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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 23 Recap

Facing the persuasion of his brothers and sisters, Zhou Xiaoliu cried into tears, and could only agree to divorce in the face of reality. However, Dianthus suddenly objected. Through these years, she saw that Jiang He took good care of her daughter, so she insisted on not agreeing to the divorce. Zhou Xiaoxiao was worried that Jiang He would be difficult to survive in the future when he came out with the title of reform-through-labor prisoner, but Shizhu felt that a woman could not think about getting out of her husband when her husband was in trouble, and she would not allow Zhou’s family to be a ruthless and unrighteous person.

Since Jiang He was sentenced to jail, Zhou Xiaoliu lost his job and stayed behind the door of the house all day long. Dianthus stewed a pot of chicken to coax Zhou Xiaoliu, and then went to the prison to visit the river. Jiang He felt desperate in the prison at this time and did not eat for two consecutive days. Fortunately, Dianthus came in time and said that he and Zhou Xiaoliu would be waiting for him outside, so that he could be reformed in prison.

At first Jiang He thought that Zhou Xiaoliu would ask for a divorce, and therefore lost the idea of ​​living, but when he learned that Dianthus came, he was both moved and surprised. He was determined to work hard to reform, and would never disappoint everyone’s expectations, and he recognized Dianthus as his mother. , Promised to honor her for a lifetime. Dianthus was very pleased and told Jiang He not to hate Jiang Zhenhai.

Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong hosted a banquet for the Zhou Xiaoan brothers at home and wanted to buy them a bicycle, but Zhou Xiaoxiao resolutely refused. Zhou Xiaoan even rejected the compensation Zhou Qing had taken and asked him to give it to Dianthus. Because of his son’s words, Zhou Qing finally remembered his forgotten wife and children, so he took Liu Pansong to Heshan.

It just so happened that Dianthus came back from the prison, and as soon as he arrived at the door, he heard that Zhou Qing asked her daughter to divorce Jiang He and found a man again. Thinking that Zhou Qing is good at treating marriage as a child’s play, Dianthus immediately rushed in and mocked. Zhou Qing reprimanded Dianthus for being stubborn, and then left indignantly. Before leaving, Zhou Qing and Liu Pansong went to the infirmary to see their granddaughter. However, He Yaoyao refused to get close to him, and was extremely resistant to him. Zhao Yingtong was helpless and asked Zhou Qing to help find his father, Zhao Ruhai, who had been missing for many years.

Jiang Zhenhai learned that Dianthus was going to see the river, so he ran to ask about the situation. Seeing Zhou Xiaoliu refused to forgive herself, she simply left some money for Dianthus and asked her to buy something for her son. Seeing Jiang Zhenhai dropped the money and ran away, Dianthus tried to catch up and was stopped by Zhou Xiaoliu. On the other side, Jiang He was rehabilitated in prison, working hard every day, just to get out of prison and reunite with his family.

Seeing that Zhou Xiaoliu was about to get sick at home, Shi Zhu personally went to the factory manager to intercede, and finally persuaded the factory manager to allow Zhou Xiaoliu to return to work in the infirmary for several days. She was so happy that she hummed a song all the way home. However, Zhou Xiaoliu did not show any happiness, and even refused to go to the infirmary again. The mother and daughter did not say a few words, and they quarreled.

Zhao Yingtong came forward to dissuade him, hoping that Zhou Xiaoliu could understand Dianthus’s good intentions. However, Zhou Xiaoliu was used to the life of the rich and could not adapt to the previous way of life. He disliked the tired work in the infirmary and the salary was not high, so he did not agree to go to work. It was useless for everyone to persuade Zhou Xiaoliu. Dianthus decided to give up enlightenment and prepare to catch the ducks on the shelves.

Zhang Lanfen often went to Kong Linggao, and at the same time was angry that he didn’t respond like a stone. For so many years, he always cared about the opinions of outsiders. Kong Linggao and Zhang Lanfen went to Dianthus’s house as a guest. After Kong Linggao left, Zhang Lanfen complained to Dianthus that he was cold and cold, even if it was a block of ice, he should cover the heat, but each time he was disappointed.

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