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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 36 End Recap

Zhou Zishu wanted to beat King Jin into a handicapped, let him stay on a sick bed, and others would not be able to succeed, so that he could temporarily stabilize the situation in the northwest. However, Zhang Chengling felt that King Jin should be killed. Jing Beiyuan advised Zhang Chengling not to be impulsive if he killed King Jin will still be succeeded to the throne. When the time comes, the heroes will fight for hegemony, the flames of war will spread all over the land of China, and the creatures will be miserable. Only by letting King Jin live and other forces can change the world for a few years, and Zhang Chengling suddenly realized.

Zhou Zishu regretted that Zhang Chengling’s relationship with Zhang Chengling was too short, and told him to serve the country and the people. Zhou Zishu also asked Dawu and Jing Beiyuan to help take care of Wen Kexing. Jing Beiyuan remembered one thing. King Jin’s father once said that the Tuojie clan had a treasure house that would last the mountains and mountains. The six keys were placed in the hands of six clansmen of different surnames, but the old prince was about to get it. When he was in the treasure house, he suddenly encountered a traitor. Zhou Zishu’s father was killed at that time. Zhou Zishu therefore concluded that the colored glazed armor that Qin Huaizhang had collected was given to him by his father.

Zhou Zishu bid farewell to Zhang Chengling, Dawu and others, and exhorted Zhang Chengling to tell Wen Kexing to hide it from Wen Kexing. King Xie and Duan Pengju led their teams to the vast pine and desert. After all the hardships, they found the arsenal. King Xie gave the key and the glazed armor to Duan Pengju. Duan Pengju ordered the ice at the gate to be broken, and he put the glazed armor together. Go into the groove of the door and insert the key, but the door doesn’t move.

King Scorpion didn’t expect that the key to the arsenal was a fake. He was so angry that he cursed Wen Kexing. Zhou Zishu suddenly fell from the sky and choked Duan Pengju to death on the spot. King Scorpion forced Zhou Zishu to hand over Wen Kexing. Zhou Zishu sneered at him. There was a sudden avalanche on the top of the mountain. King Xie was so scared that he led people to flee. Zhou Zishu was ready to die. He closed his eyes and waited for death. Unexpectedly, Wen Kexing came suddenly and pulled off the hairpin on Zhou Zishu’s head. The hairpin became a key, Wen Kexing inserted the key in, and the door of the arsenal opened. The two of them went in together, and Daxue immediately sealed the door.

It turned out that Zhen Ruyu and his wife made the key to the arsenal into a hairpin. When Wen Kexing was doing a fake death, they gave the hairpin to Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu did not expect him to come, and Wen Kexing had to admit that Ye Baiyi had come to repair him. Only with internal strength can he come to help in time. There was an ice-snow cave in front of them. They walked into the cave and saw a big stone gate. Wen Kexing opened the gate. There was a cave inside. It was a library to the top.

Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu split to find the secrets of Liuhe magical techniques. Wen Kexing found the Yin and Yang book of Shenyi Valley at his feet, and he handed it over to Zhou Zishu for preservation. Zhou Zishu saw the martial arts of various schools in the world, and there are many more talks. Books on farming, food and farm tools. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing continued walking inside and found a treasure box containing Liuhe Mind.

Zhou Zishu thought hard and finally understood that these food, books and farm tools are the wealth left by the ancestors of the Tuojie clan for generations to come, and they are also the secrets of the everlasting world. Wen Kexing also rushed to the point. Zhou Zishu went through the matter and felt that something was wrong. The old king of Jin sent his father to open the arsenal. His father knew the character of the king, so he did not truthfully explain to the king and Qin Huaizhang that what was hidden here was food and other items, so Qin Huaizhang took the arsenal. Give the key to Rong Hyun.

Zhou Zishu was worried that the two of them would never get out. Wen Ke Qu was willing to accompany him to eat snow and ice here to maintain his life, just like Ye Baiyi had been on Changming Mountain for so many years. Wen Kexing learned from Ye Baiyi that the Liuhe God function saved Zhou Zishu in advance, but he had to pay the price of his life. Wen Kexing had made up his mind. He deliberately concealed Zhou Zishu from Zhou Zishu and practiced according to the Liuhe God technique taught by Ye Baiyi. Then he healed Zhou Zishu.

Wen Ke acted as Zhou Zishu to heal his injuries. He used his physical body as a furnace and continuously injected the cultivation skills into Zhou Zishu’s body. His hair turned white overnight. Zhou Zishu finally recovered as before, but Wen Kexing had all his meridians broken. Dying. A few years later, Zhang Chengling and Gao Xiaolian already have their own children, Zhang Nianxiang. Zhang Chengling tells his disciples the past that year as soon as they have time. They also share the brotherhood of Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing. Widely acclaimed.

The end

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