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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 26 Recap

During this time, Yu Kenan felt that he was about to become a professional sparring partner. He used to play basketball every day to vent his irritability and made his whole body aches. Yu Kenan won a main player in the sparring session, which made some people think that he was deliberately showing the limelight. In the chat with Xu Tan, Yu Kenan cheered for each other, even as a sparring team, he had to play his own style.

The Table Tennis Federation once again issued a new regulation, completely banning the use of solvent glue containing organic volatiles to dip the racket, and replacing it with non-volatile water-based glue. The change of glue this time caused some trouble for the team. Not only did the physical test data need to be re-collected, but the strength of each team member also declined. Fang Yue’s offensive ability dropped by nearly 50%.

After the technical staff analyzed and hoped to improve the players’ offensive and defensive hard targets, Qin Zhen put forward different opinions. After all, playing table tennis is a person-to-person battle, and controlling the rhythm on the court with tactics is also a very important factor. Qin Zhen just clicked and didn’t intervene too much. When he left, he took away two bottles of new glue.

It happened that Xu Tan saw the announcement and wanted to take the new glue to feel it, but was rejected by the other party on the grounds that it had not been tested. It was Qin Zhen that secretly gave Xu Tan the glue he took. Xu Tan and Yu Kenan tried a game with the new glue, and soon discovered that the glue slowed the speed of the ball and the spin was much weaker.

P card candidates are about to be selected. In this matter, the words of the three main players are even more useful than the coaches. This is also the reason why other players all flatter and flatter the main players. Zheng Hao intends to make appointments with Nie Ruifeng and Coach Wei to take Fu Jingchun to dinner. Naturally, he wants to take advantage of the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Olympic Games are held every four years, and there can be unlimited changes within four years. This opportunity is extremely important to Fu Jingchun. Fu Jingchun seemed a little reluctant. He obviously didn’t want to get an opportunity in this way. He couldn’t bear Zheng Hao’s kind words to persuade him, and this scene happened to be discovered by Xu Tan.

Pretending to be aloof is not conducive to the future, which also reminds Xu Tan. He specifically recommends Yu Kenan to Fang Yue, hoping that the other party can help. Yu Kenan’s strength was recognized by Fang Yue, but he was curious why Xu Tan didn’t fight for himself. Xu Tan still has no confidence, and this is also his way to the championship.

When everyone was training as usual, there was a sudden tremor, and the water on the table trembled. When everyone was puzzled, news of the Sichuan earthquake was reported in the news. The earthquake was so serious that even the aftershocks spread to other provinces and cities. Without thinking about him, Liu Shi quickly packed his bags and went back to Sichuan to look for his grandma, but after all, he came a step late and couldn’t see the last side of grandma.

The Sichuan earthquake plunged the people across the country into grief, and the entire nation is rescuing and helping. There are still three months left for the Olympics. As a national table tennis player, you should prepare for the Olympics in times of national crisis, win glory for your country with the championship, and prove that China will never fall because of this!

Everyone was immersed in sadness and anxiety. Yu Kenan was busy training, and there was a problem with Zhang Caiwei’s relationship. Liu Shi has also been unable to contact, and Xu Tan’s worries have always been difficult to let go. This is the time to test every Chinese.

At the meeting, the number of P-cards was also selected. On Fang Yue’s proposal, Fu Chuanzhi made the decision by secret ballot. In the case that Zheng Hao and Fu Chuanzhi both abstained, the number of votes was the same. In the end, Fu Chuanzhi used a game as the key to determining the quota.

During the game, Fu Jingchun suddenly suffered a recurrence of his foot injury, but he still managed to endure the injury and win the game. This year’s Olympics is likely to be Fu Jingchun’s last chance, but this opportunity is only a substitute. Fu Jingchun finally showed his fragility in front of Zheng Hao. He couldn’t imagine the consequences of losing the game today.

Fu Jingchun wants to go to the Olympics and hang the championship medal on Zheng Hao’s neck. He doesn’t want to let down the coach’s years of hard work. If Fu Jingchun’s career ends here, then Zheng Hao and his years of hard work will be in vain, and the pressure in his heart will make Fu Jingchun a little breathless.

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