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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 28 Recap

Shi Zhu took Zhou Xiaoliu and Jiang Lingdie to visit the prison, encouraged Jiang He to make a good renovation, and explained the situation of the restaurant, saying that he could immediately take over the operation when he came out. Zhou Xiaoan and Zhou Xiaofeng were roasting pig’s head in the yard, and by the way they talked about what happened after graduation. How did Zhou Xiaoxiao come out of the house crying, mainly because of the sacrifice of Huo Yuanjia on the TV.

Zhou Xiaoan accidentally mentioned that Zhou Qing’s old men were engaged in a commercial street. Zhou Xiaoxiao was a little moved, but considering his attitude towards Zhou Qing, he was caught in a dilemma. Coincidentally at this time, Kong Linggao learned that Zhang Lanfen was sick, so he quickly put aside his work and rushed over, but he didn’t know that Zhang Lanfen deliberately pretended to be sick, just trying to trick him over.

Zhang Lanfen refused to go to the hospital, but asked Kong Linggao to help him post the couplet, and at the same time invited him to stay for dinner. Kong Linggao ran back to cook because the two were not married, so as not to get gossip from the outside. After Dianthus came home, Zhao Yingtong gave her the pure wool coat she had bought. Zhou Xiaoliu was envious. Dianthus took the opportunity to take out the new clothes she had prepared and asked everyone to wear them, including her elder brother Kong Linggao.

On the night of New Year’s Eve, Zhou Xiaoxiao called Jiang Zhenhai and Jiang Lingdie to the house for New Year’s Eve dinner, while Dianthus asked Zhou Xiaoan to put in incense candles before the dinner and invited the ancestors to go home for the New Year. The family happily set off firecrackers, but they didn’t know that Zhou Qing was standing at the gate and was afraid to enter.

Kong Linggao took the food to find Zhang Lanfen. Dianthus made a congratulatory speech when he was at the table. As the whole family laughed and laughed, Zhou Qing unexpectedly came in uninvited and pretended to come in deeply, claiming that if It was not an invitation from the children, and he would not visit suddenly.

Dianthus did not hesitate to make an order to chase away guests. No matter how Jiang Zhenhai and his children persuaded, they were still determined to expel Zhou Qing, claiming that he had done something unsympathetic and unrighteous, and there was no need to continue to betray Liu Pansong. Thirty lost her at home alone. Seeing Zhou Qing leave in anger, Dianthus could hardly conceal his loss.

Zhang Lanfen wanted to hold a wedding in a hotel during the Chinese New Year, but Kong Linggao vetoed it. He believed that both of them were of the same age and there was no need to be so extravagant. Afterwards, Zhang Lanfen’s fake illness came true, and instead was admitted to the hospital. Dianthus told Kong Linggao to get married as soon as possible. Kong Linggao was confused by Dianthus and had to agree to do what they wanted.

Regarding the No. 1 document issued by the central government, Zhou Xiaoan believed that Jiang He’s affairs had turned for the better, and proposed that Jiang Zhenhai should write materials and apply for it. Dianthus was a little worried about Zhou Qing, so he informed Zhou Xiaoan to give him a box of dumplings. Zhou Xiaoxiao offered himself and brought a bottle of liquor. Zhou Qing was a little surprised by his appearance, and the father and son finally settled their suspicion.

Zhou Qing stayed in Heshan for two days, then packed up his things and returned to the provincial capital. It happened that Deputy Commander Qi and his wife came home to pay a New Year greeting. Liu Pansong learned that Zhou Qing was spending the New Year alone in the guest house, and couldn’t help feeling a little distressed. Zhou Qing said that in the future, he only wanted to live with Liu Pansong and never see the carnation again.

Ever since Zhou Qing ate closed doors on New Year’s Eve and was depressed all day long, Liu Pansong saw that he was like this, so he took the initiative to look for Dianthus, asking her to forgive her. Dianthus was also murmured in her heart, thinking that her actions were a bit too much, Zhou Xiaoan judged the situation, and then she decided to invite Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong to come and sit at home.

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