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Rattan 司藤 Episode 24 Recap

Qin Fang recognized Bai Ying’s illusion and was dropped by Bai Ying in mid-air. She told Qin Fang to wait for Siteng. If she was lucky, she told Siteng that she would definitely win the match. Qin Fang didn’t want Bai Ying’s tricks. If he succeeded, he waited desperately for Sato to find her. But in the end he still couldn’t hold it, and fell from the high building. At this moment, Si Teng waited with his back to him. Si Teng was attracted by the crowd and turned around, and saw Qin Fang who had fallen so badly. , Can’t believe it for a while.

Si Teng walked forward silently, watching Qin Fang lying in a pool of blood, and tremblingly stretched out his hand to try, only to find that she was already in tears, Bai Ying silently looked at Si Teng from a high place, and she caught Si Teng. The weakness is bound to be combined with Siteng. Qin Fang did not die. He was sent to the hospital for rescue. He still held his breath without dying. Si Teng kept silently guarding him. The distraught Si Teng injected his power into Qin Fang’s body, but Was bounced out.

Siteng realized that something was wrong, so he leaned forward and pressed close to Qin Fang’s forehead, and saw a tree of life in Qin Fang’s consciousness. She seemed to have returned to her memory. She was clinging to Qin Fang after she was born and left. The big tree in China turned into an adult, and Qin Fang was the descendant of this tree. After seeing this clearly, Si Teng left the hospital in silence, leaving Liushen Wuzhu Yan Furui in a hurry at the door of the ward.

Yan Furui felt relieved and chased it out. Si Teng expressed his own feelings. She and Bai Ying were both vines. If Qiu Shan hadn’t intervened, they could have enjoyed their lives in the deep mountain forest. Who would want to suffer as a human being? Suddenly she can realize the harm Baiying has suffered in the past nine years. She wants to understand that regardless of whether Baiying fits with her, the sins she committed need to be solved by herself. Before that, she must completely kill Baiying and let her Qin Fang was a good man, and Yan Furui was relieved.

After Bai Ying left, Bai Jin began to break free from the cane tied to her body. Who knew that she was about to escape, Bai Ying came back. Bai Jin guessed that she had put a bad hand on Qin, and began to question Bai Ying, the relationship between humans and the Xia tribe. It has only subsided for a hundred years, but now it is re-evoked because of Bai Ying’s obsession. Bai Ying was furious because of Bai Jin’s questioning, and he swung him out of the sky. In a place that Bai Ying could not see, Bai Jin displayed his wings and escaped from her control.

Qin Fang was moved back to his home, and there was no room for any miscellaneous air to pour in. If Siteng’s energy could be injected, Qin Fang would be able to recover as before. Si Teng called Cang Hong and others to ask for their help. She guessed that Qin Fang was unwilling to accept her power because she was worried that she would not be able to match Bai Ying. Wang Qiankun rushed to Qin Fang’s house with Cang Hong. Siteng asked Canghong how Qiu Shan found her who was hiding in Tibet after Siteng and Qiu Shan turned their faces.

Cang Hong did not hide it. Qiu Shan always held a disc made of stone in his hand. They used the seven-star stone disc that fell on the earth with the Xuan clan to find Siteng. Siteng guessed that it was something from the Huang family. The place where the old lady sets up the stall is always there, and there must be some magic weapon. Cang Hong couldn’t stop him, so he could only promise Siteng to help her get the seven-star stone plate. Yan Furui sent Cang Hong away, and met the little girl at the familiar Baozi shop. He looked at Yan Furui’s listless appearance and took the remaining bun. It was given to Yan Furui.

When Yan Furui returned home, Si Teng left Wang Qiankun, pretending to be at home all the time. At this moment, Wang Qiankun dressed like Si Teng and walked out. Yan Furui almost laughed to death. Si Teng and Yan Furui looked at each other and found out. Wang Qiankun in his eyes was exactly the same as Si Teng. Si Teng asked the two to follow him and confess Bai Ying’s next itinerary. Bai Ying put down his murderous hand on Qin, and there must be further actions next. They both wanted to destroy the other party.

That’s why Siteng wanted to use Wang Qiankun to fish out Bai Ying. When Bai Ying found them, it would not be them the first time Bai Ying saw them, and he would not notice their game at a glance. Qiu Shan was eating outside. He couldn’t eat or drink at all because he was unwell. He met his former assistant. Before he could flee in a hurry, he fell to his knees and was taken to the hospital. Before leaving, Si Teng carefully shaved Qin Fang’s beard.

During the period, she revealed her inner secrets. She was eager to be a human, so Bai Ying’s clone appeared. She said a lot to Qin Fang who was in a coma, and Qin said a lot that day. Before buying the balloons, what she wanted to say was that she was willing to accompany Qin Fang to live the ordinary life of ordinary people, but the life they wanted had to wait until the affairs of Qiu Shan and Bai Ying were resolved smoothly.

Si Teng walked out of the house and used rain water to make tricks on the door. As long as they didn’t leave Qin’s house, it was enough to wait for Bai Ying to come. Yan Furui was awakened by the sound made by Siteng. He fainted suddenly when he was about to go to see if Qin Fang was well.

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