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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 2 Recap

When He Cai did a small gesture to Mr. Zhang, she accidentally discovered that Tianyue was hiding under the table. She yelled with anger. Dongdong ran out from under the table in the chaos. Tianyue chased him all the way to the kitchen, stage, etc. The crew had no choice but to Call Ding Kai to deal with it. Ding Kai arranged to put Tianyue in the reading room, and Dongdong returned it to his mother. He Cai led Tianyue back after receiving the notice. She went back to the room and was chattering about Tianyue. When she turned around, she found that she had fallen asleep against the wall.

The captain called Ding Kai and informed everyone that the cruise ship had deviated from the predicted route in the event of a typhoon, and the wind had reached level 16. Stopped at Saint Niss and informed Chen Anni who was doing market research to do the relevant work.

David Fang, the entertainment director of the Ocean, announces: Due to the impact of the typhoon, the cruise will change its route to Saint Nis The tourists were very excited after hearing this. Ding Kai went to explain in person, but everyone was chattering. Suddenly Tianyue yelled out of the tour guide’s megaphone to calm the riot. Ding Kai immediately explained to everyone the reason for changing the route. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, seeing that everyone is still reluctant, Ding Kai pointed out that Tianyue is the leader, and they negotiated with the leader first, and He Cai immediately agreed.

Mr. Zhang pointed out that if he fails to deliver the goods on time, the company will lose everything, and no one can bear this responsibility. He immediately called the company to coordinate, but the result was that the company must deliver the goods in Jinsina, and Mr. Zhang must be present.

Ding Kai brought Tianyue to the reception room for an interview. He bluntly said that Tianyue was a newcomer, but the reason he talked to her was because He Cai only had money in her heart. She cared more about tourists than He Cai, so in his own heart, Tian Yue Is the real leader. Tianyue asked why Mr. Zhang’s freighter could pass, but their cruise ship could not? Ding Kai told her that all the senior staff on this ship are academic masters, and that the lives of 7,000 people are far more important than Jinsina’s milk powder?

The current response plan is the best plan they have researched after careful calculation and elimination. At this time, Ding Kai received an order from the captain to ask him to go to the bridge for a meeting immediately. Ding Kai got up and asked Tianyue to persuade her tourists immediately.

The captain told everyone that just after receiving a call from the International Rescue Center, a cargo ship capsized near the Ocean, and they would do their best to send a lifeboat to the sea for rescue. The tourists watched from the cabin one after another. Mr. Zhang recognized that it was his own cargo that was floating on the sea, and immediately went to ask Mr. Liu for help, but Mr. Liu said that he was helpless. Desperate President Zhang lost control of his emotions. He climbed up the railing to jump onto the lifeboat to salvage his cargo. After being pulled down, he begged the crew to rescue him. Seeing Mr. Zhang being forcibly taken away by the crew, Tian Yue felt uncomfortable.

The captain arranged for Ding Kai to take a lifeboat to rescue. Ding Kai and Morgan went together. When approaching the wrecked cargo ship, Ding Kai asked Morgan to save the people quickly, but Morgan firmly held on to the railing and did not let go. Later, Ding Kai led him to start. In the rescue, the rescue process of the two was transmitted to the big screen through monitoring. The captain admired Ding Kai’s actions very much. But at this time, the wind and waves near the rescue boat also increased.

Song Lili was suffering from abdominal pain in bed at the moment. After she called for help, the Ocean Radio called Baohua Travel Agency Tianyue to the medical center immediately. The doctor told Tianyue that Song Lili had an ectopic pregnancy and the medical equipment on board was limited. They would immediately request international medical assistance. .

After the captain learned of Song Lili’s illness, Olsen arranged for Olsen to request rescue immediately. Olsen contacted the headquarters and learned that the helicopter would still take an hour and a half to arrive. The captain ordered the lifeboat to return immediately, and Ding Kai asked him to return immediately after the last investigation.

He saw the light ahead and asked Morgan to continue driving forward. The rescued cargo ship crew recognized that the people struggling in the sea were the captain Zhao and his son. Mosen refused to approach the cargo ship, thinking that the captain had already issued a return order. Ding Kai couldn’t help but put down the lifeline, but the child was too weak to hold it.

Ding Kai decisively jumped into the sea and finally rescued the child. At this time, the direct upgrade brought by Chen Anni had come, and the captain once again ordered the lifeboat to return. At this moment, the boy’s father was gradually sinking to the bottom of the sea due to the head hit by the ship. The child was heart-stirring and yelling to his father. In a critical moment, Ding Kai jumped into the sea with an oxygen cylinder on his back to rescue him.

Because the helicopter could not land safely, the captain ordered the cruise ship to continue sailing for a period of time, and they waited for the lifeboat to return safely after the straight upgrade landed. At this time, there was no signal on the monitoring screen. After the cruise ship sailed for a while, the helicopter could finally descend to pick up Song Lili.

The captain and everyone were looking forward to Ding Kai’s safe return, but there was still no news about the lifeboat, and the captain could not wait any longer, so he ordered to go to Saint Nice immediately. Director Hashmi walked gently to the Captain Drake. She could see that Drake was very sad. Drake said to himself that he just wanted to see how the new chief mate responded to the emergency.

The monitoring picture finally returned to normal. Everyone cheered happily after seeing the lifeboat intact. Everyone on the Ocean applauded Ding Kai, Morgan, Laishan and others who had returned safely.

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