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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 14 Recap

Su Xing told Sun Xiaoai that no one has scolded him since he became famous. It is not that he doesn’t know what is right or wrong, but he is not afraid of making mistakes. There is always someone to clean up the mess for him. He is like a hermit crab. same. Su Xing knew that the opponent Peng was really too much that day, but no one except Sun Xiaoai reminded him that he had done something wrong, so he actually wanted to say sorry. Tomorrow is Pudding’s birthday, and Sun Xiaoai told him to go back and clean up, don’t let him down.

Julie asked Su Xing if it was arranged by the company to find Qi Yue Fitness. Qi Yue didn’t say anything. Julie apologized when he saw that his face was wrong, saying that he shouldn’t have said that to him in the bar last time. Qi Yue replied that he no longer remembers it, if not. She awoke herself and he wouldn’t wake up so quickly. Sun Xiaoai received news from Fang Peng that he had found Ye Lang a job as a five-star wine chef. He wanted to try it. He knew that he owed Sun Xiaoai a lot, and he encouraged her to pursue her own happiness.

Qi Yue went to the boxing room to look for Mr. Yu, but he was beaten on the ground and refused to leave. When Mr. Yu saw this, he asked Qi Yue to go to a bar with himself. Mr. Yu said that he is more optimistic about newcomers, and Qi Yue is also very popular. At Little Pudding’s birthday party, Little Pudding had a great time with her friends. Su Xing and Sun Xiaoai also changed into Harry Potter clothes. Sun Xiaoai asked Su Xing to call Julie over and said she wanted to come.

Su Xing had to call Julie. As soon as Julie was about to go, Qi Yue came over drunk and said that she had dealt with Mr. Yu, and he was going to be popular! Julie awkwardly asked him to go home and sleep first, and then talk about it when he woke up. Sun Xiaoai asked Julie to find Su Xing. She was called upstairs by Su’s mother. Julie didn’t expect that the whole room was full of children. Su Xing ruthlessly asked her to change into a Harry Potter costume and let her be aside As a waiter, Julie looks very ugly.

Sun Xiaoai came in with the cake to sing a birthday song for Pudding. Everyone thought she was Pudding’s mother, and Julie was very upset. Little Pudding hoped that every birthday would be held by Sun Xiaoai every year in the future, and Sun Xiaoai agreed. The little leaf that Little Pudding missed also came. The two exchanged gifts. Everyone took a group photo with joy, but the person who took the photo was Julie with a depressed face.

As soon as she got home, Julie asked Sun Xiaoai if she did it on purpose. She was playing the role of the heroine throughout the banquet. Sun Xiaoai quickly explained that she just wanted to give Pudding a birthday party, not to mention that she also called Julie specially. Come and give them time to get along. Julie told Sun Xiaoai again and again that she and Su Xing had a distance of tens of thousands of miles. Don’t think about it, and asked her to resign with Su Xing in a few days and follow her into the group.

President Huang came to Pete to talk about Su Xing’s new play “Hot Blood Ping Pong”. Peter said that the schedule could not be adjusted. Huang also said that he would add a little fresh meat and Su Xing to become the dual male protagonist. As long as Su Xing takes over the role, Su Xing’s pay was at least doubled, and Pete agreed with a smile.

Pete came to Su Xing flatteringly, referring to the events of the year and playing the old love card. Pete persuaded Su Xing to go back to rush the announcement. Su Xing said sourly that he could bring a new person over, such as Qi Yue. Pete was choked back, so he could only get up and leave. Sun Xiaoai, who was watching a good show on the stairs, waited for him to go down slowly, and Su Xing shouted again to eat rice noodles.

Sun Xiaoai hurriedly made rice noodles and told Su Xing why she left a bowl of rice noodles for her grandfather every day. When she was very young, her grandfather sold sugar cakes in front of her house. At that time, her parents were very busy. They leave two rice noodles. Later, Grandpa got Alzheimer’s, so Sun Xiaoai decided to give him a bowl of rice noodles every day. Sun Xiaoai told Su Xing this story, hoping that he would understand that the grace of dripping water would be repaid. Su Xing remembered that Pete used to buy clothes for him when he was a watch, and he was also very entangled in his heart.

Sun Yihang asked Ye Lang to bring Sun Xiaoai to drink in the future. Ye Lang said that Sun Xiaoai couldn’t drink. Sun Yihang laughed. She used to drink with her grandfather. Women can’t believe it. Pete asked Qi Yue to meet with the hot-blooded ping-pong director. Soon, this drama won’t belong to Su Xing. Liang Yuxuan’s ex-boyfriend Du Meng came to the bar to entangle.

Liang Yuxuan said that Sun Yihang was her new boyfriend in order to get rid of him. Du Meng almost fought him and was driven away by Brother Chen. Liang Yuxuan asked Sun Yihang not to take these words to heart. It was impossible for Sun Yihang to express their love directly between them. Liang Yuxuan refused again. The type she liked was not like Sun Yihang at all.

Su Xing came to Mr. Huang to talk about the script of “Hot Blood Ping Pong”, but he did not expect that Mr. Huang said that the male number one would let Xiao Xianrou play, and Su Xing would play the number two male lead. Su Xing was very angry and began to criticize Sang Huai on the spot.

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