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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 10 Recap

Pan Yuzhu did not expect to finally wait for the emperor to arrive in the palace. This was a pleasant surprise. Pan Yuzhu has been married for ten years, but has never been favored. Now the day she was looking forward to has finally arrived, Pan Yuzhu felt that she couldn’t help it. Shaking, but still caressing Yuan Kan’s shoulders, the two finally rounded up the room.

The next day, the news that Ding Wei defeated Wang Jun’s rebels came to Yuan Kan’s joy. Unexpectedly, a scholar was better than a general. Yuan Kan decided to promote Ding Wei in order to reward him. On the other hand, Pan Yuzhu returned to her natal family to visit her parents. Now her daughter is a noble concubine. Pan hopes to let her daughter give birth to an emperor as soon as possible. Don’t listen at all.

The next day, Li Gan learned that Yuan Kan had awarded Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo, and raised objections, thinking that Ding Wei and Wang Qinruo exaggerated their achievements, but Kou Zhun was the loyal minister who dared to speak up. Seeing that Li Han’s condition got worse and he strongly demanded that Kou Zhun be reused, Yuan Kan gave up the idea of ​​promoting Wang Qinruo after hearing what Li Han said. Then, the chaos in the party became worse, and Wang Qinruo once again recommended Ding Wei, and Pan Liang on the side asked for a joint invitation, and Yuan Kan agreed and ordered the two to go to quell the chaos.

Mrs. Kou and the queen talked about the ministers of the DPRK. The queen decided that Kou Zhun would be a loyal minister, and promised to let his father Guo Hanlin say something for Kou Zhun. Su Yijian asked to see Yuan Kan, and the two talked about the Northwestern rebels. Su Yijian recommended that Cao Can, son of the privy envoy Cao Bin, go to Zhizhou in Linzhou to resist the rebels. In addition, Su Yijian mentioned that the emperor had neglected Liu E for many days, and hoped that Yuan Kan would visit Liu E more often. Why didn’t Yuan Kan miss Liu E, even calling Liu E’s name in his sleep, which made Pan Yuzhu by the pillow jealous.

Pan Liang and Ding said that Li Jiqian attacked Lingzhou because of their own opinions and misjudgments. Yuan Kan asked who could defend against the enemy above the hall. At this time, Kou Zhun offered his opinion and made it better to make Chief Ban Ruoshi the king. Using Ban Ruoshi’s power to contain Li Jiqian, but the resistance of other ministers, the emperor decided not to grant the king, but still give an official position, but Kou Zhun also proposed that Yuan Kan go to meet Ban Ruoshi in person to show his sincerity. Let the emperor meet with a chief.

Such remarks were very unreasonable in Yuan Kan’s heart, and he couldn’t help but leave angrily, but Guo Hanlin stopped Yuan Kan again and agreed with Kou Zhun’s suggestion. Now, Guo Hanlin, Li Han, and Liu E all agree with Kou Zhun, which makes Yuan Kan feel puzzled. Is it because he misunderstood Kou Zhun? The eunuch Zhang Jingzong beside him believed that the emperor should believe Liu E’s advice, which made Yuan Kan smile.

Liu E gave Yelukang a Kongming lantern and asked Yelukang to write his wish. At this moment Yuan Kan walked into Duyunxuan, Liu E and Yelukang hurriedly greeted him, Yuan Kan helped Liu E up and admitted that he had blamed Liu E. Pan Yuzhu ordered tea in the house. Pan Liang, who was frustrated in his official career, was very dissatisfied. He broke into Pan Yuzhu’s room and blamed Pan Yuzhu for not having a dragon heir. Now the Pan family is not taken seriously by the court, and the whole family has to rely on Pan Yuzhu.

Liu E learned about the current situation and discouraged Yuan Kan from putting aside his face and finding a middle ground, and invited Ban Ruoshi to meet, but Yuan Kan thought that Ban Ruoshi was arrogant, and now he would definitely threaten him with this, but Liu E believes that, It is better to choose Jingzhao Mansion to hold this meeting. Ban Ruoshi will definitely know the current affairs. Sure enough, the next day, Kou Zhun also proposed Jingzhao Mansion, and Yuan Kan quickly decided to go to meet Ban Ruoshi.

Pan Yuzhu has been feeling unwell recently, and it is true that the menstrual affairs have been delayed. When Yuan Kan returned to the city triumphantly, the matter was finally settled. At this moment, Pan Yuzhu’s pregnancy was conveyed, and Yuan Kan was even more delighted. Unexpectedly, the assassin sent by Li Jiqian broke into Duyunxuan and robbed Yelukang. Yuan Kan quickly secretly sent an order to get Ban Ruoshi to go to Li Jiqian to rescue the proton. Unexpectedly, the news had leaked. Empress Dowager Xiao learned of this and thought it was Yuan Kan’s inadequate care, so she decided to send troops south to regain the territory, and even ordered Zhao Ji to be taken back. Detained to prison with Li Wan’er.

When Pan Yuzhu had a dragon heir, her brother Pan Liang immediately changed his appearance and asked Pan Yuzhu to speak more nicely in front of the emperor. But at this moment, the Liao army is invading, and the danger is imminent. What Yuan Kan needs is a brave and skilled general to help the country get out of the predicament.

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