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Rattan 司藤 Episode 25 Recap

Yan Furui woke up and saw Si Teng looking at him, but as soon as he heard that this was Wang Qiankun, Wang Qiankun was very puzzled, and Si Teng disappeared overnight. The two hurried out to check and found that Si Teng was there. A big eye was drawn on the door. They guessed that in order to make Bai Ying suspicious, just look here and the illusion would take effect. Yan Furui worried that Wang Qiankun would expose himself, so he asked him to take care of Sto’s posture.

The two were seen by the neighbor. The neighbor thought they were abnormal. Wang Qiankun thought that the illusion was effective, so he hurried back to look in the mirror, but found that he was not in the illusion. And Yan Furui always thought that Si Teng turned into a vine and hid in the garden, but no one responded. Wang Qiankun didn’t care about his posture at all. He was reprimanded by Yan Furui, and finally started to learn in a decent way. Yan Furui took Wang Qiankun and insisted on giving him makeup, which happened to be witnessed by Jia Lingling.

Jia Lingling misunderstood that the two of them had a leg. After being found out, Yan Furui ran away. Yan Furui worried that Jia Lingling misunderstood that he liked Siteng, so why chased him up. Jia Lingling’s understanding made him puzzled. On the other side, Qiu Shan woke up in the hospital. He was in a very bad state of mind. After the nurse left, he propped up his weak body and quietly left the hospital. As soon as his front foot left, the previous assistant came to visit him and found that he was already go away.

When Yan Furui returned home, Wang Qiankun had already painted himself smoky makeup. He was so frightened that he thought it was Bai Ying. Fortunately, Wang Qiankun spoke. Wang Qiankun removed the makeup while persuading Yan Furui to study the little girl’s psychology. Only bachelor in the future. Qiu Shan returned to his home and looked at the painting he had hung at home. He couldn’t help but recalled the Niao clan he loved back then. His thoughts returned, and the picture scroll in front of him seemed to be sensed and burned.

Yan Furui was awakened that day. He saw Si Teng. Si Teng told him that he could burn the cane to orientate after the seven-star stone plate arrived. After saying that Yan Furui suddenly became sober. It turned out that he was dreaming just now, and Wang Qiankun was still safe. Sleep on the side. Knowing the usefulness of the cane, Yan Furui hurried to block the cane in the garden. He started to be suspicious these two days, always feeling that something was going to happen. The two of them were too hungry. Yan Furui had to go out and buy food, leaving Wang Qiankun. Learn makeup by yourself at home.

Yan Furui bought it and came back early, and suddenly received a call saying that an old man was hit by a car. He guessed that it might be Cang Hong. He immediately stopped the excited Wang Qiankun and hurried out to check and saw that Cang Hong was really hit. Argued with the security guard. Hearing what the security guard said, although Yan Furui felt very strange, he still carried the person back to his home. Wang Qiankun screamed out, thinking that his master had an accident to blame Sato, and had a big quarrel with Yan Furui.

Yan Furui took advantage of Wang Qiankun to get the medicine, secretly took out the seven-star stone plate, and pulled a little rattan. He wanted to try the method Siteng said. He took the thing and walked into Qin Fang’s room, planning to try it himself first. Unexpectedly, the compass pointed to was nearby and was still moving. Just as Wang Qiankun entered the door, they took the compass and walked into the hall together. As expected, the compass pointed to Canghong. The two of them covered their mouths in shock, and hid in Qin hurriedly. Put the room.

In this way, Bai Ying entered the house in a hurry, and never opened his eyes from beginning to end, so Yan Furui boldly went out, took a picture of the door, and then quietly returned to the house, intending to show Cang Hong the door. Canghong’s eyes, but Canghong didn’t move. Yan Furui went back to the room to find Wang Qiankun, planning to let him pretend to be Sito to deal with Bai Ying, no matter whether the eyes on the photo are effective or not, they must boldly try it.

So the two took the courage and walked out of Qin Fang’s room to face Bai Ying who had become Canghong.

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