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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 9 Recap

Yuan Kan was stopped at the door. I didn’t know what Liu E was thinking. Liu E asked Yuan Kan to release Yelukang out of Dali Temple. Yuan Kan didn’t think that Liu E didn’t know that he just wanted to protect her thoughtfulness, but Liu E was full of words. He wanted to leave to go to Beijing to take care of Zhao Ji, which made Yuan Kan annoyed and could only leave quickly.

The next day, Su Yijian came up to see and asked Yuan Kan and Liu E because of the contradiction that Yelukang had recently had. Su Yijian spoke for Liu E and explained that everything was because the two had different views on Yelukang. Liu E asked Yelukang. The child who is seen as a stubborn need to take care of, has long been regarded as his own flesh and blood.

Yuan Kan had to sigh after hearing it, and said no more. At this time, Liu E was packing his luggage at Duyunxuan, Yuan Kan insisted on imprisoning Yelukang, but his own flesh and blood suffered in Shangjing. Liu E insisted on leaving to go to Beijing to accompany Zhao Ji, Su Yijian hurriedly brought Yuankan with him. After catching up with Liu E, Yuan Kan finally nodded and agreed, looking at Liu E, who was extremely stubborn and determined.

Yelukang was taken back to Duyunxuan. Liu E personally took care of her food and prepared Yelukang’s habit of eating. He even invited Su Yijian to teach Yelukang’s poems and etiquette, hoping to make Yelukang more understandable. The future of the country will bring peace. Su Yijian knew Liu E’s kindness and sincerity, so he agreed to the matter.

In the early days, the minister reported that Wang Jun rebelled against the party and marched into Shu. Yuan Kan knew that if the rebels were not put down, there would be endless troubles, so he quickly ordered the minister to arrest the rebels. Su Yijian originally taught Yelukang to learn to write carefully, but Yelukang got angry and tore up all Su Yijian’s manuscripts. Su Yijian understood that this was only Yelukang’s self-protection model and encouraged Yelukang to learn to write to Xiao Chuo. This made Yelukang calm down and picked up the pen.

Zhao Ji is very caring about feeding the horses at the racecourse. When Mu Yi led the horse, Tie Jing felt that Mu Yi was very interesting in front of him, so he tried to compete with Mu Yi on the grounds of swordsmanship. As expected, after a few rounds, Tie Jing lost the competition and ordered Mu Yi to be his own coach. Even Zhao Ji on the side saw through the iron mirror’s purpose and laughed.

Liu E made Shu embroidery late at night, and specially sewed a quilt for Yelukang. Seeing that Su Yijian has worked so hard in recent days, he sewed a dress for him. The two washed and cleaned up for Yelukang, and looked at Yelukang’s occasional appearance of children, and the two smiled at each other.

Early on, the rebellion failed, and the rebels became even more powerful. Seeing that the rebels went south, Ding Wei asked for it, and even only needed soldiers to come to the enemy’s fifty thousand soldiers. Other ministers thought that Ding Wei was just boasting about going to the sea, but Ding Wei insisted on leading the way. Order, make a military order. Yelukang was taken care of by Liu E for many days, and his temperament finally became much more docile.

This time the second prince’s birthday came, Liu E asked Su Yijian to take Yelukang into the palace, originally reluctant, but as long as he stayed with Liu By E’s side, Yelukang’s stubborn temper was finally surrendered, and he obediently saluted the emperor and the queen. I learned that Yelukang, who was originally hot-tempered, was taught by Liu E to learn about Shudali. Pan Yuzhu on the side was full of dissatisfaction, but the emperor was very pleased. The queen asked the second prince Youer to give the prepared gift to Yelukang. Bring out the revolving lantern that she prepared and gave it to Yelukang.

The two chatted about their leisure and fun days. You’er admired Yelukang’s happiness, but she had never walked out of the palace, so Yelukang took Yelukang to the highest point of the palace. Came to look at the scenery of the imperial city, but Zhao You accidentally slipped. Yelukang quickly grabbed Zhao You, but he didn’t have enough energy. Fortunately, Su Yijian and others rushed to catch Zhao You in the end.

Above the court, the ministers guessed whether there was another conspiracy behind the actions of the two children. They even guessed that Liu E came to instruct Yelukang, and the ministers proposed to imprison Yelukang to Dali Temple for punishment, but Yuan Kan had already seen it. Yelukang came out for himself, so he publicly ordered Yelukang to be the king of Yan’an, sealed the ministers, and discussed with Liu E, giving Yelukang a Chinese name called Zhao Li.

Lingzhou sent a secret report. It turned out to be a notice from the prefect that Li Jiqian sent troops into chaos. He not only robbed the army, but also decapitated the soldiers. Kou Zhun insisted on eliminating the party’s chaos first, and confronted Wang Qinruo’s views positively, leaving Yuan Kan with no face. After retiring from the court, Yuan Kan found an anonymous memorial. The memorial not only blamed the emperor for ignoring the party’s cholera, but also accused Liu E. Yuan Kan handed the memorial to the Taifu who was aware of Qiuhao for a secret investigation. Later, Li Gan, the minister of the Ministry of Rites, was called into the palace. It turned out that Lu Duan had passed away. Before Lu Duan passed away, he confessed that Li Gan should be the prime minister. So Yuan Kan summoned Li Gan and personally named him the prime minister.

When Guo Hanlin and Tai Fu met, the two talked about the anonymous memorial. They guessed that the person who wrote the memorial was Wang Qinruo. They used this to blame Kou Zhun. Now Kou Zhun may be the best candidate for the prime minister, so Wang Qinruo made this move. , Guo Hanlin chooses for the Tai Fu so that the Tai Fu does not have to report the truth to the emperor so quickly.

In the hot weather, Liu E fanned Yelukang and Yuan Kan came to visit. Yelukang asked why the two did not live in the dormitory. Yuan Kan remained silent, but Liu E made a vocal relief. The two talked about the current situation together. Liu E admired Kou Zhun very much, but Yuan Kan was very troubled by Kou Zhun’s fierce language. Unexpectedly, Liu E would also speak for him. Yuan Kan was angry and prohibited Liu E from discussing state affairs. , He was annoyed and left and moved to the palace of Concubine Shu.

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