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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 3 Recap

Liao Yu said that he thought Ansa was a uterine scar pregnancy after a cesarean section, just as Zhou Yue thought. The risk of uterine scar pregnancy is no less than that of ectopic pregnancy. Zhou Yue thinks that removing the uterus after caesarean section is the best way, but Josinti said that the uterus cannot be removed, because in Maree, the uterus is considered a woman’s talisman. If the uterus is removed, it is safe. Sha will be divorced by her in-laws. Ansha heard some movement and firmly disagreed with the removal of the uterus.

Not only that, she also insisted on giving birth smoothly. Liao Yu guessed that Zhou Yue might have another way, saying that after the caesarean section, the old scar of the uterus should be removed, and then the uterus will be repaired. She also has a way to control the blood loss of pregnant women to less than 500 milliliters. After listening to her, Liao Yu feels that this method is possible both theoretically and technically, but the doctor bears a lot of risk.

Compared with Ansha, Zhou Yue felt that it was nothing to take this risk. After the water and power cuts, chef Wu Xin could not use electricity to cook, so he could only go to the mountains to collect firewood and return to cook uncooked rice. Wang Xiaocong couldn’t eat it, and complained a few words. Xie Hua thought that his consciousness needs to be improved. Wu Xin was not angry, and after persuading him a few words, Wang Xiaocong agreed to finish the meal. Zhou Yue told Wang Xiaocong about Qiao Yuqian’s sister, Qiao Yuqian.

After Wang Xiaocong talked about Li Tiancheng’s gossip, he said that the relationship between Li Tiancheng, Qiao Xiangwan and Liang Kaili was a love triangle, and the nurses said Li Tiancheng was here to hit the scene. of. Qiao Xiangwan sent a lot of supplies to Youhao Hospital, and Huo Xiang, as the team leader, expressed his gratitude to him. Just when Zhou Yue came over, Huo Xiang introduced Qiao Xiangwan to Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue had no courtesy and directly asked Qiao Xiangwan to assist the blood bank of the hospital.

Zhou Yue finished the operation of two elderly women and wanted to go back to sleep. Qiao Yuqian learned that she still wanted to perform the operation on Ansha, so she promised to visit Ansha’s house tomorrow. At night, Zhou Yue was hungry and got up to go to the restaurant to eat. Li Tiancheng happened to go to the restaurant to fetch water, trying to frighten Zhou Yue as a prank, but she was shocked by hiding under the table.

When the two sat down to chat, Zhou Yue mistakenly thought that Li Tiancheng was really here for Kaili Liang, and Li Tiancheng was a bit speechless, but he couldn’t explain it to her. Zhou Yue used his own experience to persuade Li Tiancheng not to be hurt by love, and then stated the ultimate goal. He needs a surgical knife for Ansa’s operation. Li Tiancheng is the candidate, and she does not give Li Tiancheng any opportunity to refuse.

At the beginning of Ansha’s operation, her husband seemed very nervous outside the operating room. The family was supposed to send Ansha to the Western District Hospital. If Ansha had any mistakes here, the family would definitely force him to divorce Ansha. Qiao Yuqian comforted him not to worry. Later, the child was born safely and Ansa’s condition was also very stable, except that there was aftershocks midway, and there was a short power outage in the hospital.

Li Tiancheng helped and finally let the operation be completed. Huo Xiang called everyone to a meeting, but Xie Hua didn’t show up, so Zhou Yue called him. Xie Hua lied that he had diarrhea and needed leave. Zhou Yue was not easy to expose, and honestly conveyed Xie Hua’s words to Huo Xiang. Huo Xiang was very angry, and everyone explained variously before Huo Xiang let his fire pressure down.

Uncle Wen and Xie Hua have worked together for a long time, and they have a deep relationship. Xie Hua is about to leave after the ship sails. Uncle Wen is a little reluctant. Xie Hua comforts him that they are brothers for life. From time to time, Wang Xiaocong went gossip about Huo Xiang with Ye Hong and Liao Yu, and when Xie Hua came, he shut up. Li Tiancheng returned Zhou Yue’s first aid kit. Since learning that Liao Yu is not her boyfriend, Li Tiancheng actively invited Zhou Yue to drive her around, but Zhou Yue sensibly and resolutely refused.

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