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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 2 Recap

A seriously injured patient was sent in. Li Tiancheng, Liao Yu and others performed emergency double-layer protection and operated on the patient. Xie Hua introduced Huo Xiang to Qiao Xiangwan, who hurriedly contacted the blood bank, said a few words in a hurry and left. There was an aftershock on Zal Island, and people from the mine hurried over to tell Qiao Xiangwan that both the new mine and the old mine had collapsed, but fortunately, the workers were not injured.

Qiao Xiangwan was so upset about this. The money he earned from the mine was invested in the research institute of his fiancée Liang Kaili, and now his pockets are empty. Qiao Xiangwan’s sister Qiao Xindi introduced the layout of the Friendly Hospital to Huo Xiang, and Huo Xiang asked his doubts. Joe Cindy doesn’t know the specifics. It is estimated that some people are spreading comments that are not good for Chinese doctors, which has caused a major change in the attitude of some islanders towards the friendly hospital.

Team leader Feng of the first batch of medical teams called Huo Xiang and said that Xie Hua had a note in the drawer, but Huo Xiang did not see the note. The next day, the Friendship Hospital sent a radio communication to the earthquake yesterday, and those people who were just injured left the Friendship Hospital immediately without looking back. Wang Xiaocong was puzzled, and Xie Hua only talked about the status quo and did not say why.

Huo Xiang called Xie Hua over and asked about the diary. Xie Hua had very big opinions on Huo Xiang, and Huo Xiang felt it right from the first meeting between them. Huo Xiang directly asked him to put forward his opinions. Xie Hua mentioned Hua Liansheng’s name. He knew that when he was helping Africa, Huo Xiang pushed a malaria patient to Hua Liansheng because he answered an emergency call. Continuously working for many days, he collapsed due to exhaustion during the operation.

Then Huo Xiang wrote the results of the whole team’s diagnosis and treatment as a paper, and he was about to be promoted to deputy dean. If someone hadn’t stabbed it out, he would have been enjoying the position of deputy dean now. Huo Xiang did not refute. He asked about the relationship between Xie Hua and Hua Liansheng. Xie Hua said that he and Hua Liansheng grew up in a town. It was he who encouraged him to study medicine.

The two have a deep friendship. Huo Xiang wanted to explain, but felt that there was nothing to explain. Xie Hua’s prejudice against Huo Xiang has formed, whether it is Africa or Zal Island. Ye Hong and Wang Xiaocong had been busy all day, and finally they could sit down and rest. There were red bloodshot eyes in Ye Hong’s eyes. She thought it was caused by overwork and didn’t care. Huo Xiang told them that everyone had one minute to make a phone call, and they cheered and wanted to make a phone call to report their safety to the family.

Qiao Xiangwan brought Kaili Liang to meet with Li Tiancheng. Kaili Liang is Li Tiancheng’s ex-girlfriend and a virology expert. Since Li Tiancheng had no news in Africa, Kaili Liang had let go of her feelings for him. Accompanying her by his side captured her heart. This time they met, Li Tiancheng explained the reason for his disappearance before, and the two finally released their suspicions. Zhou Yue looked at the baby in the incubator with deep emotion.

She was in a low mood and chatted with Liao Yu. Liao Yu knew that the relationship between her and Ye Hong was not very good, and Zhou Yue was sometimes anxious because she thought her communication skills were poor. Josinti treated the wounds to a little girl named Xiaosi. From her mouth, she learned that the villagers still regard the Friendly Hospital as a scourge.

Zhou Yue plucked up the courage to apologize to Ye Hong, and Ye Hong’s anger disappeared a lot. Joe Cindy called Zhou Yue, a pregnant woman was bleeding. After Zhou Yue did the inspection, asked Joe Cindy to take notes. Jocindy reminded her that Ansha’s family of pregnant women valued the child in her belly very much. If there is anything wrong with this child, her life at her in-laws will probably be even more sad. Zhou Yue performed a B-ultrasound examination for Ansha, and then called Liao Yu. When Liao Yu looked at the B-ultrasound, the expression on his face was a bit solemn.

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