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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 25 Recap

Too many things have happened at home recently, and the newly opened restaurant has never had any guests. Even the dianthus, which has always been strong, will inevitably have a moment of collapse. Dianthus came to Zhou Xiaoyang’s tomb alone, trying to tell all the grievances in his heart, but at this time Liu Pansong took the initiative to go to the school to find Zhou Xiaoan, hoping that he could persuade Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Qingbing to resolve their suspicions.

Even though Dianthus did not pursue Zhou Qing’s derailment anymore, Liu Pansong was still a good seller when she got a bargain. She believed that the combination of her and Zhou Qing stemmed from a misunderstanding, and she confessed her deep love for Zhou Qing without concealment. I want to see each other happy. Liu Pansong knew that Zhou Qing was still thinking about his son. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao refused to forgive him because of the carnation. He simply asked Zhou Xiaoan to help as a lobbyist, hoping that the children would understand their feelings.

Zhou Xiaoan understood Liu Pansong’s thoughts, so he took the initiative to talk to Zhou Xiaoxiao, but before he said a few words, Zhou Xiaoxiao immediately got angry and claimed that he would go to the military area to post a big-character poster to humiliate Zhou Qing, and even cut his father-son relationship with him. Seeing that Zhou Xiaoxiao was so emotional, Zhou Xiaoan had just taken out the living expenses given by Zhou Qing, only to see that the other party became even more annoyed and directly quarreled with him.

Seeing that the restaurant’s popularity is getting bleak, Dianthus is stunned and decides to personally pay for the banquet for the guests, so Kong Linggao will cook all his specialty dishes. After a lot of busy work, I finally made a whole table of running water banquets. Although there were a lot of guests, more money was spent. Zhou Xiaoliu was distressed for this. Only Zhao Yingtong and Kong Linggao believed that Dianthus must have her own treats. The truth, so I didn’t interrupt too much.

When Kong Ling’s high-end cuisine went out and saw Jiang Zhenhai entangled the dianthus to eat, he immediately went to Zhao Yingtong for help and asked her to persuade the dianthus to avoid drinking too much. After the guests returned with satisfaction, Zhao Yingtong took to go home, but Yaoyao didn’t expect Yaoyao to take the initiative to mention Zhou Xiaofeng, and think he is like a father. These words caused waves in Zhao Yingtong’s heart, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time, especially thinking about the letters he had received before, and gradually fell into entanglement.

The guests walked almost, and Shi Zhu and Zhou Xiaoliu went home. After everyone left, Qiongfang sneaked into the restaurant to look for Kong Linggao. However, Kong Linggao took the weight of the weight and made his mind. No matter how Qiongfang begged for mercy, he would never forgive the other party, let alone agree to reunite.

The next morning, Kong Linggao got up early and opened the door for business. He suddenly found that Qiongfang was sitting at the door of the store, making him somewhat unbearable, so he asked him to enter the store for a bowl of hot porridge, and leave as soon as he finished drinking. Qiongfang wanted Kong Linggao to take him in. Seeing that he hadn’t agreed, she refused to leave. Zhang Lanfen saw the scene of the two people entangled, and suddenly became angry, and went up to swear.

Qiongfang was not an easy mess, and immediately quarreled with Zhang Lanfen, until Jiang Zhenhai came to the restaurant to watch the excitement and threatened to arrest Kong Linggao by messing up the relationship between men and women. Kong Linggao quickly explained, completely cut off Qiongfang’s thoughts, and then drove her away.

Zhou Xiaoliu finally agreed to visit Jianghe in prison under Dianthus’s persuasion. He was relieved to learn that Jianghe was doing very well, and that speculators reversed the case in many places in the south. It’s just that Jiang He still has a wounding case. Even if it can be reduced, it depends more or less on the judge’s opinion. Jiang He was very excited when he saw Zhou Xiaoliu coming to visit the prison. Zhou Xiaoliu said that because of his mother, he would never divorce him. Jiang He made up his mind to honor his mother-in-law after he went out.

Zhou Xiaofeng wrote to report on his excellent results in the police academy. Zhao Yingtong was sincerely happy for him, but Gao Sha pursued Zhou Xiaofeng to no avail. She peeped through the letter privately and learned that the other party has a sweetheart. Since Dianthus invited everyone to dinner, Jiangliu Hotel’s business has gradually improved. First, the new director of the machine repair factory brought customers over, and then the street director also invited the leaders here. Kong Linggao was busy in the kitchen.

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