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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 14 Recap

Murphy lost her bag on the first day she went to France. As a part-time restaurant waiter, she happened to meet a woman who prepared a diamond necklace for her mother’s birthday. The man sitting behind the woman stole the necklace. Murphy just kindly picked up the bag for the woman, but was accused of being a thief because of this, and finally got to the police station.

Before, Mo Fan promised to give Fang Xiaoyu a copy of Mofei’s contact information, and Lu Zhu also got a copy for Tang Mingxuan by the way. Tang Mingxuan learned from Lu Zhu that Murphy had been robbed, and immediately called to ask his concern. Standing in the garden, Tang Mingxuan recalled the little things he had with Murphy. The two were obviously concerned about each other, but they always had a sense of distance in their words.

After Fang Xiaoyu came to France, it took some thought to finally find Murphy. He also wanted to talk to her about the signature of the work they designed together. Fang Xiaoyu compares a work to a child. An unsigned work is like an abandoned baby. It is not a good thing for the work or the author, and Morphy naturally has no reason to refuse.

It turns out that Fang Xiaoyu found Fang Xiaoyu through Cheng Yang, and fate is sometimes so wonderful. Fang Xiaoyu deliberately proposed to let Murphy be his assistant, but he was rejected very simply, which made Fang Xiaoyu even more interested in Murphy.

In addition to the cooperation between Mingyuan and Xiufang, the acquisition of SLC is also very important. Before the two parties communicated online, there has been no actual progress. Tang Mingxuan was for the development of the company, and he definitely wanted to go to Murphy by the way. He wanted to go to France to negotiate in person, and he also got Tang Qiren’s consent.

Mo Fan was worried about Lu Zhu giving Tang Mingxuan his contact information, and Mo Fei’s phone number had already been called. Mo Fan apologized like a kid who did something wrong, changed the subject, and informed Tang Mingxuan that he was about to go to France, which made Morphy couldn’t help but look forward to it.

This time Tang Mingxuan went to France, in addition to discussing the acquisition of SLC, he was also looking for a designer. Xia Xueling wanted to go with Tang Mingxuan on the excuse of helping to check the reason, but it was a pity that Mingyuan also needed a trusted person to stare at, so Xia Xueling could not follow.

Along the way, Tang Mingxuan was pondering Morphy’s attitude towards him. Under Yang Guang’s order, he believed that Morphy alienated him because he was jealous, and his gloomy mood became clear. This time when he came to France, Tang Mingxuan also chose gifts carefully.

As soon as he arrived outside Murphy’s apartment, Tang Mingxuan saw that Murphy was blocked by two French men. Fortunately, Tang Mingxuan arrived in time to prevent Murphy from being injured. Tang Mingxuan was injured to protect Murphy. After learning the whole story, he was more interested in asking Murphy to change his apartment, but was declined by the client.

Tang Mingxuan had made an appointment with Mia of SLC. Who knows that after waiting for a long time but the news of the other party’s repentance came, Tang Mingxuan had to leave the new cooperation plan behind. Obstacles on official duties gave Tang Mingxuan more time to stay in France, and he deliberately waited downstairs in Murphy’s apartment with a gift in the evening.

Fang Xiaoyu also waited for a day in the restaurant where Murphy was working, and wanted to have dinner with her, but Murphy secretly rides a bicycle and takes a step forward. Downstairs of the apartment, Murphy saw the long-awaited Tang Mingxuan before she stopped her bicycle, and learned that the other party wanted to talk about the airport. It happened that Fang Xiaoyu interrupted the two by driving.

Murphy ran away and found that her bag was still missing on the bicycle when she returned home. After pulling Miduo to look for it, she found her bag and a gift box were placed at the door of the apartment. Midoduo opened it and saw Zhang Duan in the gift box, and when he recalled that Tang Mingxuan was holding this bag, he knew that this was a gift that Tang Mingxuan had prepared for Mo Fei.

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