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Rattan 司藤 Episode 23 Recap

After the hangover, Qin woke up on the bed and looked at the sheets blankly. He got up and went to the door. Si Teng was sitting shyly outside. Seeing him coming out and pretending to greet him calmly, Qin Fang recalled last night. Teng couldn’t help but feel the way he kissed him. Siteng boldly accepted Qin Fang, and both of them couldn’t help but blush. Qin slowed down in front of Siteng, surprised by Sto’s sudden change.

Qin Fang suddenly discovered that Siteng was watching the Titanic. He wanted to ask her what she thought. Who knew Yan Furui suddenly returned home. Qin Fang hurriedly caught Yan Furui. They always thought Yan Furui was taken away by Bai Ying, but Yan Furui did. Denying it, Sito immediately asked him where he had been during this time. Bai Jin woke up with a hangover in the morning, but found that he was hung in the air by a cane. He heard someone ask him if he wanted to survive, and he immediately agreed. Baiying drew him in front of him, and she turned into Sto’s appearance and said She is Sito’s own sister, and Bai Jin hastened to get close to her.

Yan Furui lied that Wang Qiankun called himself, saying that Bai Jin wanted to find Si Teng, but suddenly disappeared, so he went to Bai Jin. Qin Fang hurriedly finished the game. Only Si Teng looked at Yan Furui inquisitively, obviously not believing Yan Furui. , Yan Furui ran away before Si Teng took action, and only then escaped the catastrophe. Bai Jin was let go by Baiying once, and was forced to answer Baiying’s question. Baiying wanted to know what happened between Sto and Xuanmen. Before answering, Bai Jin asked Baiying where Baiying came from, but Baiying suddenly went crazy and took Bai Jin. As a grieving Han Shao Yankuan, Shiteng hurriedly returned to the topic of Si Teng.

After Yan Furui lied to Siteng and Qin Fang, he felt a little uneasy. He made an analogy and wanted Qin Fang to give his own advice. Qin Fang said that if the hatred of the two parties has nothing to do with him, then he should not help him. His words enlightened him. Yan Furui. Qin Fang helped find Platinum, but there was no news. He actually knew Yan Furui was lying, just like Si Teng. Although Qin Fang also felt that Yan Furui was strange recently, he believed that Yan Furui would not be like Shao Yankuan with a set of faces and a set of backs. .

On the other side, Qiu Shan recalled what his master had taught him. Generations of Xingyun Pavilion have always dreamed of letting the Xuanmen recognize them. Qiu Shan once fell in love with a squat clan called Changsheng. He only knew that he was deceived by Changsheng when he knew the truth . Changsheng killed the entire division of Qiu Shan, and Qiu Shan has since vowed to kill all the Yao clan. The more Yan Furui thought about it in Qin Fang’s house, the worse it became, and he wanted to find his master to make it clear, don’t let this hatred continue.

Yan Furui found Qiu Shan on the corner of the street, and he begged his master to let go of his hatred of the Yao ethnic group, but Qiu Shan thought that the Yao ethnic group was not my race, and his heart must be different. Yan Furui said that Si Teng had never killed anyone, but Qiu Shan immediately raised his head when he heard him speak for Si Teng. At this moment, Qiu Shan’s weapon reacted. He stood up and talked to Si Teng who was following Yan Furui. There was a fight. Yan Furui hurriedly stood in front of the two of them and tried to stop the two arrogant people. Siteng asked Qiu Shan angrily about the unfair treatment he had received. Qiu Shan attributed all to her as a gang. He mentioned the experience of being deceived for the first time. Damn it.

Si Teng shot Qiu Shan, Yan Furui hurriedly interceded for Master, Si Teng only asked one last question, whether Qiu Shan had any pity for her back then, Qiu Shan silently denied. Although Si Teng, who is the Xia clan, was insulted and scolded by Qiu Shan, she still respected Qiu Shan and alienated her to the world. Today, she has let Qiu Shan go. Quality control Qiu Shan is the truly ruthless person.

Qiu Shan suddenly looked decadent. Yan Furui took Qiu Shan and wanted him and himself to return to Cangcheng Mountain, but Qiu Shan refused. He warned Yan Furui not to get involved in these things, and then took back his weapon alone and hobbled away. Yan Furui Painful in situ. In fact, when Qiu Shan was raising Si Teng, he had pity for him. Because Si Teng was abused by Qiu Shan, he dared not smile when he saw him. Qiu Shan was at a loss at the time.

Seeing that Si Teng had been silent, Qin Fang invited her to go for a walk to ease his mood, and the two walked down their own garden hand in hand to wander around. At the same time, Bai Jin explained to Bai Ying the story of Sto and Xuanmen all day long. Bai Jin Huyou Baiying’s life has changed drastically now. I want Baiying to try to integrate into his current life like Siteng. Baiying thinks Siteng made such a change because of Qin Fang, but she doesn’t believe Siteng. She will be so lucky. She has suffered emotional wounds, and feels that all men in the world are heartbroken, and Sito met him too.

Baiying couldn’t accept Platinum’s statement, and went crazy again. For a while, she recognized Platinum as Sato, and for a while, she recognized her as Shao Yankuan. She wanted to let Baiying see through. Don’t be obsessed with it. Baiying really refused to let Sato go. Be generous to help Sato solve the stumbling block, but Bai Jin can’t stop Baiying. Bai Ying came to the dark to stare at Siteng and Qin Fang while playing outside. The bright smiles on their faces stung her heart. Qin Fang left Siteng for a while, and Bai Ying turned into Siteng’s appearance, seduce Qin Fang. Came to a place with no one.

Qin Fang bought a bunch of balloons and followed them without warning, but Si Teng’s answer was strange. Qin Fang immediately found the strangeness of “Siteng” from the details, and Bai Ying fell into the air before he could react. , Relying on arm strength to support not falling.

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