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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 12 Recap

Yuan Kan mentioned Li Han’s last wish to everyone, and the ministers thought it would be better for Kou Zhun and Wang Qinruo to contain each other. Kou Zhun refused to accept Wang Qinruo’s promotion and restrained herself, but Mrs. Kou saw the emperor’s intention that she wanted to hone Kou Zhun, so that it would be of great use in the future.

When Pan Yuzhu heard of Jialing’s arrival, she became angry immediately, but wanted to explore the rules of the palace, so she took the maid into the side hall where Yelukang was stored. But Liu E didn’t know about these things, and was still preparing clothes for Yelukang. Unexpectedly, Concubine Pan came and wanted to relive the past with Pan Yuzhu, but Pan Yuzhu directly informed Liu E of Yelukang’s death. In extreme shock, Liu E appeared to be extremely calm, but left the hall on his own. People can’t guess what they are thinking.

The news of Yelukang’s death reached the ears of Queen Mother Xiao, and the crusade to the south was a foregone conclusion. Wang Hanlin believed that the cessation of land and seeking peace was the top priority, but Bi Shian believed that troops should be sent to strengthen the border. Shi’an recommended Kou Zhun to discuss the war. Kou Zhun was very familiar with the Northern Territory, pointed out the main battle lines, and persuaded the emperor to conquer and plan tactics in order to repel the Liao army. In addition, Liu E approached Kou Zhun, asked about the battle with the Liao army, and learned that the key lies in the emperor’s hesitation to drive himself.

Liu E believed in Kou Zhun’s abilities, so he was relieved to entrust him, and he planned to bring Yelukang’s coffin. Go north and return the protons, so that the Empress Dowager Xiao will become obscure. Even if she can’t return, she will meet with Zhao Ji and wait for Yuan Kan’s imperial conquest. Liu E got the permission of Yuan Kan, and Liu E prepared to bring the coffin to meet the Queen Mother Xiao in person. Yuan Kan was particularly worried about seeing off everyone.

Bi Shian received a secret letter written by Li Kan before his death, in which he mentioned that Kou Zhun was indeed a useful talent, but lacked training. In addition, it was mentioned that Liu E had a unique vision of governing the world, and Yuan Kan would definitely be invited into the palace in the future, and Li Gan asked Bi Shian to stop the matter. Bi Shian thought for a long time after reading the secret letter. Then they found Kou Zhun drinking and chatting. The two talked about Wang Qinruo. Kou Zhun was very dissatisfied. As Bi Shian listened to Kou Zhun’s analysis of the situation, he was very moved by Li Han’s vision, and the Kou Zhun in front of him was just the talent that could be used.

The ten days had passed. The Queen Mother only waited for Yuan Kan’s letter. The letter mentioned that Liu E had brought a coffin to meet. The Queen Mother was in great pain, but she was still curious about what Liu E could do. When Liu E came to the hall, she told the Queen Mother Xiao the truth, but the Queen Mother at this time could not take care of the proton covenant, and was determined to go south to avenge revenge. Only then did Liu E come up with the wish that Yelukang learned to write in his own handwriting. , That is, I hope that the two countries will have good relations and there will be no more wars. Seeing the wishes of her children and grandchildren, the Empress Dowager Xiao’s tears flowed down, and she agreed to bring out Zhao Ji and Li Wan’er, and reunite the three of them.

Mu Yi led Liu E, and Liu E discovered Mu Yi’s Han identity. Mu Yi personally brought Zhao Ji and Li Wan’er. Sure enough, after the three met, they embraced each other excitedly. Mu Yi looked at the door and was moved, so he could only turn his back. Looking at Zhao Ji’s sleeping face in the candlelight, the two talked about Mu Yi. Liu E felt that Mu Yi’s identity was not simple, but he was a trustworthy person. Li Wan’er moved Liu E to come to Liao to receive the two in person. Thinking of this war, Liu E firmly believes that Kou Zhun will help each other and he will surely win the battle.

After several thoughts, Queen Mother Xiao decided to start with Dingzhou, leading the army to kill, intending to recover Dingzhou…

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