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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 26 Recap

With the gradual improvement of restaurant business, Dianthus began to consider the issue of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. The current purchase price is too high, which makes it difficult to reduce the price of vegetables. If the increase cannot attract customers, if the decrease is reduced, it will lose money. After careful consideration, Dianthus planned to set up a breakfast stall. Kong Ling raised his hand in favor, believing that breakfast could be sold at the door of the machine repair shop and grain depot, which would at least increase the income.

After the restaurant was over, Kong Linggao made dumplings personally and chatted with Zhang Lanfen over wine. Zhang Lanfen knew that Kong Linggao had lived in a sparsely populated environment since he was a child, so he was very envious of the big family of other people’s brothers and sisters, young and old living together.

Because of this, Kong Linggao likes the atmosphere of the Dianthus family and is willing to take the initiative to help. Dianthus treats him as his elder brother, and the children treat him as a relative. Even if he has experienced Qiongfang’s betrayal and ended up in a bachelor situation, he actually enriches himself. A lot.

As for Zhang Lanfen’s thoughts, Kong Linggao had a thorough understanding of everyone, and he was willing to give a reply. He wanted to wait for the hotel to stabilize before marrying Zhang Lanfen. The two enjoyed a happy life in their old age. Although Zhang Lanfen could not accept Kong Linggao’s proposal, she had no choice but to wait for this day to come.

In the self-study room of the police school, Gao Sha secretly opened the letter from Zhao Yingtong to Zhou Xiaofeng, and was surprised to learn that Zhao Yingtong was Zhou Xiaofeng’s sister-in-law. Gao Sha relied on her father being a senior police officer and a wealthy family.

She believed that she could bring Zhou Xiaofeng a better future, so she did not hesitate to write back to Zhao Yingtong, reprimanding the other party as a sister-in-law for seducing her uncle and acting contrary to ethics and morality. thing. Because of Gao Sha’s insults, Zhao Yingtong was very angry. The original thoughts were a little shaken, but he took it back in an instant, and no longer considered the relationship between her and Zhou Xiaofeng.

In the days that followed, Kong Linggao got up early to make dough and stuffing, and took it to sell steamed buns at the door of the machine repair shop. Dianthus rode out alone, walked the streets and alleys to look for vegetable vendors, and finally found a suitable vegetable farmer in the countryside, negotiated the purchase, and asked them to deliver the vegetables to the restaurant before dawn and pay for the vegetables and the money.

The vegetable farmer was afraid of being treated as a speculation, so he agreed with Dianthus on the exact time to deliver the vegetables, and thought of a joint signal, Dianthus handed the matter to Kong Linggao to deal with.

When Zhou Xiaoliu saw the restaurant’s sales promotion, he had early results and even made a lot of money, so he wanted to apply to buy a piece of clothing, but Dianthus only agreed to buy it to Zhao Yingtong, which made Zhou Xiaoliu a little unbalanced. While several people were talking, Zhou Xiaofeng suddenly came back, and Zhao Yingtong quickly found a reason to escape.

Since Zhou Xiaofeng has not received Zhao Yingtong’s letter for a long time, he believes that there is a problem between himself and Zhao Yingtong. Zhao Yingtong did not want to delay Zhou Xiaofeng, let him stop wasting time, and asked Dianthus to persuade Zhou Xiaofeng to give up, but Dianthus understood that Zhao Yingtong had already liked Zhou Xiaofeng in a subtle way, so seeing the painful emotional entanglement of the two children, he decided to help one in secret. Take the initiative to enlighten Zhao Yingtong, hoping that she can reconsider and not ruin the rest of her life.

The next day, Zhao Yingtong was arranged by Section Chief Wang to go on a business trip to the provincial capital. Zhou Xiaofeng stayed at home and refused to return to the school to report, instead he wanted to go with her. Zhao Yingtong couldn’t help but, coupled with Dianthus’s repeated urging, could only reluctantly agree to let Zhou Xiaofeng follow him.

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