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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 1 Recap

A Chinese foreign aid medical team set off from Beijing to Marion Island. It took more than ten hours on the way, and then after more than three hours of barge boats, the Hao Hao Tang Tang finally arrived at the destination of Zal Island. Zhou Yue, the deputy chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the second batch of medical aid team members, did not close his eyes on the plane. Instead, he slept for three hours after boarding the shuttle boat on Zal Island. The bumpy boat almost made Zhou Yue fall asleep, and the male doctor Liao Yu beside her grabbed her.

Liao Yu is a member of the second batch of medical aid team members, deputy chief surgeon, and Zhou Yue are friends who grew up together since childhood, but there is no relationship between the two of them. The relationship between the second batch of aid medical team members, the nurse Wang Xiaocong, and the second batch of aid medical team members, the deputy chief nurse Ye Hong gossip Zhou Yue and Liao Yu, was pulled aside by Ye Hong.

Ye Hong didn’t wait to see Zhou Yue, who was cold-faced all day long, thinking that she loves to compete and is impersonal, even though Zhou Yue’s business ability is very strong. Sitting in the last row was also a surgeon residing overseas, named Li Tiancheng, dressed like an uncle, alone occupying the back seat, sleeping grandiosely and snoring, Zhou Yue thought he had no quality. Soon, the group arrived at Zal Island and took a group photo at the Pier of Zal Island.

However, Huo Xiang, the captain of the second batch of medical team, called Xie Hua, the deputy captain of the first batch, but it was shown that no one was connected. Xie Hua hurried over until a young age. He said that there was a traffic jam on the road and Huo Xiang was a strict person. Taking advantage of this opportunity, he asked the team to absolutely not leave early or be late in the future, otherwise, he would be fined 10 kilometers for every five minutes late.

On the way to Zal Island Friendship Hospital, Xie Hua introduced Zal Island to them. Zal Island has a long coastline, and the vegetation on the island is primitive and lush. The Federal Republic of Marion is an island country formed by many islands. Zal Island is a relatively poor island in this country. Despite poverty, the gap between the rich and the poor is still relatively large, and health care and education are relatively backward. Youhao Hospital is a public hospital, and its funds mainly come from government funding and donations from all walks of life.

The biggest fundraiser was the patriarch of the local Qiao family, named Qiao Xiangwan. A hundred years ago, a group of Chinese laborers from Fujian and Guangdong went to the South Sea to mine on Zal Island. Therefore, many Chinese here today are descendants of that group of Chinese laborers. Li Tiancheng drove the motorcycle and overtook the Youhao Hospital’s car. As a result, it stopped on the road due to a malfunction, and the Youyou Hospital’s car was also forced to stop.

During this period, the sky suddenly darkened, the ground shook, and a white mushroom-shaped cloud exploded over Mount Nanuwei in the distance. They quickly got out of the car and saw a place not far away from the market. The house collapsed and a lot of yellow dust floated. The air is like hell. They immediately went into the rescue. Zhou Yue bandaged a woman. The other party asked where to find her in the future. After hearing the name of the friendly hospital, his face changed and his attitude changed, and he seemed very resistant to the friendly hospital.

Li Tiancheng called for help, Zhou Yue ran in and saw that it was a seriously injured pregnant woman. Li Tiancheng suspected that she might be herniated. At this time, Liao Yu was treating a severely ill female patient. His neck was injured but he had no time to take care of it. Working with Wang Xiaocong, he finally stabilized the patient’s breathing and pulse. The situation of the pregnant woman is not optimistic. Zhou Yue must deliver the baby. She wanted Li Tiancheng to call Liao Yu, but Li Tiancheng said that she was a surgeon.

The two cooperated and finally delivered the child safely and successfully, but the child’s mother was seriously injured and could not be rescued in the end. After the disaster, everyone heard the cry of the newborn and couldn’t help but smile. Soon after, the rescue team came. Xie Hua planned to return to the Friendly Hospital to help. He said that the Friendly Hospital had not paid wages for three months. The director resigned and many people left the hospital.

Li Tiancheng said that he had experience in foreign aid and wanted to join them, Huo Xiang naturally agreed. They went to the friendly hospital and immediately engaged in intensive rescue work. There were a lot of injured people here. Their arrival undoubtedly alleviated the pressure of shortage of manpower. Li Tianzhen came here to attend Thomas (Qiao Xiangwan)’s wedding, but he didn’t expect to encounter an earthquake. As friends, they had no time to renew their old times and immediately got busy.

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