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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 13 Recap

Sun Xiaoai called her grandmother and asked if she had seen Fang Peng recently. The grandmother said that Fang Peng moved away after Sun Xiaoai’s accident. The neighbours said it was because of Sun Xiaoai. As for Yuting, no one had seen him. Passed her. Sun’s mother wondered why Sun Xiaoai remembered to ask Fang Peng. Su’s mother was going out for a walk with Sun Xiaoai, and the two went to the supermarket to buy things.

Sun Xiaoai found that Fang Peng was scolded for being late to deliver the food. Sun Xiaoai looked at his direction in a daze, and Fang Peng raised his eyes to see her leaving in a hurry. Su’s mother asked Sun Xiaoai who he was and if it was the scumbag. She had heard about Sun Xiaoai and quickly took her away. After returning home, Su’s mother told Su Xing about this matter, and also said that she would keep Sun Xiaoai away from the scumbag. After hearing this, Su Xing thought about it, and called his director friend.

Pete gave Julie a script, and the female number two is very suitable for her. He said that he had done a draft to push Qi Yue and recommended Julie by the way, so it depends on whether Julie can persuade Qi Yue. Qi Yue happened to be here, he had decided to come back, and Pete said that he would take them to a wine party to meet the world in the evening.

At the reception, Pete took Qi Yue around to make contacts. Julie met Pan Jianing, and the two of them disliked each other. Pete wanted to pick a male second in Xijiang’s cold month by the way, but Mr. Yu said that the directors would not agree. Pete beat Qi Yue on the side, saying that Julie likes Su Xing only because he can give her what she wants. If one day Qi Yue can be like Su Xing, Julie will treat him that way, and if Mr. Yu is willing to help Qi Yue , He also counts as one more noble person in the circle.

Sun Xiaoai thought of Fang Peng’s sadness. Sun Yihang was very angry and threatened to beat him up. Ye Lang said that this matter could be handled by him, which would definitely satisfy Sun Yihang. Julie returned home crying and said that Pete taught the newcomer to use her as a pawn. Su Xing went to the supermarket to find Fang Peng and said that his friend’s crew needed an actor. If he wanted to make money, he would recommend it.

Fang Peng immediately agreed, so he was taken over to act as a prisoner. Su Xing asked the director to slam the hand, and also deliberately delayed the time. Yuting saw this scene with her pregnant belly and quickly sent a message to Sun Xiaoai to help her. Save Fang Peng. Pete said that there was an endorsement who wanted to push Qi Yue and Julie, and Julie quickly thanked him and asked him if he wanted to associate himself with Qi Yue. Pete refused to say it, only that he hoped they could think clearly about what they wanted.

Su Xing directly let people take the whip. Fang Peng was afraid that when Sun Xiaoai arrived, he yelled that Su Xing was abusing others, let alone thanking him. Sun Xiaoai took Fang Peng and Yu Ting to leave. Yu Ting quickly thanked Sun Xiaoai. Fang Peng said that the sticks just now were fake, and it didn’t hurt to hit her body. She also understood that Su Xing wanted to give it to Sun Xiaoai. Tone. Su Xing was sad because of this incident and had nowhere to lose his temper. Sun Xiaoai quickly apologized for him with a stew, but Su Xing still had a temper and refused to accept it.

Qingping gave a lot of gifts from fans, and there were a lot of dolls. Su Xing said that Xiao Pudding must not be seen, otherwise he would have asthma. Qingping asked when Su Xing would resume work, but Su Xing obviously didn’t mean it. Uncle He came back, and Su’s mother was very happy. Su asked Sun Xiaoai to go upstairs to organize her own things. Su’s mother quickly said that Sun Xiaoai is a very good person, so don’t always embarrass others.

Qi Yue has arranged to work out with Su Xing, and Pete has arranged everything. He will push Qi Yue and Pan Jianing’s CP. Qi Yue has no opinion, he can do whatever he can to achieve his goal. Sun Xiaoai found that Su Xing did not wear many clothes when he was sorting the clothes, so he sent them to the orphanage to show love. The fitness videos of Qi Yue and Su Xing did not cause a lot of splashes, but Su Xing’s love for the welfare institution was searched hotly.

Pete gritted his teeth and congratulated Su Xing. Su Xing hung up the phone and looked puzzled. He opened the hot search and discovered this matter. Although Sun Xiaoai was exposed, Su Xing continued to help her send the courier to the orphanage.

Today is Xiaoyu’s birthday. Su Xing did not answer the phone, so Sun Xiaoai went to the hospital with a gift by himself, saying that Su Xing was too busy today, so she asked her to accompany Xiaoyu on her birthday. But they didn’t expect that Su Xing would also come, and Xiaoyu had a very special birthday in the ward accompanied by his idol.

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