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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 11 Recap

Sun Xiaoai made soup to see Su’s mother. Jia Changan heard that Pete wanted to make Julie and Qi Yue’s CP a bit angry, but he didn’t like Julie. She wanted to fire Qi Yue and Pan Jianing’s CP. She was much better than Julie. Up. Julie went to Qi Yue to work out. Qi Yue received the news tomorrow to make up the recording. Julie explained that he would go to visit him tomorrow, and Qi Yue was naturally happy. Su’s mother asked Sun Xiaoai to send the masseur away and told her not to use it tomorrow. She couldn’t afford it for 1,000 yuan an hour.

Su Xing asked Little Pudding to take care of herself during this period of time so as not to cause trouble to Su’s mother. Little Pudding wanted to let Sun Xiaoai organize Harry Potter’s birthday party for herself. He also said that Su Xing’s words were not counted.

Sun Xiaoai signed the contract and decided to take good care of Su Mu and Xiao Puding. Little Pudding is still angry with Su Xing, Su’s mother asked him to let Sun Xiaoai come back as soon as possible, otherwise Pudding won’t be happy. Su Xing had no choice but to find Sun Xiaoai, both selling miserably and threateningly, and added an overlord clause that she could not resign without permission until he found a new housekeeper. Sun Xiaoai received a phone call from Sun Yihang, and Sun Xiaoai glanced at Su Xing with an amused look.

Since she is not allowed to resign, then don’t drive her away. Sun Xiaoai asked Su Xing to sign himself, and took the opportunity to rectify Su Xing, and Su Xing’s eyes were so hot that she shed a lot of tears. Little Pudding is going to make bear biscuits with Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai took the opportunity to run away, and Su Xing collapsed on the spot alone.

In order to fight back against Sun Xiaoai, Su Xing asked Sun Xiaoai to iron her clothes, but the clothes were ironed. But Sun Xiaoai coaxed Su’s mother very happy with the cooking. Su Xing had nothing to do with her. Su Xing’s bed was filled with spider toys. Sun Xiaoai, Su Mu and Xiao Puding had a good time, and Su Xing swallowed his breath again. Su Xing reluctantly proposed a truce, saying it was for family harmony and stability, and also promised to shorten her probation period. On the surface, the two were reconciled. Julie went to visit Qi Yue, only to meet Pan Jianing. Julie made a cake for everyone, and Pan Jianing snatched Qi Yue’s. Director Zheng had a completely different attitude towards her and Julie. Julie was embarrassed. Julie offered to help make up the recording. Director Zheng told her to play the role of a waiter, and Julie left with an awkward expression.

Pepe asked Su Xing to meet, and the two were friends for many years. Pepe was here to dig the foot of the wall, and kept saying clearly what role Su Xing wanted, which would give Pete a chance that he couldn’t. Pepe took out a blank check and said that as long as he nodded and waited for the expiration of Su Xing’s contract, he would take over his work, but Su Xing still remembered her sending Minna abroad. Sun Xiaoai seriously asked Sun Yihang why he ran away from home. The two almost quarreled. Julie came back crying. Sun Xiaoai then asked her why she didn’t tell herself about Sun Yihang’s return. Julie quickly explained and the two of them begged. Sun Xiaoai, don’t be angry. As soon as Sun Xiaoai was about to cook, the doorbell rang, and the person here was Ye Lang, who was also a friend of Sun Yihang.

Su Xing directly rejected Pepe. He would not leave Pete. Pepe asked him to use Pete as a brother. Does Pete use him as a brother? Su Xing remembered that when he had just entered the industry, he and Pete ran around for a role, drinking glass after glass, and half-dead on the set. The two of them didn’t have much money, and Su Xing finally won a male third. The reality show is about to air, and Pete will fire Qi Yue and Pan Jianing’s CP, Qi Yue can’t let go of Julie. Pete educates Qi Yue, as long as he listens to his own words, even Su Xing’s resources can be snatched from him.

Sun Xiaoai ate with Ye Lang, Sun Yihang, and Julie. Sun Yihang liked Ye Lang very much. As soon as Sun Xiaoai left, he asked him if he wanted to chase Sun Xiaoai.

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