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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 29 Recap

Approaching the fifteenth of the first lunar month, Zhou Xiaoan was surprised when he saw Zhou Xiaoxiao preparing gifts for his father, and wondered when he let go of his grievances. Zhou Xiaoxiao said that she couldn’t bear to see her father alone in the guest house to celebrate the New Year, and it was impossible to guarantee that she needed Zhou Qing’s help in the future. However, as soon as the voice fell, Shi Zhu took the initiative to discuss with the brothers, planning to let the children go to the provincial capital to stay with Zhou Qing for one night before school started, which gave him some comfort.

It was thought that this matter would be supported by his sons, but Zhou Xiaoxiao immediately opposed it and even criticized Zhou Qing’s character and behavior. Seeing the change in his younger brother’s attitude, Zhou Xiaoan deliberately tempted him, claiming that the old subordinate was not the deputy director of the Department of Commerce. As a result, Zhou Xiaoxiao suddenly dropped the gift until he heard that the other party was the chief director, so he hurriedly picked it up again. Because of this, Zhou Xiaoan saw Zhou Xiaoxiao’s thoughts clearly.

In the evening, Shizhu wanted to reorganize the restaurant and mentioned this arrangement to everyone. At this time, Zhou Qing took Liu Pansong and came uninvited. Dianthus acted calmly and acted as a host to entertain him. In the face of Liu Pansong, Zhou Qing was allowed to stay for the reunion dinner.

Liu Pansong prepared a gift and gave Yaoyao a red envelope in the name of her grandmother. However, Yaoyao claimed on the spot that she had a grandma. Seeing that Liu Pansong was a little embarrassed, Shi Zhu took the initiative to relieve her. Seeing that Dianthus no longer cares, Zhou Qing was finally relieved and suggested that the three sons should report on their studies.

Zhou Xiaoan is going to take the postgraduate entrance examination, provided that the subsidy will be handed over to the family and the carnation will not be too heavy. Zhou Xiaofeng decided to be transferred to the Provincial Public Security Bureau to be a police officer after graduation. He wanted to stay closer to his home and help his family when he was fine. Liu Pansong learned that Zhou Xiaoxiao was studying in business school, so he was willing to help him find a unit with an acquaintance, Zhou Xiaoxiao smiled.

Soon, Zhang Lanfen and Kong Linggao held a wedding at Jiangliu Restaurant. As the owner of Jiangliu Restaurant and their matchmaker, Zhang Luo also presided over the wedding. All relatives and friends came to celebrate, but Jiang Zhenhai was very disappointed because he was still an old bachelor. Shi Zhu saw him depressed and promised to help introduce him.

With the successful renovation of Jiangliu Restaurant, it was finally renovated into a big hotel and opened successfully. The business is getting better and better. People in the ten miles and eight townships all know this man of power, Dianthus, and the restaurant is full of repeat customers. Zhou Xiaoan introduced his girlfriend Men Chunmei to his family and discussed taking the postgraduate exam together.

Facing graduation, Zhou Xiaofeng voluntarily applied for transfer back. In order to keep Zhou Xiaofeng, Gao Sha specially went to her father in the Public Security Bureau. On the other side, Zhou Xiaoxiao knew that Zhou Qing was rather old-fashioned and would not go through the back door for his family at all, so she was a little worried. Liu Pansong invited Director Wang of the Commercial Hall to his home and deliberately mentioned Zhou Xiaoxiao’s assignment while he was recounting the old days with Zhou Qing.

Sure enough, as Zhou Xiaoxiao had expected, Zhou Qing strongly opposed going through the back door, but Director Wang believed that business talents were in short supply, so he could consider helping Zhou Xiaoxiao solve his work problems. Zhou Xiaoxiao and Jiang Lingdie came to the Provincial Military Region. Jiang Lingdie took the opportunity to propose to Liu Pansong to arrange Zhou Xiaoxiao to the Commercial Department. After all, Director Wang is an old subordinate of Zhou Qing, and it is easy to have this relationship.

Zhou Xiaoxiao took advantage of the situation, claiming that he would not go through the back door, and made Zhou Qing happy with a face of righteousness. Zhou Xiaoan watched the hypocrisy of his younger brother in front of his father. He only felt that his whole person had changed. So he persuaded him, not hope that Zhou Xiaoxiao would become more and more utilitarian. Instead, he should stay away from the commercial hall and find a suitable one for him.

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