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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 12 Recap

Qi Yue came to Julie with flowers early in the morning, and Julie begged Qi Yue to talk to Pete about taking her to shoot the commercial, and Qi Yue agreed. Su’s mother asked Sun Xiaoai to clean the room where the fan’s gifts were placed. Sun Xiaoai saw a letter written by a seriously ill fan and gave it to Su Xing. However, Su Xing said her job was to clean the room instead of looking at his gifts. The reality show was stopped, and Qingping and Xiaowei discussed this together. Xiaowei said that Qi Yue was a broom star, and thought that Pete liked Qi Yue, but who knew that was the result.

Xiaowei disliked Qi Yue as inferior to Su Xinghong. The client heard the news that the reality show was banned and proposed to terminate the contract, saying that only Su Xing was required. Qi Yue was immediately sad, feeling that he was just being regarded as a substitute for Su Xing, and even proposed to withdraw. He was not suitable for this industry at all, and he could not succeed.

Mingzhe called Su Xing and said that Pete was pushing a newcomer, Qi Yue, to remind Su Xing to pay attention. Su Xing said Pete had a sense of measure, after all, the entire company wanted him to support him. Julie didn’t answer Qi Yue’s call and ignored his news. Pete called and said that Qi Yue was not in a good mood, and asked Julie to remind him what to do. Julie reluctantly agreed.

Sun Xiaoai received a call from Sun Yihang when he was shopping for food, saying that he had something to ask Ye Lang to accompany her to buy food. Jia Changan ran to Pete and said that because Su Xing did not cooperate with the show, he had been stopped and asked him to give himself an explanation. He could not bear the loss alone. Pete refused to pay attention. Jia Changan threatened to put those materials on the Internet. Pete didn’t care. If he wasn’t satisfied, there would be no Su Xing. Qi Yue was drunk at home, and Julie persuaded him according to Pete’s instructions.

Qi Yue complained that when they kicked and kicked like a ball, he was a loser. Qi Yue suddenly rushed forward and said that she was sincere to Julie and wanted to take her with her. Julie quickly broke free and yelled that Qi Yue was not worthy to be compared with Su Xing. Su Xing had suffered so far that they could not imagine. Yes, this road has never been easy, if you can’t make it, give up as soon as possible. Julie left, Qi Yue clenched her fists.

Pete came up with a publicity point for the most handsome fitness coach, let people arrange the publicity, and he went to appease Qi Yue. When Sun Xiaoai and Ye Lang went out to go shopping, Sun Xiaoai was stunned when he saw the same earrings that Fang Peng had given him by the side of the road. The unbearable past came to mind. Ye Lang thought she was dreaming of a bride, but Sun Xiaoai said Her bride’s dream was broken long ago. Sun Xiaoai and Ye Lang told their stories. In fact, she missed her hometown very much, and she felt incompatible in this city.

Pete heard that Su’s mother was injured and came to visit, and took the opportunity to apologize to Su Xing and persuade him to start work. Su Xing sent him away in a few words. Qi Yue walked down the road in despair, and saw Su Xing’s advertisements all over the street, Qi Yue felt even more sad. Su Xing found out that Sun Xiaoai was sent home by a man and started to inquire. Sun Yihang went to Liang Yuxuan’s bar to apply for a bartender. He was deeply attracted from the first sight of Liang Yuxuan. The bar owner Chen Ge said she The road of love was bumpy, if Sun Yihang were here to make trouble, he would have driven him out as soon as possible.

Sun Xiaoai chopping potatoes absently, Su Xing asked gossiping if she was thinking that the man was scared away by Sun Xiaoai. Sun Yihang deliberately found a topic to strike up a conversation with Liang Yuxuan, but saw that she was sitting with an old man. Brother Chen said it was her father. Sun Yihang hurried up with a doll to please the future husband, but he did not expect it to be Liang Yuxuan’s gold master father. Sun Yihang ran away from Liang Yuxuan’s host, and Liang Yuxuan warned him to stay away from him in the future.

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