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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 35 Recap

Mo Huaiyang scolded Gu Xiang as the demon girl who seduced Cao Weining. Cao Weining repeatedly defended Gu Xiang. Mo Huaiyang didn’t listen. He twisted Cao Weining’s head 360 degrees on the spot. Cao Weining fell to the ground and Gu Xiang rushed up and hugged Cao Weining. He said Without saying anything, he died of anger. Gu Xiang held his body and wept loudly.

With an order from Mo Huaiyang, the disciples of the Qingfeng Sword Sect rushed forward and killed all the ghosts who came to welcome their relatives. The various sects in the rivers and lakes ambushing outside the Guigu Gate heard the drums, and they rushed in together, and the two sides started a fierce battle. Gu Xiang wiped away the tears and fought with Mo Huaiyang. Unfortunately, she was injured, but she still endured the pain and pressed on Mo Huaiyang step by step, and was severely injured by Mo Huaiyang’s chaotic sword.

Wen Kexing heard the news and saw Gu Xiang lying in a pool of blood. He yelled with anger. Zhou Zishu, Luo Fumeng, Liu Qianqiao and others also came out for reinforcements. Liu Qianqiao killed Yu Qiu himself. Feng, she was also pierced from behind. It turned out that all this was planned by King Scorpion. He also asked Zhao Jing to be brought to witness this scene. King Scorpion summons the army of medicine people to Ghost Valley to wipe out the ghosts and all sects in one fell swoop.

Gu Xiang struggled to get up to assassinate Mo Huaiyang, but she was exhausted, Mo Huaiyang seized the opportunity to hold Gu Xiang, and forced Wen Kexing to hand over the key to the arsenal and the Liulijia, and Wen Kexing had to agree. Seeing that the Medicine Army was approaching, Mo Huaiyang left Gu Xiang and fled. Wen Kexing picked up Gu Xiang. Gu Xiang was dying because of too much blood loss. She begged Wen Kexing to kill Mo Huaiyang to avenge Cao Weining, and then closed her eyes forever. Wen Kexing was sad and desperate to live.

Wen Kexing put Gu Xiang and Cao Weining together, and personally put the phoenix crown on Gu Xiang. Mo Huaiyang broke through the Yaoren army and cursed the King Scorpion in his heart. Wen Kexing quickly caught up with him. Mo Huaiyang drew his sword and attacked Wen Kexing. Wen Kexing opened the folding fan and fought back. Xing was stabbed, he took the opportunity to blind Mo Huaiyang in the eyes, and then killed him on the spot.

Wen Kexing was seriously injured, so he had to rest under the big tree. King Scorpion came with the Poison Bodhisattva and found out the three pieces of glass armor on Mo Huaiyang. Poison Bodhisattva wanted to kill Wen Kexing, and King Scorpion wanted to kill him himself. Drop him. Zhou Zishu came in time and drew his sword to withstand King Scorpion’s throat. King Scorpion and Zhou Zishu negotiated terms. Zhou Zishu promised to give the Liuli Jia to King Scorpion. He just wanted to take Wen Kexing away. Naturally King Scorpion couldn’t ask for it. He took it. People left angrily. Wen Kexing tried to reach out to grab Zhou Zishu, but finally fainted due to lack of energy.

King Scorpion launched an army of Yaoren to attack the Ghost Valley of Qingya Mountain, and all the leaders of the various sects of the rivers and lakes were killed. Duan Pengju praised his actions and couldn’t wait to open the arsenal. Wen Kexing dreamt that Gu Xiang came to offer him tea, but he felt weak and no one could open his eyes. Before leaving, Gu Xiang asked him to take good care of him. Wen Kexing suddenly woke up to chase Gu Xiang. There was no one in front of him.

Thanks to Dawu and Jing Beiyuan’s full assistance, they took the bodies of Gu Xiang and Cao Weining out of the Ghost Valley, and Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling buried them both. Wen Kexing has been in a coma. Zhou Zishu knows that he is short of time and does not want Zhang Chengling and Wen Kexing to watch him die. He asks Zhang Chengling to take good care of Wen Kexing. He is going to prevent King Jin from opening the arsenal.

Da Wu realized that the situation was not good, and hurried to help Zhou Zishu get his pulse, and found that he had already taken out all the iron nails in his body. Da Wu was also unable to recover. Zhang Chengling was very distressed and wanted to find the Yin Yang Book and Zhou Zishu to change his life. Zhou Zi Shu advised him not to work in vain.

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