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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 34 Recap

Ye Baiyi appeared in the martial arts conference, and the heads of all sects begged him to take everyone to destroy the ghost valley. Ye Baiyi condemned Wen Kexing for his wickedness. Wen Kexing repeatedly confessed to him. Ye Baiyi ordered him to close the ghost valley forever and restrain all The ghosts are in the world, Wen Kexing fully agreed, and immediately left with Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling. All the leaders agreed with Ye Baiyi’s decision, but Mo Huaiyang was angrily, but dared not to speak.

Gu Xiang brought Cao Weining to see Wen Kexing, who hosted a banquet for Shen Shen and Jing Beiyuan. Gu Xiang learned that Shen Shen and Wen Kexing had already met, and they jointly exposed Zhao Jing’s various crimes in public. Thanks to Ye Baiyi’s timely arrival to help Wen Kexing to get out of the siege, he was able to get out of his body. Everyone greeted Wen Kexing. Only Zhou Zishu drank wine alone. Seeing that Wen Kexing’s vengeance had been reported, he didn’t have much time.

Gu Xiang revealed that Wen Kexing and King Scorpion had joined forces, but everyone did not expect that King Scorpion wanted to put Zhao Jing to death. Although Zhao Jing was saved his life, he could not take care of himself or speak. King Scorpion sent people to take care of Zhao Jing and gave him a severe meal. King Scorpion gave Zhao Jing many opportunities in advance, but Zhao Jing once. This time he failed him, so King Xie had to make a move. He also wanted to kill King Jin as the emperor, and promised to let Zhao Jing be the Supreme Emperor.

Wen Kexing and Zhang Chengling came to a toast to Zhou Zishu, admitting that they had done the game in advance to create a scene of Wen Kexing’s suspended animation. Da Wu repeatedly rescued Wen Kexing. Because Zhou Zishu was seriously injured, he did not notify him. Zhou Zishu could not. For buying it, Wen Kexing was fined a few glasses of wine. Wen Kexing drank and drank too much, and came to Zhou Zishu that night to talk about his concerns. He thanked Zhou Zishu for changing him and let him completely dispel the hatred in his heart. Wen Kexing wanted to wait for Gu Xiang to get married and ask Zhou Zishu to accompany him to find Zhou Zishu agreed to find the small farmyard where he lived with his parents.

Today is the day of the wedding of Gu Xiang and Cao Weining. Wen Kexing asked the ghost crowd to dress up the ghost valley and put on lights everywhere. Zhou Zishu came to Guigu for the first time. The ghost crowd called him “Uncle”. Zhou Zishu was very dissatisfied. Gu Xiang called Zhou Zishu “Big Brother” affectionately. She learned that Wen Kexing was going to Four Seasons Villa with Zhou Zishu, and she was angry. After the marriage was over, I wanted to go with them. Wen Kexing promised to visit her from time to time, and Gu Xiang felt relieved a little. Wen Kexing imprisoned the impermanence ghosts and others in the cold pool water jail and let Zhang Chengling dispose of it on his own. Zhang Chengling did not want to pursue them, and agreed to put them in the cold pool water jail for reflection.

Wen Kexing sent Luo Fu Meng and Liu Qianqiao to help Gu Xiang prepare a generous dowry. Gu Xiang happily closed his mouth from ear to ear, Luo Fu Meng gave Gu Xiang the hairpin he got when he got married, and asked Liu Qianqiao to help Gu Xiang. Xiang’s marriage, she wanted to go to the back mountain to retreat, so she would not come to Gu Xiang’s wedding. Gu Xiang regretted that Liu Qianqiao personally put the hairpin on Gu Xiang’s head.

Gu Xiang learned that Liu Qianqiao had also decided to stay in Guigu, and asked casually about her and Yu Qiufeng. Liu Qianqiao didn’t know Yu Qiufeng at all. Wen Kexing hurried over and personally tied the red thread of marriage that Dawu had given to Gu Xiang. Cao Weining put on a red suit. He was so nervous that he could only drink water continuously. Cao Weining didn’t expect that he could get married in Guigu, but he regretted that his uncle Fan Huaikong could not come to participate. Zhang Chengling suddenly remembered that Fan Huaikong had asked him to pass on a message, so he was really serious Imitate Fan Huaikong’s tone to congratulate Cao Weining.

Mo Huaiyang suddenly came to Guigu Hexi with a generous offer. Cao Weining was very happy and couldn’t wait to greet him. Gu Xiang also wanted to go with him. Wen Kexing resolutely refused. Zhou Zishu tried to persuade Wen Kexing, and he reluctantly agreed. Gu Xiang and Cao Weining came out to greet them hand in hand. Seeing Mo Huaiyang leading people, Gu Xiang regretted that Fan Huaikong and Mo Weixu had not come, and Cao Weining excitedly bowed his head and offered salutes.

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