhou Yue could perform this operation. Qiao Xiangwan and Liang Kaili came to the hospital and learned of the cause and effect of the incident. They persuaded Ann to perform the operation here and suggested that he call the governor to adjust the blood bank.

Zhou Yue was helping another pregnant woman at the time, but he was forced by An Haohao to treat his daughter. Later, another pregnant woman had a dystocia. Zhou Yue decided to have two operations at the same time. Ann Haohao disagrees, his son-in-law Roy even used a gun to force him, Zhou Yue was not afraid of them, and pushed the bed in forcefully.

When Li Tiancheng blocked An Wanhao, he was targeted by An Wanhao, and Liang Kaili guaranteed Li Tiancheng. In the operating room at this time, Zhou Yue performed the two operations together. Even if she did not have enough surgery, she still had to keep the two mothers safe. Seeing that the other mother was in bad condition, she immediately decided to perform a caesarean section on the mother.

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