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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 25 Recap

Corning’s body is not strong enough to support high-intensity training, and has chosen to retire. After more than ten years of hard work, the athletes will face physical losses in a flash, and they have to choose to give up. No one knows who the next Corning will be.

Yu Kenan and Xu Tan formally entered the first team and were arranged under Zheng Hao by Fu Chuanzhi. The two did not know that waiting for them would be an endless sparring. The big round is about to begin, Zheng Hao will directly arrange Kenan and Xu Tan into the elimination group, which will naturally become a sparring team.

Xu Tan dropped from seventh to tenth. In the face of another round robin, although he managed to get through safely, his results could not rise, and the next time he would be dropped to the second team again. Xu Tan believes that he is comprehensive enough and his advantage lies in the forehand, but for Zheng Hao, it is because Xu Tan’s backhand is extremely poor.

It was still a day-to-day training, but after Yu Kenan and Xu Tan had not practiced for half an hour after they were training partners, they were arranged by Zheng Hao to serve as a training partner. Yu Kenan had a tough personality and thought the arrangement was unreasonable, but Zheng Hao directly arranged to stand outside the court to watch.

The Olympic Games through games were cancelled, and the list of participants was directly determined according to the ITTF rankings, namely Fang Yue, Ruifeng and Chaoyang. The rules of the Olympic team competition have also changed. There is a P card quota. When the three official players are substituted, the team members will have the opportunity to participate in the joint trip to Beijing.

There is only one P card, and the chance of playing is almost 1%, but it still requires 100% effort from the players. Even if there is only one percent chance, even if it is only when the official player is injured before he can come off the bench, it is also an opportunity that the players can’t ask for.

In addition to the requirements for selecting P card players, their usual performance will also be included in the assessment. Each team member will take turns to the glass room to practice with the three main players, or there may be players who are not even qualified for the practice.

Xu Tan entered the glass house as a sparring partner for Fang Yue. He had never flattered and flattered him like others. He only played ball wholeheartedly, and he got Fang Yue’s favor. It’s just that Xu Tan was affected by Zheng Hao’s questioning of his ability. Fang Yue felt that Xu Tan was very skilled, but he was no longer decisive when he played the ball. During the game, a little hesitation will concede a goal, which is definitely not a good phenomenon.

Liu Shi was a little absent-minded during the two days of training. He felt that he couldn’t get the P-card quota at all, and he also began to feel that many big games would not allow the chip to be played. Liu Shi did not intend to give up cutting the ball, cutting the ball is not only his favorite, Qin Zhen’s dreams are also poured into Liu Shi. Qin Zhen hopes that Liu Shi can understand that the P card is not only a substitute, but also a hidden trump card for the national team.

The technical team has conducted physical tests on all the team members in the past few days, and the preparations for the Olympic Games will specify a new training program based on the results of the physical tests. The physical test can not only understand the current physical condition of the players, but also see the potential of the players in the future, which means that their results will be taken seriously. The particularity of the results of Fu Jingchun’s physical test is also exposed at this moment.

Zheng Hao still doesn’t know the results of Fu Jingchun’s physical test. He is discussing the last men’s singles championship game with his own players. Except for Xu Tan, no one can accurately say the correct plan to break the game. Although Zheng Hao still focused on Ye Zhenxin and Fu Jingchun, he finally agreed to give Xu Tan and Yu Kenan a chance.

The next day, at Zheng Hao’s request, Xu Tan and Yu Kenan happily came to the training venue two hours in advance. Seeing Fu Jingchun who had been there long ago, the smiles of Yu Kenan and Xu Tan gradually disappeared. It turned out that Zheng Hao’s so-called opportunity was for them to serve as a sparring partner for Fu Jingchun.

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