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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 13 Recap

Murphy followed Miduoduo and Cheng Yang to visit the apartment. Although the decoration was not gorgeous, it was warm and bright. It happened that there was a model model in the room. This apartment was obviously refurbished by Cheng Yang deliberately, and his affection for Midodo really made Murphy envious.

After Cheng Yang had something to leave, the two of them worked together to clean the house. After Mo Fei texted Mo Fan, she started talking to the radio again, worrying that Tang Mingxuan would not sleep well. On the first day after Murphy left, Tang Mingxuan did suffer from insomnia, and in the middle of the night he asked Yang Guang to pick him up to the company.

On a new day, Murphy came to the college for an interview. For today, she deliberately designed and produced a Chinese style dress. Whether it is design or tailoring, it is perfect in Andre’s heart. This time, Murphy’s interview ended perfectly, and he truly became a student of the college.

Except for the success of the interview, which made Murphy happy for a while, she was worried about Tang Mingxuan and worried about whether the other party’s feelings were true. Murphy wanted to give up the blessing, but she was reluctant to give up. Finally, under Miduo’s suggestion, she deliberately sent a circle of friends to test Tang Mingxuan’s mind.

During the small chat, Murphy learned from Midoduo that Cheng Yang is a well-known young designer, but he is willing to refuse funding from the academy and give up opening his own studio, instead becoming an assistant to others. Cheng Yang’s ambitions are lofty, which also inspires Murphy to become the best designer and let France see the true Chinese style.

At the same time, Fang Xiaoyu has also established a connection with France through his relationship, and used his and Murphy’s co-created clothing to enter the French market. Fang Xiaoyu rushed to Paris soon, and he really put his thoughts on Murphy this time, making the people around him really surprised.

Tang Mingxuan is also under pressure from Xia Zhendong. Xia Zhendong is one of the founders of Mingyuan Group, a current shareholder, and Xia Xueling’s father. This time Xia Zhendong deliberately met Tang Mingxuan, which was obviously a little threatening, especially instructing the Tang family not to live up to Xia Xueling.

In addition, Xia Zhendong was very dissatisfied with Murphy’s design being selected for Mingyuan’s new product release, and even bluntly stated that even Tang Qiren could not violate him in the company’s decision. From the beginning of Xia Zhendong’s targeting of Murphy, Tang Mingxuan’s patience has gradually been exhausted, and his face has become deeper, apparently intending to see off the guests.

Before Fang Xiaoyu boarded the plane to France, she specifically approached Tang Mingxuan to show off. He came to retaliate deliberately. Fang Xiaoyu always thought that it was Tang Mingxuan’s abandonment that caused his sister to disappear. He just wanted to watch Tang Mingxuan also endure the same pain. It’s a pity that these provocations and sarcasm did not make Tang Mingxuan lose his sense and dignity. On the contrary, I wish Fang Xiaoyu a safe journey.

In addition to ensuring her schoolwork, Murphy looked for part-time jobs everywhere, finally found a job in a restaurant, and asked Cheng Yang to guarantee her. The days were so peaceful, making new friends, and a fulfilling life that made Morphy forget everything during the day.

When I was alone late at night, Murphy always couldn’t help thinking about whether Tang Mingxuan liked him, wanted to leave a message and asked but hesitated to send it out, and was also lost because Tang Mingxuan did not respond to her circle of friends. Murphy convinced herself that she no longer liked Tang Mingxuan, and under Miduo’s comfort, she also wanted to seal these troubles into dust for a while.

Tang Mingxuan got up early in the morning and learned that there was a problem with the funds for the cooperation between Mingyuan and Xiufang, and the core problem was that Xia Zhendong refused to release the funds. Tang Mingxuan deliberately rushed to Xia’s house in person, and was hearing Xia Xueling blaming his father. Xia Zhendong seemed to have made up his mind and forced Tang Mingxuan to postpone the cooperation between Mingyuan and Embroidery on the grounds of insufficient funds.

The delay of cooperation means that the project will end without any disease, and all the energy and funds invested before will be wasted. Even if Xia Xueling insisted on persuading his father, Xia Zhendong remained unmoved, but this was not enough to make Tang Mingxuan give up easily.

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