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Rattan 司藤 Episode 26 Recap

When Wang Qiankun walked out, his legs were soft. Fortunately, Yan Furui was supporting him. Cang Hong turned around and stared at them with a serious face. Bai Ying actually called out “Siteng.” He breathed a sigh of relief. Cang Hong talked about Siteng alone. Yan Furui arranged for them in the back garden with a smile. Wang Qiankun swallowed and walked outside together. Wang Qiankun had been waiting for Siteng to attack Canghong, but he hadn’t waited for the rattan to have it. In response, Bai Ying resumed her female voice, telling Wang Qiankun’s non-male or female dress.

Wang Qiankun was so frightened that he returned to the room, and he and Yan Furui stubbornly pressed the door. Seeing that Bai Ying was not moving outside the door, they opened the curtains to see, and Bai Ying suddenly opened them. Bai Ying questioned the hiding place of Si Teng. , Walked to Qin Fang and threatened Yan Furui with him. Yan Furui couldn’t help but yelled Siteng, and at this moment Qin Fang suddenly took action and tied Bai Ying with a cane. It turned out that she had turned into Qin Fang’s appearance and was lying on Qin Fang’s hospital bed.

Yan Furui and Wang Qiankun brought out Qin Fang who was hiding in the bathroom, and transferred Bai Ying’s power to Qin Fang. Qin Fang became hot, and Yan Furui hurried to get cold water to cool Qin Fang. At the same time, Wang Qiankun asked his master, Canghong was actually used by the cruel Bai Ying, and brutally hurt him. Wang Qiankun was so angry that he was about to choke Bai Ying to death. Bai Ying could not struggle, she would His gaze turned to Si Teng. Although she killed Si Teng, she did not insult Si Teng. Si Teng was silent for a while before letting Wang Qiankun let her go. Relieved Bai Yingcai told Wang Qiankun that Cang Hong returned it. In the garden.

Si Teng continued to give Bai Ying’s power to Qin Fang, Bai Ying couldn’t stop yelling, until Qin Fang became bloody, Si Teng stopped, Yan Furui couldn’t help saying that Bai Ying was not bloody, and even his descendants would not let it go. Who knows that Baiying actually said that her son is dead. For the first time, Bai Ying told Si Teng about the past. Si Teng put his hand on Bai Ying’s forehead. Seeing how she was married back then, she changed herself for Shao Yankuan, but Shao Yankuan treated her with a set on the surface and the back. All the pledges of eachother turned into a bubble, and Si Teng could see the reason for the breakdown of the relationship between Bai Ying and Shao Yankuan.

Shao Yankuan soon married Xinhuan, leaving Bai Ying to stay alone. She killed his third concubine in front of Shao Yankuan, and appeared in front of him grimly, so scared that Shao Yankuan could not speak, Bai Ying It’s like crazy. From then on, Shao Yankuan locked her up frantically and refused to let her go out. Bai Ying thought that she could be separated from her before by changing her face, but in fact she was sinking deeper and deeper.

Bai Ying could no longer wait for Shao Yankuan to spoil her. At this time, Shao Yankuan’s wife was pregnant with someone else’s child. Bai Ying overheard their conversation and wanted to use the child to involve Shao Yankuan. Bai Ying humbledly begged Shao Yankuan’s forgiveness, and Shao Yankuan and She was in love, Bai Ying was pregnant, but Shao Yankuan was still very cold. Bai Ying was suspicious and followed Shao Yankuan and discovered that he had partnered with Qiu Shan to murder her privately. Qiu Shan wanted to wipe out Si Teng in one fell swoop when she gave birth. Although Shao Yankuan wanted children, she decided to compromise because of her ethnic identity.

Sto saw the past silently, Bailin rained to the Huamei Textile Factory, where she killed Sto, who had discouraged her, and now she was crying, she finally realized her mistake, but it was too late. After awakening, Baiying began to plot the resurrection of Siteng. She began to cheer up and plan for a few decades later. Baiying found the descendants of Suteu, because their blood could resurrect Siteng, so she killed Qingtian. The tree took away their children, planning to give themselves a brand new future in seven or eighty years.

Qiu Shan appeared to kill Baiying when Baiying had finished giving birth, but Baiying said that she would definitely come back.

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