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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 27 Recap

On the way to other provinces, Zhou Xiaofeng accompanied Zhao Yingtong and talked about various interesting things about the school, which made the other party laugh, so he could not help hugging her and solemnly promised to take care of Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao. Facing Zhao Yingtong’s dodge everywhere, Zhou Xiaofeng was very painful. Although he had tried to maintain the relationship between each other in the past days, Zhao Yingtong couldn’t bear to care too much about other people’s opinions.

Zhou Xiaofeng hoped that Zhao Yingtong should look at herself again. The little kid who used to be surrounded by him has now grown into an indomitable man. Regardless of the moral pressure, regardless of the ethical constraints, to Zhou Xiaofeng, Zhao Yingtong is not more important. It was because of Zhou Xiaofeng’s firm attitude that Zhao Yingtong was deeply moved and finally agreed to be with him. The two young people who had gone through ups and downs finally settled their hardships and embraced each other tightly.

In a blink of an eye, it came to the end of 1982, when heavy snow was flying and the Spring Festival was approaching. Dianthus was preparing things for the New Year in the restaurant, thinking that the children would come back one after another, and couldn’t help but feel happy. The wife of Binzi took the initiative to find a job, claiming that the carton factory was already unable to continue operating, and Shizhu immediately agreed to keep her as a helper in the back kitchen, while worrying about the safety of the carton.

As usual, a few local ruffians came to the restaurant. They used to pay for nothing. Now Zhou Xiaoliu is dissatisfied. One of the rascals named Xiao Lizi provoked and even wanted to insult Zhou Xiaoliu, but was slapped instead. Seeing this group of people smashed the shop in anger, Shizhu took the rolling pin and rushed forward with Kong Linggao. Fortunately Zhou Xiaofeng was here , And finally beat them together.

The machine repair shop assigned a TV and indicator, which happened to be drawn by Zhao Yingtong. Someone wanted to spend money to buy this indicator. Zhao Yingtong was undecided, so he wanted to go back and ask about the attitude of Dianthus. However, when it was time for school, Zhao Yingtong came to pick Yaoyao, and he ran into Zhou Xiaofeng at the door. The three happily went home, like a family of three.

Dianthus held a banquet in the restaurant to entertain everyone to celebrate the new year. She was a little hesitant to learn that it would cost hundreds of dollars to buy a TV, but she finally decided to buy a TV set in the restaurant at the suggestion of everyone, which attracted more attention. Multiple customers. Zhou Qing personally went to the school to find the Zhou Xiaoan brothers, and wanted to invite them to stay at home for two days, but Zhou Xiaoxiao still had a grudge in her heart, so she didn’t agree.

After breakfast, the dianthus was packed and took the children to the provincial capital. Several people happily carried the TV home, attracting the attention of countless people along the way. Zhou Xiaofeng gave Zhao Yingtong the bracelet he had made money to buy in his spare time as a New Year gift, and Zhao Yingtong couldn’t put it down.

Liu Pansong knew that Zhou Qing missed his family, so he persuaded him to go back to Heshan County to reunite for the New Year. He went to the hospital to work overtime and prepared gifts before leaving. At the same time, Dianthus heard that the director of the machine repair factory was critically ill, so he asked his family to do something about it. After all, the director had treated them well before. After arriving at the carton factory, Dianthus looked around at the dilapidated scene around, and then sighed that things were wrong.

Considering that this Chinese New Year is different from the past, Shizhu took Yaoyao to the clothing store, intending to make a new dress for everyone in the family, but she did not prepare it for herself. At lunch, Zhou Xiaoxiao went to help Jiang Lingdie put the window grilles, but he saw Zhou Qing appear as soon as he left the house. Because of Zhou Xiaoxiao’s attitude, Zhou Qing really didn’t have the courage to step into the door, so he had to turn around and leave with his things.

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