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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 11 Recap

After a long time of hard work and opportunities, Lu Zhu can finally be promoted to Group B, and Mo Fan is happy for her. Lu Zhu wanted to go to Mo Fan’s house to celebrate, but Mo Yuxin had already returned. They could only take advantage of the time when Tang Mingxuan and his family were not at home to come to this house, which could be regarded as Lu Zhu’s, to cook and celebrate.

After many inquiries, Yang Guang learned the address of the batik workshop where Murphy worked, and Yang Guang was finally able to get his salary increase as he wished. When Tang Mingxuan came to the dyeing workshop, he saw Murphy worrying about the text message on his mobile phone. After a closer look, he realized that this was an admission notice from Paris.

Murphy was happily jumping high like a child, and was finally held in her arms by Tang Mingxuan. At this moment, she felt an inexplicable relief and sweetness. The beautiful atmosphere was broken by Mo Yuxin, who looked like a person who was caught in a puppy love, showing a little shyness and embarrassment.

Mo Yuxin did not show any disgust, but Tang Mingxuan looked at the woman in front of him, feeling a little familiar. The memory seemed to be opened at this moment, Tang Mingxuan led Mo Fei to no one, and asked if the other party remembered whether they had seen them when they were children. Tang Mingxuan’s memory didn’t have any impression in Mo Fei’s heart. She didn’t understand what Tang Mingxuan was talking about.

Murphy couldn’t remember the past, and Tang Mingxuan didn’t plan to take the initiative to mention it. He hoped that Murphy could recall everything about them by himself. When Mo Fei was curious at home, Mo Yuxin asked about Tang Mingxuan again, but thanks to Mo Fan’s help, she was able to get through temporarily.

Before going to bed, Mo Fei and Tang Mingxuan communicated via text messages. Tang Mingxuan was very concerned about Mo Yuxin’s impression of him and all about Mo Fei. They are like couples who have just fallen in love. They are moved by each other’s words. In a story of “The Little Prince” on Murphy Radio, Tang Mingxuan steadily falls asleep.

Mingyuan also recommended Mingyuan to absorb Murphy as a designer in the recommendation of the person in charge of daily fashion. Xia Xueling deliberately prevented it, but was unable to convince anyone. Murphy’s voice on the Internet is very high, and as the eighth place, there is no exception. This matter should only need to be nodded by Murphy, which is an inevitable decision.

The East China Fashion Forum cocktail party is being held, Fang Xiaoyu is also participating in the list, and it happens to see Bai Xiaoman who is already with Zhu Haitian. Bai Xiaoman deliberately asked Fang Xiaoyu to apologize, but again humiliated himself.

Xia Xueling intends to take the opportunity to instigate Zhu Haitian to invite Murphy into Haiyao. Although this did not succeed, Xia Xueling’s heart finally fell after hearing that Murphy was about to go to Paris for further study. Xia Xueling sang a harmony with Fang Xiaoyu’s help, and deliberately unilaterally revealed in front of Murphy that she would marry Tang Mingxuan.

After Mo Fei left the reception, she fell into Zhu Haitian’s entanglement. Xia Xueling took Mo Fei to Tang Mingxuan’s home on the grounds of helping send her home. Xia Xueling deliberately reversed right and wrong, revealing that Tang Mingxuan resisted the pressure of all parties and insisted on letting Mo Fey enter Mingyuan, intending to let Mo Fei retreat.

When the two arrived at the Tang’s house, Lu Dan had regarded Xia Xueling as a daughter-in-law who had never been through the door. When they were getting along, they also revealed the message that they were about to leave, which made Morphy’s mood increasingly depressed. As the hostess, Xia Xueling wanted to give a gift as a thank you to Mo Fei for the cooperation between Mingyuan and Xiufang. Not long ago, Tang Mingxuan had promised to surprise her.

Bai Xiaoman is willing to associate with Zhu Haitian, he can step on Murphy under his feet unscrupulously, and he can integrate into the high society he has long dreamed of. The fact that Zhu Haitian wanted to sign with Murphy made Bai Xiaoman completely mad. Unfortunately, in front of business, Zhu Haitian changed the appearance of accommodating and loving her at the beginning, and Bai Xiaoman also saw the facts clearly.

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