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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 4 Recap

Zhou Yue accidentally damaged Li Tiancheng’s rearview mirror, and she hurried away after losing money. Qiao Yuqian took Li Tiancheng and Qiao Xiangwan to see a patient. This patient was a girl fourth. The calf that was scratched by an iron nail had been infected. Qiao Yuqian had done debridement and told her to go back and take a good rest. But she didn’t expect that after she went back, she let the goddess seal the wound with medicine and mud, and went into the water to fish and caused serious wounds.

Knowing that the situation was not good, Li Tiancheng changed the topic to let Xiao Si relax, and then took pictures of her wounds, and afterwards instructed Qiao Yuqian to take samples and send them to the Western District Hospital. Ansa’s situation is very stable. Zhou Yue reminded them to do prenatal checkups before the next pregnancy to ensure that the uterus has the conditions for pregnancy, and regular ultrasound examinations after pregnancy to grasp the development of the fetus.

Xie Hua and Huo Xiang reported on the situation of the warehouse, and Huo Xiang planned to let the embassy send the supplies needed by the hospital after the navigation. Li Tiancheng showed Huo Xiang and Xie Hua the pictures of Xiaosi’s wounds, and told them about the injuries. They both suspected that it was sepsis caused by gas gangrene. Afterwards, Qiao Yuqian brought in the results of the examination and confirmed that Xiao Si had gas gangrene.

They immediately decided to let Xiao Si amputate her life. Qiao Yuqian and Xiao Si had a very good relationship. They were emotionally excited for a while. After calming down, she also understood that amputation was the only way to save Xiao Si’s life. They told Xiao Si the news of the amputation. Xiao Si looked very scared and cried and said not to amputation. Li Tiancheng and her clearly explained the consequences of not amputation, and let her face the cruel facts.

Zhou Yue was dissatisfied with his simple and rude way of expression, and Li Tiancheng thought that Xiaosi had the ability to make his own decision. Qiao Yuqian then took out the operation consent form signed by Xiaosi and said the conditions of Xiaosi, she wanted Li Tiancheng to do it. Her attending doctor. Liao Yu agreed, and Zhou Yue had no objection.

Soon, they pushed P4 into the operating room and anesthetized her. Li Tiancheng and Liao Yu went to do preoperative disinfection work, and hurry up to perform operations on P4. The fourth grade operation was very successful. Zhou Yue asked Qiao Yuqian about Li Tiancheng. After hearing that, she felt a little strange, why would anyone be fascinated by a man like Li Tiancheng.

Zhou Yue asked Xie Hua if there were any personal grievances between him and Huo Xiang, Xie Hua did not tell the truth. In response to Zhou Yue’s request for advice, Xie Hua promised to take her to Linshui Village for a visit. Uncle Wen took advantage of being empty, he called someone and told him that Xie Hua not only did not leave, but also to take people to the village to check.

The other party jokingly said that Xie Hua had been killed for a hundred, which scared Uncle Wen very much. . The fact that Xiao Si had difficulty accepting the amputation, and crying in the ward, Zhou Yue personally showed Xiao Si how to walk on one leg. Xiao Si saw that even if she did not have the other calf, she was beautiful in a skirt, and her mood finally stabilized, and she was still Smiled.

Li Tiancheng happened to see this scene, and his impression of Zhou Yue became even better. The staff in the hospital still ate white rice. Wang Xiaocong took out the food photos in his mobile phone to relieve his greed. He asked Ye Hong and Liao Yu to also participate. Although there was no physical performance, everyone was happy to play this boring game with Wang Xiaocong. game. As the chef of the medical team, Wu Xin couldn’t help feeling a little guilty when he saw them eating white rice.

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