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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 10 Recap

Ye Hong stood up and said that foreign aid is her dream. Only she knows how much effort she has put into this dream, and she is not willing to go back. Wu Xin has no old and no young, and he doesn’t want to come home a few days later. Zhou Yue even claimed that he had copied the discipline of his players twenty times, and that he would no longer be his player in the future. After Liang Kaili heard that Xie Hua was framed, someone came forward to prove his innocence.

It was not that simple to think about. Qiao Xiangwan knows that the manager of Yishengle is Roy. This matter may have something to do with Roy. Roy is Ann Marriott’s son-in-law. No matter how you look at it, it is beneficial to them. After Xie Hua died, Uncle Wen was very guilty. He would dream of Xie Hua covered in blood standing in front of him all night.

Roy said that he was too timid and took out the pirate photos he had always wanted to find, claiming that his people had helped him get the pirates into the police station. Roy was very happy to learn that these medical teams were leaving. He thought very simple. As long as the medical teams are gone, as soon as the vaccine is released this year, they will become safe.

In addition, he once again threatened Uncle Wen to help Li Tiancheng to prevent the handover of medical equipment between the Friendly Hospital and China. Uncle Wen was forced to continue to be a traitor for him. In order to avoid responsibility, Qiao Qi was frantically letting Axiu tell lies, slandering Xie Hua and Zhou Yue and abducting her back. Afterwards, Qiao Qi dragged Zhou Yue over to confront A Xiu. A Xiu refused to lie, but cried silently.

Qiao Qi was extremely shameless, saying that he had nothing to do with Xie Hua’s death, and that A Xiu was abducted and brought back by a doctor in the hospital. He would not pay for any medical expenses. In addition, his food, clothing, housing and transportation and A Xiu’s spirit here The hospital was responsible for the loss and his own lost work expenses. Everyone was dumbfounded. It was unexpected that Qiao Qi would say these words shamelessly.

When Qiao Yuqian learned that the medical team was leaving, she was very surprised. She wanted to persuade them to stay, so Liao Yu was called to the emergency room by the communication. Li Wenzhi, a rescue team member, accidentally saw his right thumb while cleaning up the ruins. Liao Yu said that he could protect his finger by performing surgery on him now. Uncle Wen called him out, and honestly there was no equipment for surgery.

Liao Yu discussed a solution with Zhou Yue and others. Ye Hong suggested that the patient should be sent to the Western District Hospital, but Liao Yu said that it would take an hour to drive, so the possibility of replanting the amputated finger to save the finger is very small. Li Tiancheng came over with a stimulus and made them make a decisive decision to do everything possible to perform surgery on Li Wenzhi. Finger replantation is a very delicate operation, but fortunately there are two best surgeons, Li Tiancheng and Liao Yu.

The patients in the hospital heard that Xie Hua failed to prepare a birthday meal for her birthday daughter. They sent precious eggs by themselves. In order to live up to the goodwill of the villagers, Wu Xin made birthday noodles for everyone. Daughter Xie Beibei said her heart to her father, and the crowd ate their birthday noodles in front of Xie Hua’s spiritual card in tears.

Li Tiancheng took Zhou Yue to the beach. At the beach, they saw many lotus lanterns for the dead relatives, including Mrs. Xie and Xie Beibei. Li Tiancheng brought the lotus lamp and put it into the water together with Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue felt it, and talked about the significance of being a doctor. Li Tiancheng talked about the story of Mulian saving his mother, Zhou Yue had heard of this story. Li Tiancheng said that their doctors are the same. Every day they are pulling between life and the value of life.

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