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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 1 Recap

Royal Cruise Line’s Miami Ocean cruise line recruited the chief executive officer. Both Ding Kai and Allen signed up. Their test question was that the cruise ship was hijacked by the kidnappers. The captain made an emergency broadcast requesting immediate rescue of the hostages. After Ding Kai and Allen worked together to subdue the kidnappers, Allen immediately closed the hatch and blocked Ding Kai’s escape route. At this time, the broadcast announced that the game was over and those who did not rescue the hostages would be eliminated immediately.

At this moment, the senior executives of the US headquarters Loya Company also watched the test. Mr. Tang, the president of Asia, strongly recommended Ding Kai, but some people raised objections, saying that although Ding Kai had good response and crisis management capabilities, the crew came from different countries. , Ding Kai regarded himself as a leader in the rescue, which led to the disagreement of the team and affected the efficiency of rescue. Mr. Tang pointed out that Ding Kai found the cabin structure diagram in the first time, while opponents believed that Allen’s handling was more decisive, and their purpose was to rescue the hostages and protect the safety of tourists. In the end, it was Allen who successfully completed the task.

Tianyue came to Baohua Travel Agency to apply. Manager Ma was completely uninterested in her many certificates, but felt that her tour guide certificate could be used by the travel agency. After he asked Tianyue to sign the contract, he arranged for her to immediately Going to take a luxury cruise tour group, Tianyue looked distressed and wanted to retreat. Manager Ma was so frightened that Tianyue had to respond.

At the beginning of Hua Deng, Ding Kai walked lonely on the streets of Shanghai, very frustrated. He guessed that the chief mate of the Miami Ocean must be unsuccessful in the competition. He had no choice but to call several other cruise companies to apply for the job, but they were not rewarded. Tian Yue, who was on the other side, was also confused after calling her family. She wrote in a handwriting on the street side window: I just want to give, not to get.

Early the next morning, Tian Yue was awakened by the landlord’s knock on the door. It turned out that the valve in her room was broken and the water was almost overflowing to her bed. On the other side, Ding Kai received a call from the Royal Cruise Line. He never expected that the Miami headquarters would have notified him that he had been hired as the Chief Executive Officer of the Marine, and the company informed him that the Marine would enter the port in Shanghai immediately.

Manager Ma arranged for Baohua Travel Agency’s senior leader to congratulate Tianyue, and Tianyue greeted the travel agency guests Mr. Zhang, Grandpa Jiang, Grandma Song Lili and others on the bus next to the bus. The Ocean cruise ship docked at Shanghai Wusongkou Wharf as scheduled. After boarding, He Cai arranged Tianyue to look after Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu, and she enthusiastically rushed to greet Mr. Liu and his wife, who was traveling with Mr. Zhang.

Mr. Liu’s lover proposed to upgrade the cabin to the most luxurious presidential suite on the cruise ship. Mr. Zhang was distressed when he learned that the upgrade required 80,000, but in order to facilitate the cooperation with Mr. Liu as soon as possible, he bit the bullet and asked the company to keep the only one on the account. Call him one hundred thousand for emergency.

Drake, the captain of the Ocean, arranged for Ding Kai to conduct a comprehensive inspection on the bridge ship. Ding Kai found that there was a safety hazard in the engine room and requested an interview with Chief Engineer Francis. The second officer of the engine Morgan pointed out that only a screw had been dropped. Ding Kai made a fuss. The two were arguing. Francis came over and learned the whole story and said that maintenance after sailing was also possible.

Ding Kai insisted on finding the responsible person, otherwise the ship could not leave the port. At this time, the deputy captain Ols called and asked them to explain the reason for not leaving the port. Ding Kai refused to go on the bridge and let the captain come down to make a decision. After the captain came, Morgan said that it was Sam’s mistake on duty. The captain immediately ordered Sam to disembark and accept administrative punishment.

The cruise ship left Hong Kong. Tianyue came to Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu’s room and told them to gather. When she saw the binoculars in Grandpa Jiang’s hand on the balcony, she couldn’t help picking it up to look at the sea view. Grandpa Jiang did not expect Grandpa Jiang to return and enter. The balcony isolation door at the back of the room was automatically locked. Grandpa Jiang didn’t know where he was going.

Tian Yue was so anxious that he could not get out. He had to climb up the railing and wanted to turn to the next room. Unexpectedly, a shoe fell off and saw the bottom of his feet. Tianyue felt dizzy and dizzy at the sea. At this moment, Ding Kai saw this scene on the surveillance, he immediately rushed over to rescue Tian Yue, Tian Yue kept crying in fright, then Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu came back, Grandma Hu apologized to explain that they blamed Grandpa Jiang.

He had a bad memory, but He Cai came to accuse Tianyue of causing trouble to others. Ding Kai couldn’t bear it, so he immediately comforted Tianyue to be okay. Then took her to watch the self-help video on the cruise ship, Tian Yue was very grateful. She then went to the store and wanted to buy another pair of shoes, but found that the cheapest shoes cost more than 600 yuan. When Tianyue was at a loss, Ding Kai appeared again like a savior, carrying the shoe she had dropped.

At lunch, the crew member Lai Shen told Ding Kai that Alan was outstanding and had won Ding Kai in the selection assessment. Everyone thought that Alan would be the new chief executive officer, but he did not expect him to be replaced by Ding Kai. Up. Lai Shen heard that Ellen’s father had an old friendship with the head of the headquarters, but Ding Kai was able to win this time because there was a beauty named Chen Anni in Miami headquarters who appealed for him. What Lai Shen did not expect was that Ding Kai didn’t know this Beautiful woman.

Anni Chen, Assistant Marketing Director of Royal Cruise Line in Miami headquarters, just finished the market survey. When she reported to Mr. Nick the results of the investigation, Nick did not stop because of two consecutive days of flying on the plane. Chen Anni had to make an appointment with Nick to wait for him to rest. Let’s talk about it.

The little boy Dongdong’s mother was going to have a spa treatment, so she gave Dongdong to Tianyue to look after him in the restaurant. The ocean service waiter, Fei Er, looked around the guests in the restaurant and told Tianyue that Grandpa Jiang must be demented with glasses, Song Lili. Drinking alone must be a marriage problem. The two were chatting, and Dongdong suddenly ran away. Tianyue hurriedly chased the past. The mischievous Dongdong got under Mr. Zhang’s dining table. Tianyue had to follow him. At this time, He Cai’s mobile phone was dropped. When Mr. Zhang helped her pick it up, Tianyue found that He Cai was deliberately wearing it. The thighs of the miniskirt leaned towards Mr. Zhang.

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