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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 12 Recap

At the dinner table, Mo Yuxin already knew about Mo Fan becoming a model. She knew the hardship of this business, so she didn’t want her son to also enter the modeling industry, but she didn’t blame too much. Mo Fan winked vigorously at Murphy, but it was a pity that Murphy’s mood was not here at all. Mo Fei intends to stay with her mother for a few more days, but this little wish cannot be realized, and Mo Yuxin will leave again today.

Mo Fei was lying on the bed tossing and turning, constantly remembering everything Xia Xueling had shown her, and couldn’t forget the hug that Tang Mingxuan gave her. Murphy tried hard not to think about it, to believe that there were no fairy tales in this world, and that there was no possibility between her and Tang Mingxuan.

Murphy turned on the radio and continued to tell the story of the little prince, but unfortunately there was no beauty in the fairy tale this time. Tang Mingxuan clearly heard that Murphy’s mood was wrong, but it was a pity that the two people were not communicating on the same thing. Murphy turned off the radio and fell asleep with thoughts and distress.

Tang Mingxuan came to Murphy’s house with Yunjin, but he faced the depressed Murphy and her refusal after seeing the gift. During this meeting, Tang Mingxuan clearly felt that Murphy was alienated from him. Tang Mingxuan’s keenness discovered that Murphy had undergone certain things before such a change, but it was a pity that Murphy did not intend to confess.

The atmosphere solidified at this moment, and it seemed that they were not as good as meeting for the first time, at least Morphy would quarrel with Tang Mingxuan at that time. Facing Murphy’s fake and alien smile, Tang Mingxuan finally got up and left, disappearing into Murphy’s eyes with helplessness and loneliness.

Murphy deliberately wanted to use the reason for returning the employee card, and finally met Tang Mingxuan again, but was blocked by Xia Xueling. Downstairs of Mingyuan Group, Mo Fei wanted to tell Tang Mingxuan about the nine o’clock in the evening plane. Although the text message was not sent, Mo Fan and Lu Zhu became a bridge, allowing Tang Mingxuan to learn the situation in time and rushed to the airport by express.

When checking the baggage, Midoduo, who was in front of Murphy, was overweight because of the gift, so there was no way to ask Murphy to help share the gift. Midodo seemed to be a familiarity, and it was she who delayed Murphy’s footsteps, allowing Tang Mingxuan, who was in a traffic jam, time to arrive in time.

Tang Mingxuan completely ignored Xia Xueling’s intentional blocking, and tried his best to meet Murphy in pairs at this moment. Tang Mingxuan hoped that there was no misunderstanding between him and Mo Fei, anything could be said, and he got his wish, and he got the words of childhood sweetheart, golden boy and jade girl from Murphy.

Mo Fei endured the loneliness in his heart and blessed Tang Mingxuan and Xia Xueling. Unfortunately, this was not what Tang Mingxuan needed, nor would it be the reason for him to give up. Tang Mingxuan took out the puppet that used to be the little prince, hoping that it could accompany Murphy instead of himself, which became the only connection between them.

As the plane took off, the distance between the two people became farther and farther, and the longing became stronger and stronger because of the distance. Looking at the little prince doll in his hand, Morphy was full of bit by bit of experience with Tang Mingxuan. Although she was admitted to Paris this time, Moffy felt that she just wanted to escape.

Compared to Murphy’s escape, Midodo’s boyfriend is a student who has graduated from the Paris Academy, but the other party is unwilling to return to the country to get married because of accumulated experience. Miduo is afraid of accidents in a different place, so he can’t go far to pursue her husband. . After learning of the courage and active pursuit of the other party, Morphy looked at the little prince in his hand and remained silent.

After getting off the plane, Miduo’s boyfriend Cheng Yang personally drove Murphy to the youth hostel. He looked sunny and warm, and the relationship between the two was also very good. Midodo and Cheng Yang proposed that Murphy live in Midodo’s apartment, which is more secure.

In the past few days, Fang Xiaoyu has been unable to get through Murphy’s phone. After talking between Mo Fan and Lu Zhu, he knew that Murphy had been admitted to the Paris Academy and went to France. Under the coercion and lure of Fang Xiaoyu, Mo Fan and Lu Zhu had no choice but to agree to inform Fang Xiaoyu of Mo Fei’s contact information when Mo Fei contacted him.

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