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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 39 Recap

On the anniversary of the death of the old Yongping Hou and the second master, everyone in the Xu Mansion worshipped, and Erniang believed that Xu Lingyi would be able to avenge the second master and the old Yongping Hou in the future. In a blink of an eye, when the beginning of autumn came, Wang Yu invited the eleven mothers by name to attend the banquet. Mrs. Xu asked the eleven mothers to go to the banquet with the second wife, and instructed the eleven mothers to be cautious in their words and deeds, and not to cause trouble for the Xu family.

In Prince Yu’s Mansion, the district family took Lin Shixian and Ou Lixing to a banquet. The Xu family carriage arrived in front of the gate of the King’s Mansion. The second wife also saw Lin Shixian. She was shocked when she got Lin Shixian from the district family. The calligraphy and painting of the enemy’s son were burned to the dead Xu Lingan.

Upon returning home, Mrs. Xu and the second wife accountable to the eleven mothers. Xu Lingyi confessed that he also knew the identity of Lin Shixian. Seeing the second wife’s sadness, Mrs. Xu asked the eleven mothers to leave the fairy pavilion, even this time. Xu Lingyi spoke for Eleven Niang again, and Mrs. Xu also took a firm stand and asked Eleven Niang to withdraw from Xian Ling Pavilion.

The eleven mother loves embroidery. Even if the second lady and Mrs. Xu punish her, she has no complaints, but she is unwilling to leave the Xianling Pavilion. She begged Mrs. Xu to let her stay in the Xianling Pavilion. Xu Mrs. Tai and the second wife had decided that Eleven Niang had to leave Xianling Pavilion. For this reason, Mrs. Xu also forbidden Eleven Niang’s feet.

Danyang and Aunt Qin came to visit the eleven mothers. Danyang persuaded the eleven mothers not to disobey Mrs. Xu again. However, the eleven mothers always wanted to insist on her love. Said that women should not have the ideals they love!

Halfway through the conversation, Erniang and Wuniang also came to visit Elevenniang. Wuniang’s tone was worried, for fear that Elevenniang would have a hard time in the mansion. Erniang understood that Elevenniang was good to her, but still said The sentence choked with a choking eleven mother.

After seeing the eleven mothers, the two came to greet Mrs. Xu according to the etiquette. At first, Wu Niang was afraid that Er Niang would be unfavorable to Eleven Niang, but Er Niang complimented Mrs. Xu every word and defended her. Looking at the elevenniang, this made Mrs. Xu and Wuniang look at each other with admiration, knowing that the elevenniang’s intentions finally paid off.

When Xu Lingyi came to Xikuayuan, he knew that the eleven mothers felt uncomfortable, so he comforted the eleven mothers. When Mrs. Xu was over tempered, they would talk to Mrs. Xu about returning to Xianling Pavilion. The whole government paid attention to the affairs of Elevenniang, and Danyang was also very impressed with Elevenniang’s ambitions, knowing that Elevenniang did what she had always wanted to do, but did not dare to do. Xu Lingkuan was deeply afraid that Danyang would show up like the eleven mothers, but Danyang shook her head and chuckled.

Mrs. Xu and Aunt Qin came to visit the second wife. Mrs. Xu saw the change of her attitude today, and she also believed that the ethics of the eleven mothers could afford the position of the mistress of the Xu family. Although the second wife cared about Lin Shixianzhi Matter, but also acknowledging all the efforts of the eleven mothers. Seeing that the two people’s attitudes towards the eleven mothers have changed, even though Aunt Qin was speaking for the eleven mothers, she was actually fanning the flames, causing Mrs. Xu to be unhappy with the eleven mothers.

Aunt Qin’s strategy approached step by step. She asked Amber to come to the courtyard to fetch flowers, but she deliberately let Auntie Tong see the half of Aunt Tong’s handkerchief. Humber recognized the handkerchief as belonging to her own biological sister. Aunt Qin pretended to be surprised. She took Humber to the house where Aunt Tong was alive, saying that Aunt Tong committed suicide. Amber couldn’t believe that her sister would commit suicide.

She wanted to investigate the truth of what happened back then. Aunt Qin claimed that Aunt Tong’s death was related to Yuanniang. She asked Amber to ask Eleven Mother to ask Mom Tao, but Amber didn’t want to embarrass Eleven. She I begged Aunt Qin to help her find out the truth, and Aunt Qin responded, saying that she would do her best to find out the truth.

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