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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 24 Recap

Shizhu was about to open a restaurant, so Kong Linggao asked Kong Linggao to help her contact a suitable store. The two of them wandered around the street and finally found a door-faced room with good location and lighting. Although the house is old-fashioned and dilapidated, it can’t bear to like Dianthus from the bottom of my heart, so I asked Kong Linggao to bring white ash from the factory to paint the walls, and by the way ask him to be the head of the hotel.

Kong Linggao readily agreed, and at the same time reminded Dianthus not to be too strong. After all, there is an old saying that it is not good for a woman to be strong. However, Dianthus disagrees with this. She is still very happy without herself. At least she has both children. Even if it is not good, what can be done, she has to recognize it and let the flow go.

Zhang Lanfen came to find Kong Linggao and was taken to the hotel by Zhao Yingtong. He was surprised to know that the spider wanted to be a self-employed business. After all, Jiang He was sentenced for speculation. Shi Zhu claimed that Zhou Xiaoan had helped her analyze the policy, so he made up his mind to start a business.

After some remodeling, the small restaurant finally got a brand new look and opened as scheduled. Zhou Xiaoliu persuaded Dianthus to come to the hotel to help. Kong Linggao decided to quit his job in the machine repair factory and concentrate on becoming a chef. However, the current policy is still unclear, not many people are willing to eat out, even Zhou Qing is extremely uncomprehending.

Zhou Xiaoan took the initiative to speak for Dianthus, believing that she opened a restaurant to be at the forefront of the times, and believes that it will not take long for the country to give Jiang He an explanation. When Zhou Qing heard her son express her opinions eloquently, she felt that there was some truth, so she didn’t care too much.

In the next few days, Dianthus worked hard to solicit customers at the door, but there were still no guests to patronize. Zhou Xiaoliu flies in the shop while Kong Linggao was lying on the table and dreaming. Zhang Lanfen was able to help line the carnations, so he brought a bunch of neighbors over to join him. As a result, everyone stayed in the store for a long time and didn’t have anything. Zhou Xiaoliu was very dissatisfied with it.

Dianthus said that Zhou Xiaoliu was not sensible and could only make amends with Zhang Lanfen, but Zhang Lanfen was a little jealous, because she wanted to be nice to Kong Linggao, but Kong Linggao just refused to accept it. Dianthus asked Zhou Xiaoliu to see the river, but Zhou Xiaoliu’s discoloration changed when he heard it, and he didn’t want to go with all kinds of excuses.

Zhou Xiaoliu and Kong Linggao were looking after the business in the restaurant as usual, and finally waited until the two guests, but the other party turned out to be a couple about to divorce, especially the unreasonable appearance of the man, so angry that Zhou Xiaoliu ordered the guests to be removed. When the two of them had just left, Qiongfang then appeared at the door, which would make Kong Linggao lose his temper and directly drove the other away.

At the same time, Zhao Yingtong came to Zhou Xiaoyang’s tomb and couldn’t help telling her inner pain. Facing Zhou Xiaofeng’s pursuit, she didn’t know what to do. For Zhao Yingtong, she still couldn’t let go of the opinions of the outside world, and she didn’t want to shame Zhou’s family because of her uncle and sister-in-law, and disturb the peaceful life that she should have originally.

Jiang Zhenhai came to the infirmary to get medicine and learned that Dianthus had already opened a restaurant. Naturally, she was going to join him. She couldn’t help feeling that she was much better than her own father. Everything she did was for Jiang He. He wanted him to have it after he was released from prison. A livelihood.

After Jiang Zhenhai left, Shizhu found that the food he had just eaten was too salty, but the other party ate the noodles the whole time without changing their taste, which was obviously to give Fu Kong Linggao face. Shizhu believed that Kong Linggao hadn’t made cooking for a long time, so he missed and added more seasonings, so everyone encouraged him to practice more hands, and sooner or later he would get back the original taste.

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