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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 11 Recap

Li Tiancheng said that when he was a child, he was a small bastard, but later he did not expect that he would become a doctor. Nevertheless, he also knew that he was not qualified to judge their actions right or wrong, so Li Tian apologized to Zhou Yue for his previous attitude. Zhou Yue shook hands with Li Tiancheng. She was very grateful for meeting Li Tiancheng, but in the end she did not get back in Li Tiancheng’s car. Asked why, Zhou Yue did not say.

Everyone disagreed that Huo Xiang sent them back to China. Huo Xiang emphasized that sending them back to China was for their good. Liao Yu knew that he was doing it for everyone’s good, but doing so was against everyone’s wishes. They were unwilling to leave, including chef Wu Xin.

In the end, everyone reached an agreement to let the courtyard give them a one-month observation period, and it would not be too late to go back if anyone couldn’t hold it at that time. Huo Xiang agreed and reminded them that since they are still team members, they must follow the rules in the team to run five kilometers in the sand. Everyone went for a run after get off work. They met Li Tiancheng and Qiao Yuqian. They were well informed. It is estimated that it is a fact that the medical team will not leave. They suddenly became very happy.

They finally had time to check Xie Hua’s diary, which chronicled Xie Hua’s life and work. Among them, Linshui Village’s attitude towards them from the beginning to the later part was particularly detailed. Huo Xiang said that he had quietly visited Linshui Village to check the symptoms of those children and determined that it was polio.

Suspected polio symptoms were discovered three months ago, and the vaccination period was one year ago. Huo Xiang added that there may be two necessary factors. One is that the vaccine has not been effective in preventing the epidemic; the other is that a new source of infection has emerged. No matter what it is, they must do a good job in the next stage of vaccination and vaccine enhancement. Zhou Yue mentioned Ah P, who was repeatedly mentioned in Xie Hua’s diary.

She was from a primitive village. Xie Hua’s detailed account of her existence might have a special purpose. Not only that, Xie Hua also took down the silver bracelet on Xiao Si’s hand in extremely painful circumstances, because Xiao Si said it was given by Xiao Liu and Ah P. That night, people in the hospital watched Mrs. Xie and Xie Beibei leave, and their faces were full of sadness.

Qiao Qi not only did not admit his mistake, but also took the so-called charm to the hospital and put it on A Xiu’s bed. Some people couldn’t stand it and directly beat him. When the nurse Shuhui saw it, she felt that he deserved it and didn’t help him. Liao Yu helped Ye Hong count the medicine. Qiao Yuqian just took the medicine. The two were alone in the same room. Qiao Yuqian had a good impression of Liao Yu and hoped that he could teach herself more in the future.

When Qiao Yuqian remembered to go out, the door could not be opened. She and Liao Yu worked together to open the door, but to no avail. Li Tiancheng happened to walk by and was misled by what they said and the shadow printed on the door. He always felt that they were doing something unspeakable inside. Zhou Yue just came over, and Li Tiancheng motioned to her to come over and listen, and she showed a shocked expression.

Zhou Yue asked them what they were doing inside, and they honestly said the door couldn’t be opened. Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng yanked for them outside, and the people on both sides fell to the ground. The posture was almost exactly the same, Qiao Yuqian fell into Liao Yu’s arms, Zhou Yue fell into Li Tiancheng’s arms. Afterwards, Zhou Yue teased Liao Yu and joked that he and Qiao Yuqian were inappropriate. Liao Yu was a little embarrassed.

He said that his relationship with Qiao Yuqian was not what she thought. Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng went to see Xiaoliu in the god-wife house in Linshui Village, but were driven out by Xiaoliu’s father. They came out and met the so-called goddess. After they came out, they became dizzy and feverish. Fortunately, Li Tiancheng asked Zhou Yue to drink water in time to calm her down.

Li Tiancheng said that there may be psychedelic incense in the house of the goddess, which caused them to have hallucinations. Wang Xiaocong’s mother called Wang Xiaocong, and the content was clichés, and Wang Xiaocong quickly hung up on the excuse of a bad signal.

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