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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 8 Recap

The Liao Dynasty held a wrestling meeting. Xiao Chuo quietly watched the duel between the two emperor grandchildren. One was a strong Zong Wei, and the other was Kang’er, who turned defeat into victory. Xiao Chuo decided to choose Kang’er as a proton and join the Han people. Learn deeper knowledge. On the other side, Zhao Ji shed tears and waved goodbye to his mother. Zhao Ji, who was smart and wise since childhood, was also very sensible. After kowtow to Liu E and Yuan Kan, Li Wan’er was taken out of the Xiang Wang Mansion.

A few days later, Emperor Guo was canonized as queen, and Pan Yuzhu was canonized as concubine Shu. As for Liu E, she had been with her for a long time and lost her beloved son. Yuan Kan decided to be enrolled as a noble concubine. Yuan Kan of E didn’t care about these protesting voices at all, and insisted on asking for a name for Liu E. After retiring from the court, Yuan Kan asked about Kou Zhun’s thoughts. Who knew that although Kou Zhun was in favor, but didn’t want to resist the officials, he could only persuade the emperor to make a concession, otherwise he could not persuade the officials. In order to stay in the palace for Liu E’s righteousness, Kou Zhun decided to offer strategies to the emperor.

Since his son Jill was sent to Liao, Liu E was accompanied by nightmares every night, waking up from the dream, Yuan Kan on the side had to calm down and calm Liu E’s worries.

Prince Yelulongqing sent the letter of alliance and Yelukang to the hall. Yelulongqing conveyed Xiao Chuo’s desire to let Liu E take care of Yelukang. Yuan Kan agreed and was taking this opportunity to let Liu E take care of Yelukang for three years. Can get the status of noble concubine, but the ministers still don’t want to let it go, hoping to let the queen take the responsibility of teaching protons. In order to deter Liu E from entering the palace. Yuan Kan didn’t say much, but only asked Kou Zhun’s opinion. Sure enough, Kou Zhun put forward the Queen Mother Xiao’s conditions and should not resist and become suspicious. This helped Yuan Kan facilitate this matter logically.

Yelu Longqing and Yuan Kan were playing chess while discussing major issues. The two parties were at peace. Yuan Kan also took them to visit the palace. On the other side, Yang Yanzhao sent the prince to the Liao country to meet Xiao Chuo. When he came to a foreign country, Zhao Jiduo was not used to it, but Xiao Chuo did not blame him. Instead, he called Zhao Ji to his side. The cheerful princess Tiejing liked it very much. The well-behaved Zhao Ji offered to take care of Zhao Ji himself.

Queen Guo proposed to Yuan Kan that Liu E and Yelukang should go to Duyunxuan to live in, in order to cultivate their moral character. The nurse let her daughter Yang Yingluo take care of Liu E instead of Wan’er. But Yelukang didn’t want to look directly at Liu E. He was full of rebelliousness. Even the dog-raising Kang Le brought by Yelukang himself bit the maid. Everyone hurried to catch them. The courtyard was chaotic. Yelukang called angrily to stop. Everyone, who knows that the dog rushed towards Liu E…

Yelukang, who did not listen to discipline, was locked up in the firewood room. As a result, he fell to the ground due to heat stroke. Liu E quickly took herbal medicine for him and fanned him all night to cool off the heat. In the morning, Liu E woke up and found herself tied up by Yelukang and hungry. Yelukang filled the house looking for food, and did not listen to Liu E’s persuasion. He swallowed the pill. Yelukang got tired of Liu E’s nagging, and even held a knife against Liu E’s neck. Who knew he could not breathe well. , Yelukang fainted unexpectedly.

After receiving the news, Yuan Kan hurried to Du Yunxuan, looking at the knife mark on Liu E’s neck, Yuan Kan became angry and hurriedly dissuaded Yuan Kan, but Yuan Kan insisted that Su Yijian take Yelukang away. Be disciplined.

When thunder suddenly woke up at night, Yuan Kan vaguely saw the shadow at the door, mistakenly thinking that Yelukang came to assassinate him. So the next day he called for the ministers to discuss. The wild Yelukang made everyone difficult. Under the persuasion of several voices, Yuan Kan felt that his decision was a little impulsive, and couldn’t help feeling remorse, so he decided to think about a new solution.

Princess Tiejing has a straightforward personality and a natural love of freedom. She came to the room where Zhao Ji was sitting. She couldn’t understand that Zhao Ji was bored with reading and writing every day. She wanted to teach him horse riding and archery, so she secretly took Zhao Ji with Yelv Zongwei. Ride away and go hunting. Li Wan’er couldn’t find Zhao Ji, and was so worried that she had to report it to Yang Yanzhao’s brother Mu Yi. Mu Yi knew where Tie Jing preferred hunting, so she quickly went to look for it. On the other side, the trio of Tiejing had nothing to gain, but they accidentally stepped into the territory of the Jurchen. The enemy shot Yelu Zongwei with an arrow.

Seeing Tiejing was about to be injured, Mu Yi quickly came to help defend the enemy, and the royal army quickly rushed. Here, they rescued the two, but in a panic, Zhao Ji and the two separated. Without further ado, Mu Yi decided to go and look for them and let Tie Jing and Yelu Zongwei go back first. Seeing Yelu Zongwei and Tie Jing returning, Xiao Chuo was anxious about the whereabouts of Proton Zhao Ji, and quickly ordered another search.

When the thunderstorm fell suddenly, Yuan Kan came to Duyunxuan, but Liu E deliberately turned off the lights and closed the door, shutting him out. Yuan Kan didn’t know what Liu E meant, so he deliberately stopped himself outside…

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