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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 3 Recap

The lifeboat returned safely, and everyone cheered in unison, calling Ding Kai a hero.

In the early morning of the next day, Ding Kai received flowers and a thank you card from Tianyue in his room. He held the railing and looked at the blue sea with mixed feelings.

The Ocean ship docked at the port of Saint Niss, Tianyue coordinated the travel agency tourists and the crew to take a bus into the city. After she reported to He Cai happily, she was taken away by He Cai and grabbed the credit. Then Tianyue gave her boyfriend Wang Xiaoshan. After sending a message, I wanted to talk to him a few more words, but Wang Xiaoshan’s impatient attitude made Tianyue give up. Ding Kai on the other side stopped the two crew members who were about to disembark and insisted on doing a safety inspection. The two said that there had never been such a rule before. At this time, Deputy Captain Ols arrived and ordered them to obey the arrangements of First Mate Ding Kai.

While driving, Tianyue explained the origin of Marseille to everyone in order to enliven the atmosphere, and He Cai dismissed it. The first attraction they arranged was the Monastery of St. Victor. He Cai arranged for Tianyue to buy tickets. They rested in the same place. Tianyue ran over to ask and found out that the monastery was free, but she couldn’t find it when she returned When the tourists arrived, He Cai sent a message saying that she took the tourists to go shopping and asked Tianyue to find them.

Tian Yue just entered the restaurant, and suddenly saw Wang Xiaoshan and a girl behave intimately outside the window. She was about to catch up. She accidentally broke the tableware and was stopped by the waiter. She quickly took out the card to lose money but the card could not be swiped. At this time, Ding Kai came over to help Tianyue pay. Tianyue continued to chase Wang Xiaoshan, but was stopped by the police and fined because he ran a red light on the way, leaving the man behind.

The Ocean informs passengers that the cruise will depart at 4 pm. Tianyue came to the front desk to ask whether her boyfriend Wang Xiaoshan was also on the cruise. The front desk refused to disclose the privacy of the tourists and did not allow her to broadcast to find people. Tianyue was anxious. She shed tears. When she was on the deck at a loss, she saw Wang Xiaoshan with the girl in her arms and went downstairs from the other side. When Tianyue chased him, the two had already entered the room. Tianyue didn’t see the room number.

When Ding Kai made a round of inspections, he found that the operator of the Ocean 911 customer service telephone line was very irresponsible. The call for help from the passenger was not to find a way to help solve the problem, but to ridicule and mock. Look, when you leave, seriously warn the staff that the 911 call is not for joking.

Tianyue called Wang Xiaoshan. She finally found Wang Xiaoshan’s room by listening to the ringtone of her mobile phone outside the door, but she was about to knock on the door and was stopped by Lai Shen who had arrived. Ding Kai also reminded Tianyue not to disturb the guests. After taking a break, Wang Xiaoshan opened the door, and his new girlfriend in a bathrobe also came out. In front of his new girlfriend, Wang Xiaoshan said that he did not know Tianyue, and Tianyue could not accept it. Upon seeing this, Ding Kai understood the cause of the matter and quickly asked Laishan to take Tianyue away. He neither humbled nor arrogantly said to Wang Xiaoshan that he apologized for causing trouble to him, but he was not a man.

Ding Kai understood the pain in Tianyue’s heart, and comforted her that all the pain experienced would make them better themselves, and time can heal everything. He left Tianyue with a candy to continue on duty, and Laishan smiled at Ding Kai. Especially gentle to Tianyue.

At night, the sad Tianyue came to the deck with a wine bottle, crying to the sea and said to the sea that he had been a schoolmaster since he was a child, and his appearance was high. So many boys chased him and didn’t look at him, but wasted three years for a scumbag. In youth, Ding Kai saw that Tianyue drank and stood on the sofa by the railing in danger, and advised her to hurry down. Tianyue accidentally stepped on the air. Fortunately, the hero of Ding Kai rescued the beauty.

The next night, Ding Kai saw that Tianyue had been depressed, so he gave her an empty wine bottle and asked her to put all the unhappy and undesirable things in the bottle. Mayfair gave Tianyue paper and pen, Tianyue Put all the memories of Wang Xiaoshan into the bottle, and then threw it into the sea severely.

The Ocean ship arrived in Shanghai smoothly. He Cai enthusiastically helped Mr. Liu and his wife to call a car, but left Mr. Zhang aside. Tianyue and other tourists encouraged Mr. Zhang not to be discouraged and believe that he will make a comeback. He Cai arranged for Tianyue to take Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu safely home. Laishan hopes to be good brothers with Ding Kai, and he is going to take a vacation. At this time, Captain Drake called Ding Kai to his office.

Captain Drake told Ding Kai that the story of his rescue in the typhoon had been posted on the Internet and in newspapers. Everyone said that he was a hero. He himself admired Ding Kai very much, but the Miami headquarters launched Ding Kai to rescue him without authorization. People’s failure to return to the flight in time was questioned. The headquarters sent two investigators to investigate the truth that Ding Kai lost communication within 20 minutes after receiving the order.

A hearing will be held after they come. The captain hopes that Ding Kai must accurately describe the situation at the time. He likes to work with Ding Kai and knows that Ding Kai has the potential to do better. But he must be mentally prepared. If the rescue is approved by the headquarters, it will be written into the file. If it is not approved, Ding Kai’s career will be terminated and the contract will also be terminated. Drake notified Ding Kai to go to Shanghai immediately. A formality to suspend the contract.

Tianyue wanted to send Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu home, but the two old men insisted on not. After Tianyue left, Grandma Hu decided to send Grandpa Jiang home first.

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